What u expect for future tv competitions?

As you have guessed. our national television is back into this blog for this topic…

[currently playing…]

The idea of this post came when my mum called me to have a look at whats going on the tv.

Orange sitara is back!

lol, They did another additional tv broadcast, just to reward the candidates!

Original huh! First time on TV you would say!!!

Till i remember, I havent seen this anywhere lol!

Back to this post…

Since some years, the national television has broadcasted loads of local productions, including singing, dancing competitions, quizs and also, out-door competitions.

Some of them are;

[Dance/Singing Category]

  • Famous Orange Sitara,
  • Jori no 1, Hum tum, Hum Bhi (Nepli koner enkor!) & the whole set of indian competitions.
  • Ti Mambo, Sofé ravanne,
  • Dance fever,
  • [..]

[Fun/Outdoor Category]

  • Chasse aux Trésors
  • Z’ouais
  • […]

[Music/Informative/Platforms for discussion]

  • Bonto Clip
  • Expression
  • Planet Hi-Tech
  • Another interesting programme animated by Hassen Rojoa, but forgot the name
  • […]

Some innovative local productions by other companies include

  • In the car
  • Chek sa deal

The whole set of posts tagged with MBC can be read from this link.

Forthcoming soon…

Now, MBC has announced the coming up of 2 new competitions (Hungama & Rouler Sega)…

I am sure, Rouler Sega would be fun! I guess so already!

But as for the Hungama, lol, I can already see another section coming up in this blog, dont you think so?

Perhaps you may ask why?

Simply because the whole series of indian competitions was produced or directed by one person, and all of them were euh…the same!

However, sometimes ideas were original, but LOL, did you saw their ideas???!!!

They nearly did it! I expected that the cameramen would be the next on the list, but I was quite near!

Now other tv hosts are singing lol!


I really believe that the other production teams should help the Indian section to set up their deco, ideas, concepts and so on, only then, I wont have much bad to say about some of the produtions.

Did you ever read some articles where I complained about Expression, Bonto Clip, Zouais or Dance Fever?

Something more to add, those ridiculous tv adverts, beurrkkk!!!
Be simple and original, thats all we wish to see on the tv!

btw, one last question, Does someone know where is Adi?
Havent been seeing him on tv since long, nor there was any farewell done for him…

Someone got an idea? Or they kicked him out??? lol!

20 thoughts on “What u expect for future tv competitions?

Add yours

  1. nope didnt heard about complaints from you. it’s me who complains 😛 hihi.. don’t know when MBC will prosper by introducting interesting and challenging TV shows…Adverts are really ridiculous. there’s one guy around 10 yrs old who’s acting like a hero on TV by saving a girl from being hit by soccer ball. Wow, he turned into superman with only 1 sip of yop, blabla i don’t know what is it lol….


  2. @Yasir: lol that makes 1 comment more 😛

    na ofet mo pane trop comprend,li compliker as u said urself, sa meme mone laisse li original…
    Pas tracas, ena unlimited database space, li pas pu rempli aster la haha!


  3. An extra dose of MBC Orange Sitara is like a nausea attack – I ran out of the room when it came on!! Did you see when the studio played with special effects which made the people on your screen float around…. talk about sea-sickness…..
    Now the MBC is going to bombard us with yet another singing competition, Hungama…. ad nauseam.


  4. yeah i agree that all these shows have similar concepts.
    i think that the mbc lacks funds and also creativity…
    lets look at hum-tum competition…the decor was good, there were some innovations like the re-looked old dance track etc but what happened? the media was reporting that mbc was wasting money so there is a problem in the mindset of the people, no need to go far refer to your mvm post …

    right now there is wrestling matches being broadcasted on tv but what will happen: some people will say its not enough show more
    others ‘it is promoting violence’ though when these show were not broadcasted, people were buying on dvds.huh

    lets see what happens


  5. Well, from wat i have heard from one participant of the zorange sitara is that all the previous hosts of the show (i.e. yajna, adi and so on) have left the show becoz mr A, was not willing to pay them and they were ill treated on the set.


  6. Bon premier d’abord, Yashvin p fer fausse publiciT lor so msn!

    2eme d’abord, tout sa bane program sanT oriental local la franchement bane très moV imitations de c ki ena en Inde… Zorey kav fer mal tane certains sanT… (disons pou la plu part)…

    3eme zafer, mone vine comment about “What you want to see on your T.V.?” moi… [sa em ti fausse publiciT lor yashvin so msn la sa…

    Wai ki mo envi trouver… Mo envi trouve football anglais for fuck’s sake!… ek bane fims hollywood ki date de 2 ans au pire 5 ans… pas de 1 ou 2 décénies en arriere… Surtout moins de fims bollywood plz…
    Ek mo envi trouve moins politiciens dans informations… eski possib sa??? As if informations la decrire la journee de minis x, y, z…. WTF sa???

    Apres, c ki vraiment manquer dans moris… c’est HD broadcasts… mon dieu… P vane gro gro television dans moris, HD Ready, FULL HD, etc etc… zot deza essaye guete mbc so tnt lor sa (wai , sa em tnt zot si fier la?)… matelot… trouve gro gro pixel lor lecran la… fouf… kav vine aveg sa… vaut mieux guete TNT la lor bane ecran control mbc la, sa em bane ti t.v. sony 6 pouces zot servi la… kav lor sa li pou zouer bien…


  7. thx for the info….. pa ti conner pu re ena ban program locals.

    ben c bien to ava gagne inspiration to blog on that! ( n to keep me informed of des buffonerie de la MBC.)

    c toi mem ki ti fer moi alle guet orange sitara ( coz encore 1 fois pa ti conner p ena sa program la ) …. mai matlo kan in guet sa , mo ti croire mo dan 1 cauchemare…..

    enfin hungama will definetely create a hungama in your blog!

    hungamaly yours


  8. Mbc la kan ti bon sa!!! pfff
    ene lot program enkore cyberite debate challenge
    zot fer dimoon fer deba lor IT ek auken membre jury pas dans secter IT.
    i think u should blog about this.


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