Resurfacing of road in Triolet

The main road along the longest village of Mauritius is currently being resurfaced since today morning…

From today’s evening experience, I guess that traffic jams will be expected during the duration of the resurfacing, and I would advise drivers to use the loads of adjacent roads throughout the village πŸ˜›

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14 thoughts on “Resurfacing of road in Triolet

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  1. At 13:00 when I was going from Triolet, there’s was absolutely no sign of any future road-surfacing… & at 05:00 when I came back… they had already tarred around 500m! (causing a huge manual go-stop traffic jam) πŸ˜›


  2. waiii n marii blocker ti blocker zordii la,, mo ti ale penC ti ena accident grave tou ler geter selment n ti bout chemin ti p coltarer:S:S


  3. I’m currently in Triolet – and on my way here, I was stuck in a traffic jam which rivaled the one at Caudan! MT is also doing some digging there.
    Still, it’s less stressing to drive in Triolet than in the middle of Port-Louis.


  4. Indeed. Zis bann seki res triolet pu pu ramas sa bez la. Triolet se enn vilaz ki prefer evite sirtu kan finn tap enn zafer asoir. :p


  5. Hah am back after my migration or …. hibernation??? :S I wonder.

    Btw I have finally completed the migration: My new address is now

    Please everyone update your blogrolls πŸ˜€

    Thats so great its in Triolet this time and not in Vacoas where they spent EIGHT months reparing a stupid road from la gare vacoas to reach at my place…et jska zordi chemin la penkor coltare mem!!


  6. @Shah
    It’s MORE stressful to drive in Triolet than in Port Louis! Really!
    (In Port Louis, you always get stuck in traffic jams, but in Triolet you’ve got to overtake a parked car every 100m) 😦

    & yeah, MT’s laying fibre as from Terre Rouge… πŸ˜€


  7. @carrotmadman6: in Triolet you’ve got to overtake a parked car every 100m
    Ya, sometimes its true and its all along Triolet main’s road, koz Triolet hasn’t got any official business/main centre.


  8. “@carrotmadman6: in Triolet you’ve got to overtake a parked car every 100m ”

    Oh yes. It’s pretty much the same as in all country sides. And people just cross the streets without caring much of approaching cars. I look forward to a road rage leading to a death toll of 100+ people in the near future. That would help in putting some sense into the “wanderers” and those who park their vehicles next to yellow lines or who overtake the continuous white lines.


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