Get hold of your desktop Xmas Tree!

Yo everyone!

Today I got a mail from my friend Jaya with an attachment : A desktop Xmas Tree…

At first, I told myself “line manke travail comme dab”, but finally I said to myself, why not use it?

For the greedy ones, you will be happy to know that you can duplicate the xmas trees, especially since its free and for the lazy ones, you can hover your mouse over them to know the number of days remaining till xmas.

Click here to choose yours…

So Jaya, thanks 😉

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10 thoughts on “Get hold of your desktop Xmas Tree!

Add yours

  1. Quote from Tushal:
    “Thanks for the share Yash..I already got 5 x mas trees…xD”

    xD Sa si to collectioner ta ? hehe….^.^


  2. Yashvin: Alla code pou draw a christmas tree haha 🙂

    public void Start(Line seed)
    Fractal(seed, depth);

    private void Fractal(Line l, int depth)
    // draw the branch in a color based on its length

    int len=l.Length;
    if (len < 3)
    gr.DrawLine(pbr3, l.StartPoint, l.EndPoint);
    else if (len 1) )
    // get the second segment when we split the line

    Line l2=l.SplitAt(bp)[1];

    // if no change, then exit.

    if (l2.Length==l.Length)

    // get the left and right branch starting points

    Line bp1=l.SplitAt(bp+MathEx.Dev(bpDev))[1];
    Line bp2=l.SplitAt(bp+MathEx.Dev(bpDev))[1];

    // the new “master” branch starting point has no randomness


    // get the left and right branches

    Line lineLeft=bp1.Branch(360-ba+MathEx.Dev(baDev),
    Line lineRight=bp2.Branch(ba+MathEx.Dev(baDev),

    // recurse both branches

    Fractal(lineLeft, depth-1);
    Fractal(lineRight, depth-1);


  3. [re=28306]Yashvin[/re]: Merry Christmas Yash..:p
    **Cough I’m still waiting for the parties cough**


    I love X mas unlike you who loves guys..xD

    Jeez..Wherever you are you need to write in PYTHON?I hate python.


  4. CSE courses? lol yashvin tonne fer moi rappele sa universiter kaka de maurice la lol… ek satan so DFD pedale la etc hahaha!!! sa ti ene lepok sa! “An offspring of a horse is a horse” hahaha!!!!


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