Motorola V3 Pink lost…

Today, my cousin Deepa lost her mobile while getting down of the school bus.

It was at around 15pm, in the school bus heading towards Pointe Aux Piments from Cosmopolitan College, Plaines des Papayes…

It was a unique mobile, that none of us had seen till only a few times, a pink Motorola V3…

Motorola V3 Pink lost….

IMEI of mobile : 353015-01-075040-5 (Displayed on the screen after pressing *#06# )

Proof of purchase is available…

Mail me at if you have seen someone who has just started to use a Motorola V3 recently, a big probability that its the one… because its a very rare model…especially the color…

Reward garanteed for the one helping to find the lost mobile….

14 thoughts on “Motorola V3 Pink lost…

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  1. ayoo cuzz…to ti p tro garde li coment tresor……
    li bien lisse….ala line glisser :S + :((
    simpatise r toiii…..
    semaine soy la….hier pendrive + earphnes ine perdi pour moiii !!!!!!!


  2. @Shah: Thats nice ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for reporting all pink phones to the nearest police station ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Tushal : Ayo wai ta, mari chagrin perdi sa portable la! Ti mari rare!


  3. Yashvin–>mwa osi mo servi 1 v3 meme..mais black..acoz mo xtra cntnt mo mob..refuz tou mob nek acoz sa..

    DEEPA..STOP CRYING…Bon in aret cry meme…:p.

    Yash–>faire koner si plan dimanche la encore ena mo txt mwa ek to faire mwa out for the every weekend..Take care..enjoy..and have fun..

    tushals last blog post..To the one concerned by this.!


  4. souvent mone trouve sa zafer “back to me” la lor poubelle..

    kikun connE coum sa marC..??

    seki mone comprend bein.. letemps some1 else mette ene sim la dan.. li avoye ene text to a number (ceki tone choose)pou dire ki sa new number pe servi sa portab la..

    et since tou new sim register.. to nec prend sa new num la to alle lapolice..

    enfin.. bizin bizin prend plis detaile lor la.. i think..

    sinon mo esperE to gagne to portab else bhaya yashvin pou donne toi ene new pou to BDay nah.. pas tro casse tet ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. [re=21802]Varsha[/re]:

    Ayooo same same la..
    mo p tro mark mo ptb..
    li ti abitier gliss..
    hierla lin gliss pu tou les temps..


  6. [re=21869]Deepa[/re]: pas per deepa mo lance 1 avis de recherche la ……… atan mo maye sa dimoune ki ena to portable la li pu koner ar moi


  7. That phone ain’t unique. My gf has the same damn pink phone for more than a year, and it sucks. We can never take a good photo with its poor vga resolution. Be happy u lost it, go get the Nokia N95!!

    Btw, deepa, you look cute in your small avatar!

    Shailen Sobhees last blog post..All about AVI movie tags


  8. @Shailen Sobhee: well, perhaps not unique, but quite rare to be seen then ๐Ÿ˜›

    All of u luved that mob, because of its color ๐Ÿ˜€

    thnks for ur comments ๐Ÿ˜‰


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