3 Bloggers went to watch Dostana…

Today, the 3 bloggers (Varsha, Dhaneesha and myself) went to watch Dostana at Star Caudan, accompanied by the 2 readers (Deepa and Neha) lol.

After a kfc lunch and a quick tour to Citadelle, we went to shooters for a dessert, after which we went to Star to watch Dostana

Very nice film, I would give it a rating of 4/5!

Its a different concept, with an original story, where the 2 main actors (John Abraham & Abhishek Bachchan) have to put themselves in the skin of gays to be able to live as tenants in the house of the actress (Priyanka Chopra).
The 3 of them become very close friends, and both of them fall in love with her.
Unfortunately, she considered them only as best friends, and she falls in love with Bobby Deol.
The 2 of them do everything to make this relationship impossible.
Check out the official web site!

100% laughter guaranteed, Great Music, New location (Miami), New Concept…
Dont miss it!

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  1. @ tushal: ‘she is hot’..,don`t touch then ,u`ll get burned…yeah i have aleady watched it [downloaded] but there is a plan of goin to the cine tomorrow, gonna be cool then.


  2. Nek mne ena un sel wish..i wish ki tou mo dimanche res kumsa em..ggn bon manger dan free,ggn pu guet film dan free.. πŸ˜€

    Abhishek in fer sa role gay la xtr bien especallemnt kan li ti p racont so love story avk John MEGA lol..:P


  3. Joyshan–>she’s hot.and you agree with me.
    I am actually ************ kidnap..

    offtopic–>.Don’t say downloading else anti piracy will come to your place.



    I could not stop myself from laughing and my husband had to tap my hand to make me realise I was not at home…

    My jaws ached with laughter..LOL!!!

    I sincerely think Abhishek shoould get an award for his role..so cute!..hihihi.. John is great..hmm..yummy body man! But Abhi is better in comic situations…

    God! Even Michel had a good laugh though like I was telling Yashvin, Mich only read the subtitles…

    But the whole cast is simplyamazingly funny!

    Aunty, M, the immigration officer, THE MOM!!!

    Watch it at least to spend an evening laughing…


  5. The movie was really hilarious!! Captivating from the start to the end. Especially wasnt expecting the Priyanka thought that john and abhishekh were crushing on Bobby … The bodies were really hot!! and the love story of john and abhishek was tooo good,. Abhishekh did that soo well!!
    We had a blast at the cine!! People were even applauding during the movie! Really a great one!! Highly recommended!!!


  6. i wanted to watch this movie this friday…. why did you tell the end of story????? to ti pu content fer sa r toi?? am annoyed la. really to pa ti cav garde mystery la
    to 1 ploouf.


  7. I am starting to miss the CINEMA… been long i have not been in. I think last time was in July.. 😦

    Eh Yashvin… p chek to photo..be to ban cheveu pe aler de jour en jour wlol :P… Just kidding buddy πŸ™‚

    @Tushal: “”She’s hot..”” – she is??? Uhh… u mind her as wife?? hahah πŸ˜›


  8. @Vicks: Songs nice too!

    @Tushal: They are all hot, lol, even the actors!

    @JOYSHAN: I think its worth watching in Cine, even if you watched it on tv.

    @v: bloggers, we are connected!

    @Reena DKL: Good that I wasnt in cine behind you, lol!

    @Deepa: waiting for the future blogger to come online!

    @Ritesh: Highly recommended!

    @Dhaneesha: Abhishek, ya lol, so role gay la top!
    As for john, ya, mo dac, so lecorps top!

    @Preena: Great film indeed!

    @Avishna: haha, there’s lot more in the film, I only told 0.000001%!
    So much fun in it!

    @Avish: lol, I know πŸ˜› [pas dir fort]


  9. “”YASHVIN :@Reena DKL: Good that I wasnt in cine behind you, lol!””

    :p Mo pu veille toi aster..kan to pu ale cinema mo pu assiz zis derier toi kumsa mo kapav verse verser ek rier dan to zoreil meme! :p


  10. @ yash

    caV gaT..

    “@Tushal: They are all hot, lol, even the actors!”
    “As for john, ya, mo dac, so lecorps top!”

    ki to pe rode dire nou la ein?? film la ine influence toi coumsa la πŸ™‚


  11. Yashvin, who said i was going to look at your blogs to know where you will be going??hahaha!

    πŸ˜› Man, am gonna ‘sortir le grand jeu’….micro, camera de surveillance etc…en plus mo pu met 2-3 dimoune pu veille toi…..



  12. Tushal said: “offtopic–>.Don’t say downloading else anti piracy will come to your place.”

    Haha….If such is the case, then I would like to add that there are some retards are trying to transform the official defi+ forum into a WAREZ site and yet seems as if the admin is cool with this.

    I saw the making of Dostana and I came to know that it was going to be very promising and best comedy film of this year that shall be released.


  13. watched the movie yesterday. on PC. about 2am parla.. Mom came to my room!! knocking at the door!! told me : PA RIYER FORT FORT KUMSA!! DIMOUNE P DORMI LA!! lol… poor me… had the earphone in my ummm… ears.. lol.

    great movie!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ loved it! Priyanka was *HOT!*


  14. @ Dhaneesha- mo pane dire ki mo envi payer..apr tou bhai la em:P
    hihi πŸ˜€
    Priyanka so cheveux ti p bien joli selma..pa koner kan pu mw la pu vin kumsa..


  15. went to watch on monday,, hehe we had a blast –too good, my 2 little cousins accompanied me and guess what was their fav scene, the gay kiss, it was a sort of bad idea of taking them, lets hope that they do`nt get tend to get gay of else the maa da ladla song would go on air lol…its a sort of rubbish that i am writing, please dnt mind :d


  16. I’ve watched DOSTANA and goodness….despite being tired and in a bad mood…i just had a greeeeaaaaat time watching the movie….TOO funny….a very different story and nice songs.

    All characters of the movie are very funny and well played. M reminded me of someone I know. So well played.

    Not to mention to kiss in the end!!!! LOL

    All of em did very well in the movie, but I loved Abhishek!!! Even John is too good!

    Should watch it guys!


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