Mentalité voisin Moricien

Yashvin from writes :

Nops, c pas ene association ni ene groupe politik ki fek lancé!

Mais ene mentalité dimoune ki pu mari difficile pu changé, sirtout si li ene moricien….

Most tourists talk only good about Mauritians, our way of living, kind hearted and above all, very friendly and easy going…

However the inside story can indeed be very different, am sure many of us must have experienced the bad habit of some of our fellows who make abuse of their power and the fear of people.

Lets come to a very common example….

I wont say much, let the pictures relate everything….

Facts about some Mauritians (including for the one in above example):

  • Some of them prefer to leave their car right on the road itself.
  • Nobody dares to say anything to certain people because “li ene conseiller village”
  • Some taxi drivers think that they are the most experienced drivers in Mauritius
  • Tomorrow he will put his car again on same spot : “Chassez le naturel, et il revient au gallop”
  • Despite knowing that the road is narrow, some mauritian drivers will accelerate just to force you to park aside to let them pass!
  • I personally stopped the police vehicle to ask them to talk to the guy!
    ( weps, parfois zotte aussi faire zotte travail kouma bisin )

btw, certains dimounes pas garde zotte loto dans zotte garage, attention ki garage la so lifetime fini vite 😛 haha!

Any examples on your behalf???

Perhaps A short incident/story???

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  1. Most car owners think they own the road… 😦

    But I’ll also like to point out about motorcycle users. No doubt that they are among the most annoying things on the road (behind slow drivers), they also have absolutely zero parking sense! (perhaps even -ve)

    How many times have you seen those stupid people parking their big motocycles right on the road!?!!?!? & mind you in all cases, there’s loads of space on the pavement! I never understood why they do it… :@

    carrotmadman6s last blog post..I’m a PC. & I’m not a stereotype!


  2. Motocycle users..Well, they of course own the public road..they can also zig zag and do all what they want and no one{authorities}will tell them anything..

    And some drivers are just plain stupid

    Tushals last blog post..10,000 Hits! !


  3. @Assad: lol ! ene lot koup mo blog lo twa, alors, send imper fotos comme proof 😛

    @Tushal : dans morice, motocyclettes roule kouma dir camion!

    @Daks : lot koup so lichien sorti, nu faire mspca ramasse sa 😀

    @CarrotMadMan06 : Motocycles! fuf, rectification to my reply to Tushal:
    Pas zis kant rouler zotte prend zotte pu camion, mais aussi kant zotte parker lo simin!


  4. [re=25342]carrotmadman6[/re]: I realli thought the pavement was for pedestrian use and the two-wheelers should be on the road..
    The prob arises when you mix them up. Hahah
    Anywho, I also fink am da king of da road so can’t complain too much..


  5. Surement li ti p envi montrer nu so loto rouge la..
    mne fek montrer mo papa sa post la,lin rier.. lol..
    tne bien fer selma..lachance so lot frere la ti fini gard so loto da un coin sinon li aussi ti pu ggn prblm..

    Li bon pu li selma..un bon correction…li kntn fer mari..


  6. Nice one mate.,

    Well, I’ll relate one comment that I hear quite frequently which really hit on my nerves. I randomly hear some people whether strangers, friends and even members of my family say “Mentalité morisien sa” or “Morisien sa li pa pu sanze li” or something similar to that. Well this really p….s me off as I am a Mauritian too and that are not things that I do nor that I tolerate. These comments are used as an excuse so as to normalise something bad which was/is done as if its something commonly done by all (generally bad habits). Well these kind of comments exist as some shows real lack of respect towards others. e.g. the car owner you’ve just pictorised. Its also true to say that these comments do exist because some of us are too tolerant. The odd smoker having a 555 in the bus and rarely does anyone dares to challenge him. Or the other one who thinks takes the road for his ashtray. Call it lack of education, respect or whatever but unless one does not start challenging the other. These small negatives that pollutes our day to day living wont change.



  7. excuse me i do no agree to all which u said in your blog. i agree le gro pork pa ti bizin met so loto rouze lor chimin.

    mai mentalité moricien?? wht do you mean? you are mauritian as well ( until preuve du contraire) meaning to mentaliter dan bez? meaning you DO not respect the right of others? meaning to 1 pork?? ( no offences to those who nana pork) …. or you want to insult me? non nest pa is your answer! so please pa generalise 1 cas for all mauritians. zamais to pu tand 1 australien degrade so pays ni 1 european so please avoid doing this to your country. i certainly hate this when i hear ” aio b moricien comme sa li sovaze…’ i am mauritian as well and I AM NOT A SOVAZE.

    Mauritianly yours,



  8. carrotmadman6….. do you drive?

    pavements are meant for pedestrians not for motorbikes or any other vehicles. sinon kot pedestrians pu marcer si ena motorbikes lor pavement? lor chemin lerla bez mort?

    pavemently yours,



  9. [re=25343]Daks[/re]: alalala so toutou li galoup der toi??? moi mo jir chuli chuli 🙂

    enfin pa pu sanzer sa mentaliter la 😦 you came across 1 of the villagers..btw to koner komien villagers ena?? 😦 dunno kan pou sanzer???


  10. [re=25358]Avishna[/re]: my dear friend, thnks pu to comments…

    Keep in mind that I do respect ur opinion, but when others and myself say “Mentalité moricien dans beze”, we do not refer to every Mauritians…

    Its a way of speaking, but just to show you that I am not blaming every mauritian, I quote from above:
    1. the bad habit of some of our fellows who make abuse of their power and the fear of people.
    2. Facts about some Mauritians

    Perhaps if everyone in your neighbourhood are much civilised, every drivers stop to allow you to cross the road on pedestrian crossings, every driver is kind towards you, everyone with whom you deal is really polite with you, then, and only then, Its your luck and every mauritian will envy you.

    [re=25368]Yasir[/re]: This does not only apply to villagers dear friend, sinon koume sa, bane la villes ti pu bane paradis, et personne pas ti pu reste dans villages, dont u think so?

    To end this comment, I would like to quote someone’s comment from my facebook profile:
    There’s no such thing as the ideal mindset; just different mindsets that emerged from different contexts. If that was not the case, then just imagine a uniform world with no plurality – depressing.

    Can u imagine that?


  11. hey yash sorry mo pas ine lire tou banens comments 😛

    mais ena ene zafer ki mo pas dakor..

    mo pas vraiment like ki to generalise sa as mentaliT moricien..

    C ene mentaliT kk F**** de to voisin..

    et sa mentaliT kk la pas tou moricien ki ena li.. c ziste “certains dimounes”
    couma tone mentionE lahaut

    lol to voisin sa.. lol aster si mo alle tire dimoune triolet la bez ar zotte la.. to pou encolere 😛 samem.. pas bon generaiizE..

    mais fran tou ena dimoune coumadire bizin fer zotte comprend the hard way..


  12. Ep aster ki mo pe lire :S

    seems that avishna said the same stuff 😛 sorry for spamming 🙂

    mais boff.. ti pou bon ki reste corek avek banens voisin.. mais ena dimoune pense ziste pou zotte.. coumsa sa plouk lahaut la.. ine mette loto la labas acoz ti ena lombrage mo penC..

    si pena ene bon place pou garde loto .. kifer bizin asT.. cash emplus?? asT laterre acoT la range ene garage !! 😛


  13. to content la to in fer sarcastik r moi. bien bon.
    Dimoune Triolet Pena Mannieres (DTPM) to ti cav met sa cuma to post it would be just as good as Mentalité Voisin Moricien (MVM).

    Aster what do you feel when i wrote Dimoune Triolet …. mo pane dir tou village dan bez la in dir ke triolet…. would you like that?

    Trioletely yours,


  14. @Avishna: aller Avishna tone gagner, fuf…

    btw, si to relire bane comments la, to pu cpv remarker ki pas zis mwa kine affirmer ki moriciens pena valeur…
    Par example, Bhooks en haut, bein, li reste same l’endroit ki twa (ki ene la ville).

    waaaaayyyyyyyy, Avishna ena totalement raison….
    [hope u happy lol]


  15. [re=25348]Yashvin[/re]: wai voisin lor sa chemin ki lo police in aret mor pa la, pena oken restriction ki li ene 2 way trafic ou koi. kfir to pa met 2 la lign zone labas??????
    bon si mo lisien boxer ine deriere toi li pa mo fot parceki toi ki saryer 1 ton lavian r toi!


  16. @avishek: hmm…
    Pena narien a faire avec la ligne jaune, si dimoune la pena respect pu lezotte usagers de la route, b zamais li pu comprend, meme si ena gros panneau No parking devant so la porte.

    Am sorry for the following expression, but its the truth:
    “Zamais pu cpv faire la queue lichien vine droite”


  17. kisanla in cose la ville village????
    t totalement a coter de la plaque.
    arrete complexer on village ek la ville, to conclusion “Par example, ‘Bhooks en haut, bein, li reste same l’endroit ki twa (ki ene la ville)” is totally out of context n cheap. mayb to gagne honter ki to reste dan village a coz sa most of your arguements end up with this stupid conclusion. mayb to mentaliter dan bez.

    Mo p cose mauritian ( dimounes ki vivent dan la ville ek village). when you dont have any arguements most of the time silence is the answer.
    ‘kine affirmer ki moriciens pena valeur…’ – this is a serious offence and i cant believe personne pena the guts to make you stop writing rubbish on the net.

    yashvin pena valeur
    yashvin so mentaliter dan bez
    yashvin is simply 1 sovage.

    would you like if i say that to you?


  18. “Zamais pu cpv faire la queue lichien vine droite”

    TO sire ton bien dire dialogue la?pa lichien ki servi..mais 1 lot animal..^_^

    Quote from avishek:”bon si mo lisien boxer ine deriere toi li pa mo fot parceki toi ki saryer 1 ton lavian r toi!”

    Oh come on.In which century are you living?L’age des caverne?
    Dude, we have laws which protect us.Duuh..Some people are just……….
    No comments.

    It’s your fault if your dog attacks some one anywhere except in your yard.ITS YOUR FAULT.
    Go and check the law.If you have a loose dog and that dog bits some one who’s walking on the road or runs after some one walking on the road irrespective of what that person is carrying, you’re to be blamed as the dog’s owner.You can even be sued and asked pay compensation and/or you can even be fined.

    Want some more clarification?I give you an example.

    I have 4 dogs at home.If by mistake my gate is left opened, my dogs will,without any doubt, go on the road to run after people.In case, my dogs bite some one on the road,the police will come to give me a visit.They will usually see how well your yard is enclosed and how come the dogs went outside.In the later case, it is surely negligence on my behalf since I did not close the gate.And I will be entitled to legal proceedings against me.
    {usually to pay a fine If I’m sued under criminal law or to compensate the victim in case I’m being sued in civil law.}

    @othes–>in case you’re walking on the road, and any loose dogs run after you, feel free to report the case to both the police and MSPCA.

    ena dimoune faire comment dire banla ki mari dan pays la…not referring to anyone.
    Disclaimer:if you feel the last sentence is directed to you, I shall assume no responsibility since I am not targeting anyone in particular.

    Duuh..I hope some people knows what are disclaimers..^_^

    Tushals last blog post..Unwritten Rules oF University


  19. Some people are just unbelievable. they know that they are to be blamed.but they won’t accept the fault.

    In case of the red car in the above picture, the guy should had some common sense to know that the road is a 2 way traffic road and by parking his car there, prevents other cars from passing.

    ki pou faire yashvin..not all fingers in our right hands are similar..ena ceki longue..ena ceki courte..comsa meme..ena tou qualiter dimoune dan pays la..

    eh ban camion aka motocycle pe faire rambo lor koner quan sa ban dimoune la pou gagne some common sense..

    Tushals last blog post..Unwritten Rules oF University


  20. @ Yashvin: “Zamais pu cpv faire la queue lichien vine droite”

    to pa croire to p rode “fer bourik manz lagelee”?

    Dimoune ki pna common sense, jamais li pu kone develop li!

    Someone above mentioned above ki nu bizin reste bien ek nu voisins…what if the neighbour is your own relative(uncle/cousin) ek li behave like strangers ek toi?


  21. Hmm…

    bane chauffeurs taxi pli mari zot..

    nek ale Rose Hill kot Hassamal…to pena place pu met to loto si c parking normal.

    Ene fois Michel ek moi nu fini met carte parking tou, ene chauffeur taxi vine dir nou serre imper so camarade pu met so loto. Nu dir ok, bane la p tracer meme sa…

    Hep lot la vini, met so loto pares li desan li vine nu bouger depi la bas parski zot p travail la…

    mo gagne mari laraz, mo dir Michel baize f nu aler sinon mo pu komens zour zot xyz!

    Michel ine meme ale done ene declaration la police coz sa ti 2eme fois sa…(1ere fois zot dir nu pa met la, ena ene taxi pu vini la)

    Bref station la bas zot dir nu ki zot pa kapav fer narien meme si pas stand taxi sa…

    Kan policier la zot pu atane li aller pu recommencer….Policier dir nu ki sa bane la ena patente avec appui POLITIK!!!!!!!!!

    Mo gagne mariu laraz ek bane dmoun sovaz kumsa!

    Kot sa pays la p aler do!!!!

    Et si nu ti laisse nu machine la lor parking la, kan to retourner to truv van ine rayer! viter ine casser ou soi pire!

    Enfin, c juste mo ti bout l’experience sa…

    Mais slema mo pa ine blier zot sa…grrrr!!!!!!


  22. What about this one. I am walking and I see a lady coming. While walking we keep on coming closer. Just before we walked by each other. I give her a smile and greet her good morning. She does not reply back whether with a smile nor with a greeting. Same thing when you get in a lift no one greets morning nor bye. So unless I know someone personally it seems that I can’t talk to people in general. This attitude or whatever you call it is really sick.


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