Some (illegal?) practices of filling stations

Hi everyone…

Since some days, i wanted to blog on this particular topic, especially with the rise of petrol/diesel/gas

Perhaps some of you may have noticed this practice in some of the filling stations in our island, i did at several times, especially when the State Trading Corporation (STC) is on the point of reviewing the price of the petroleum products each 3months.

In Mauritius, the State Trading Corporation is responsible for reviewing the prices of different products to reflect the world price.

Some of these filling stations stop their daily activities much earlier than usual, thus, keeping their stock of petroleum for the next day, where they will gain much more profit with their old stock (bought at cheaper price).

Lets say that the station X has filled all the tanks (1000L) at Rs41.00/Litre.

Imagine that at 6pm, there is 500Litres left and the STC has announced an increase in the price of petrol which will be effective at 0000hrs the same day.
This same station X shuts down immediately, saying that it is out of stock!

Who gonna know if its the truth??

The next day, the Station sells the old stock at rs49/Litre, thus making a profit of rs8, in addition to its normal profit.

Thats makes about euh, pas koner kombien profit en plis, mais c ene gros profit, illegallement!!!

Ya, this is the reality, in our paradise island….

Normally, there are laws that exist to prevent such practices, but do all the filling stations abide to those laws?

Suprisingly, this happens only on the day where the prices are gonna increase most probably, once every 3months!

15 thoughts on “Some (illegal?) practices of filling stations

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  1. @Vikash: lol, thnks for the precision 😛
    n sorry for the wrong info….

    btw, still, even if its the APM, the filling station X is still doing illegal practices?


  2. Yes, but does it affect all of us who actually drive everyday? Whether we buy gas in some tank (it’s supposed to be illegal but some gas station still sell to people in such a way) in advance or not, we’ll be forced to abide to new prices. ‘coz I know some people who will go to the station with plastic tanks just before the prices change.

    Sure, it sucks for the one who ends up without gas on the day that gas stations close early. Bla, viva Mauritius – nobody abides to most regulations, well, almost nobody.

    Shahs last blog post..Hellboy 2 – What’s the Wraith doing in there?


  3. about 40L maximum rentre dan mo tank.. si mo alle mette la ligne devant filling et assuming ki mo tank vite.. pou fer moi only 40*9 about Rs360 max economie..
    si to pense longue la queue ki to bizin fer devant filling, at times sorti travay bonheur ou a rentre lakaz tard ziste acoz sa..

    nec 1 zour alle dan bus cash la pou resT lol

    anyway, bizin trouve ene facon servi plis ethanol ou coummence baisse duty lor bannes loto hybrid.. mo demane moi kifer rama pas ine mentione sa dan so budget?
    maybe raison politic derrier, nou tou connE kisana ki bannes grand financiE pou compagne electoral enfin..

    bannes zen coummence car pool.. capve fer ziska 60% economie la dan..


    garde loto dan garage imP.. prend bus ou monte bicycle alle travay man 😀


  4. Yeah Maurice chef dan sa bane zafaire la!

    Kan prix monter, vite vite tou zafer monter lendemain meme…kan prix baisser (supermarkets) pas enkor gagne nuvo price list…LOL!

    Oh by d way…mo dad ti p dire something dimanche…

    Ena bane dimoun lor filling (sirtout asoir) ki fer mari mardail!

    Si to dire li met 500, li met 200 tjur apres li areter pu revine demander combien…apres kan li remet amerche, li met lesence la dan ene gallon..cahiete derier to loto ou van…

    donc prefer desan ek guetter ki zot p fer…

    Enfin! Muarice ene mari pays sa!


  5. In cases like these, to conner ki to bzn fer?

    Garde numéro sa authority ki supposer vérifier sa la….kan to ale filling and li dire toi stock pna…to demande li si li pou mind to phone sa authority la pou fer verify…simple sa…soi li vre ek “mieux vo etre prudent” soi to gagne to lessence 😀

    mai mru ena 1 ta ban dimoune pa realisé…ki li filling ki li user…i mean come on…si to repli tank la avant…ki sa GRAND economie la to pou fer?,apre augmentation to pa pou bzn re ale filling m?

    Moi i dnt bother alle filling la veille…and li vrememnt sagrinan pou ban genuine case ki bien bzn lessence 😦


  6. @#€|!0$
    grrr tone kokin mo comment
    samem mo ti poo al dire la

    Moricien la ene bezer rass mem sa.. haha


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