Scenes not seen everyday

This Wednesday(today) was a very tiring and sleepy day since some of my project team members and myself left office at nearly 330am(wednesday) after nearly 19hours in office!

At noon, Bernard and myself went to “prend imper l’air” and “asté salade”at the famous 4-way all stop at the entrance of Champs de Mars

While stepping outside of the De Chazal Du Mée (DCDM) Bulding, we took some mins to stare at the guys who were washing the building windows, while being hung using ropes (Abseiling – Descente en rapel)

DCDM Building

I find this picture of the building simply great !!!

DCDM Building

Well, that’s not all…

Just in front of the Champs de Mars entrance, two Police Traffic Officers had parked their motocycles on DOUBLE YELLOW LINES!

Ya, both of them! On double yellow lines!!!

Mauritius Police

Unfortunately, I didn’t really think to take their pictures, but some mins later, one of them went away, leaving the other one with his salad…

A few mins later, I already made up my mind to write about this and the title of this post was already decided!

Together with Bernard, we walked nearer to the motocycle and took some quicks shots while the officer was looking away…

Mauritius Police

After all, he is a human too and it was lunch time…

But wat would have happenned if he spotted you on double yellow lines during lunch time?

For sure, you would have been awarded a fine despite that the yellow lines are fading away!

Your arguments will definitely fail !

As you can notice above, as from now, I will be putting my watermarks on all pics posted on my blog because of the previous incident where a technician from Radioplus had illegally copied my video from Youtube onto his account and on the official site of Radioplus…

Finally, I compelled the person to remove the video from his account, and he did apologized for this incident

13 thoughts on “Scenes not seen everyday

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  1. wooow..03.30..tarrrr…sa ler la mo dan gran someil mwa..LoL.. know..mtian police rulzzzz..
    dan PL souvent trouve ban policier au volant ban voiture la police.zot pe drive..ek zot mobile glued to their pou faire..

    we are in mauritius..


  2. The pictures are great.. =)
    .. N y C e ..

    No CoMmenTs FuR DeM OffiCerS… Dey ThiinK Ov DemSlveS As “MauRiTiaN VIPS” ..

    BanLa pour park kot zotte envie.. fer taper r dimoune.. Sa ZoTteS DrOiT..
    Si nous nous fer mm zafer… Beh LerLa li contre la Loi..


  3. Extra sa … comme sa zot travail tard comme sa … Pas ti pou croire bane dimoune ki outsource ban projet europeen travail jiska tard comme sa… pena 35h comma la france 😦


  4. This one is too good and so true…
    Has it been a simple human like us, it would have been direct FINE and non arguments, Please.
    Its a great idea (To just say,bien sure preuve a l’appuie what our mauritians model roles are doing)…..

    This is Mauritius,my friends.


  5. today 3 or 4 policeman were doing their patrol check on a DOUBLE YELLOW LINES! enplus de sa ti lors ene lacroiser! pas fini…. ena trafick lights tou laba! i have these scene on video…


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