Lets play Snakes!

Level 19, thats where my cousin Neha and myself have reached till now, and seems that there is a long way to go before the end since it has 37 levels from what i read some mins ago.

Hey Neha!, 18 nivos encore ena pu aller la! lol !


Wikipedia says:

Snakes is an update to the classic Snake game from Nokia. It is freely downloadable from the Nokia N-Gage website, and can be copied to another N-Gage handset via Bluetooth. A new version is now available as an embedded game on most N-series smartphones from Nokia.


During our “narien a faire” time, we take turns to play, trying to reach the next levels, and just for tonight, we finished 4 levels i think.

The Queue level:

below, the “Double Cross” level,nice 😀

Dont know when we will finish the game, but sometimes its really tough, especially the hex fields levels like below:

It can be downloaded from here or in many other sites, freely…

Does anyone of you play this game?
Which level u reached???

16 thoughts on “Lets play Snakes!

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  1. hey monne arrive level 21 moi, mari differ, mari difficile!!! Ena banne trous dans platform la tout, kan to passe ladans, to alle lor reverse board la ek to continuer zouer…lol


  2. la tete fermal ar sa zouer la.nek nou meme konr ki sa zouer kouma amerde dimoune.nou encore dan stage 19 stage .kan li pou fini,kan nou pou arrive 37 stage


  3. I’ve progressed again. I’ve just reached level 30 – “colour check”. Mo kroir mo pou aret la mem. BTW, nice website. Keep it up:)


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