Triolet, the longest village & TBS, wat a bus service!

Situated in the north of the island, Triolet is one of the biggest village in Mauritius, but certainly the longest of all. Populated with over thousands of people from all religious beliefs, the MY village, lacks nothing but a good bus service! we will come to that a little bit later….


Among the existing infrastructures we have for instance:

  • excellent roads, with over 5 humps(speed breakers) lol !
  • a large market place, XXL size,
  • Police Station, Fire Station, Postal Service, Health Care Center
  • 3 main primary schools, several colleges, lots of pre-primary schools,
  • a branch of practically all banks of Mauritius and
  • perhaps hundred of bus stops, with thousands of unsatisfied bus users!


One particularity of Triolet is that it can be said to have no “business center” since everything is scattered all long the main road, divided into different regions, among which we have the famous 3 (7eme mille, 8eme mille & 9eme mille), 3-Boutiques, Cinema Anand, Cinema CassΓ©e, Derningham, Solitude, Terminus & etc…

Thats for a brief intro about the village and
what if we discuss about the bus service?

200802281809-small.jpg Triolet Bus Service has the exclusivity to be the only 1 bus company to “serve” over the village and the neighboring villages : Trou aux Biches, Grand Baie, Cap Malheureux, Pointe aux Piments, St Antoine, Arsenal, Riviere du rempart, Fond du sac (added to the request of Neha & Deepa, telling me wat to write here) & etc… without forgetting Pointe aux Sables & La Tour Koeing.

Unfortunately, when it comes to wait the bus early in the morning, then its better to “prend ene la bougie rouge”.


During school days, at times, you can wait upto 30-45 mins to get a bus in which u can find a STANDING PLACE!
Be it a school day or a holiday, there is the same number of buses on the roads + perhaps a few buses dedicated to colleges. However when its your turn to enter a normal bus, 3/4 of the passengers are students!
For instance, several times i had to wait on the bus stop from 0705 to 0745 before getting a bus to go to work.

If one day you have to go to the capital during the peak time ( 07:15-08:00), i would advise you either set out much earlier or much later!

I am sure, there must be someone who is directly related to the management of Triolet Bus Service (TBS) reading this, so this is for you!

Kot to eter

  • kant mo bisin faire porte manteau dan bis dan gramatin?
  • kant mo bisin pourri dan soleil pu attane bis ki zamais vini?
  • kant gagne place diboute dans ene bis ki ressembler boite sardine?

Another thing….again on the buses from TBS…


Notice the arrows (^ above ^) pointing to the bells (sonnettes).

In most of the buses of TBS, they are situated nearly at the roof of the bus, and now imagine the following scene:

A small girl (like Neha, height : 1m50) stopping at the next bus stop and trying to “peze sonnette”. Poor girl, her hands will never reach the bell, and she will have to ask the help of an adult(long enough) each time she travels in such buses to and from school!!!

This problem does not only concerns Neha, but hundreds/thousands of children, students and elderly people travelling by bus!

Kot lizier bane f**** la ti eter kant zotte ti place sa sonnettes la sa hauteur la?

meme mwa mo gagne probleme!

This post reflets the reality of loads of inhabitants of Triolet and those from the neighbouring villages, served by TBS!!!


btw, i now have 400 friends on facebook πŸ˜‰

32 thoughts on “Triolet, the longest village & TBS, wat a bus service!

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  1. lol..
    wawa small gurl la kuma dir mo sis guetr bien vremem ggn xtr ner r sa ban sonnettes la,li xtr mem pensr ti bzn gard un baton pu press sa sonnttes la,at least nu pa pu bzn lever..

    un zafr mo fier,mo xtr kntn mo res mem lendroit ki plus gran dan mauris e so shivala xtr mem gran..


  2. aha yash..nice post..concerning problem bus croire..partou gagne sa problem sa.{ban operateru nek kot pa faire sa..zot pou faire la greve..mwa mo dire..ti bsn cancel tou permi pou ban bus ki faire 1 ta zes..}
    .sa zafaire sonette la..LMAO..ena ban bus individual osi pe faire sa.met sonnete lor roof..just 1 particular incident..ti ena 1 small kid..{primary school}..b li pan gagne longeur pou pez sonete..lin monte lor siege la..apres lin pez sonette..
    Even me, being 1m88, I have to stand up to reach the “sonnete” in some bus…wai..pou spread the word.


  3. pa kontan triolet ditou mw. made that very clear to any1 who asked me! pfffffffff. enfin. no comments franchment. tension mo gagn baT. sinon as 4 TBS,juska ler no prob apart ban controlleurs la parfoi bien rude wid some people. quite frankly,si compare TBS avk ban lezot bus individual,b TBS so service is better!


  4. hmmmmmmmmmmm TRIOLET TROOOOOOOOO TOP!!! SEMN TBS P vine KK!!!! BNE PROPIETTER CREVER (NUNDLLAL) :P:P NU ENKR GAGNE BIS laner 89 pu voyaG…. ek en pluss zt siege troooo tipti trouv tou alr, pa kapv fer nanier kan avk gf lol….

    sinon apart saaaa presK tou koek!! bne dimne plaigner akz zt gagne “Plass” deboute… bt mw vyage pa biss lekol… la vie simple



  5. @Indeerjeet (reste simin P.Piments? Anand?)

    YEAH!!!! TRIOLET ROCKS!!!! (Trioletien as well!)

    & btw i travelled in 1039 Feb 08 bus today… πŸ˜›
    Anyway, yes i must agree *most* if not all bus services are horrible. TBS is no different – old buses, no schedule, late, rude conductors!
    But i’ve been travelling with TBS over 8 years, but so far i’ve never been through a breakdown! Atleast the mechanics are good! (or it’s just my luck!) πŸ˜›


  6. ya carrotmadman!

    to ena raison!
    mo p voyage dan TBS since euh, 1997 parla, lol!
    et si mo rapel bien, preske zamais bane bis TBS gagne breakdown! peut etre only less than 5 times!

    sa chapo!
    n triolet rocks! malgres ki dimoune traite nu villageois!
    n ya, Keshav is from there itself!


  7. triolet!! gaon sa ta!! lol πŸ™‚

    si tou zafer ti pou bon.. to pas ti pou ena ene topic pou blog about nah ;P

    bannes topic critic fer plus clicks ki bannes praise!!

    btw? 10 college???


  8. Wa Yashvin, mo pou spread word la pou toi ici, peut etre lipou aider :):):) …. lol

    En plus sa banne bus la rouler vitesse “pissar vache (c) Kunal 2008” mo sure si employ ene system timetable pou chaque bus arrive zote la gare a ene heure fix, sa banne macros la pou rouler plus vite… Moi aussi mo ti passe ladans :(:(

    Apropos sonnette la, mo dire avoye ene soulier lor chauffeur la kan bizin arreter, li pou arrete sec.. LOL


  9. haha..

    soulier lor chauffeur la nice.. yash essayE.. apres to fer connE πŸ™‚

    “dimoune ki ti place sonettes la ti long”
    epp? tou dimoune dan triolet long couma dire.. aster mone comprend couma to long coumsa yash !!lol


  10. to vicks : Gaon, wi, mais boukoup plis developper ki kot to rester la LOL…
    mone gagne le secret, c vraie, topik critik et la veriter faire plis clicks πŸ˜›

    to nushreena : hmm, na mo pas croire bane dimounes la ti longue, akoz montage bane bis pas faire dan triolet lol !

    to Atif: In Central Flaq, only the central is so busy, else its a rather ‘normal’ village πŸ˜€

    to Kunal : wawa, spread the word in canada! haha, soulier la, ene zour mo ava essaye sa n si mo pas dan cachot pu la nuit, mo signal twa πŸ˜‰

    to vicks (again):
    class ‘inhabitants_of_triolet’ inherit from the main class ‘Triolet’
    that was a bit of programming πŸ˜‰


  11. hello, yea maybe zats a village, but some villages like mine also, is far much better wid services n all, than some towns zat i no quite well… vacoas as a very first example…

    wi mo dakor, r ban ceki p voyaz par tbs la, but to tel u frankly, pa tu compagnie bis ki kumsa.. UBS is one n is best….

    zot napa fer ler rien, li pa ramas pasager em en dehor bistop… si to ena selman n 10m pu rent lor bistop e bis fini demarer, b atane next bus.. to sir tultan to pu get them on time e u’l reach on time πŸ˜€

    bon just my views,continue lor tbs em πŸ˜›


  12. Hmm…si kiken ti pu ask mwa sa b4,mai mo pa ti pu kav ans li akoz i started 2 use TBS only like a few years ago!!well,really li 1 bus apar net sa,as soon as u get in,to bizin rod 1 place pu traper for,akoz chauffeur la pu accelerer couma to rentrer,li pa pu care si tn fini sit or not,li koner si to tomber,to pu dan bus lamem!!lol!talkin of drivers,kav dir zot ban best drivers sa!sa vitess zot pass dan sa ban roads triolet la sa…woah!!!triolet drift!!si kiken envi sensation for,1 sel solution…TBS


  13. well..there’s definitely a problem concerning the bus happened to me a few days ago..:(:(..i use d bus very regularly..pu al uni preske toulezour..a few days ago i got l8 because on reaching the stop i realised i had forgotten my purse at home..pff..i missed quite a few buses!! pa was arnd 7.30 am..REALLY SA LER LA TOU BIS KI PASSER REMPLI NET!! N THEY DNT EVEN STOP..


  14. wai yash! I hope somebody from the authority does read the post N smg + ve is done soon..

    True the buses are inadequate and probably the schools also should be alerted..

    Then smg can be done


  15. Wep, TBS! Ki serti? Mo sire Mr Nanlall (owner), ki 1mt47 bizin diboute lor sieze pu pez sonett! Apparament, zot constrire bus enba laho dan TATA sipa ASOK LEYLAND. Enfin kabri l’inde la bann buffon nett sa. Simizz a fleur, calson jagnatt, soulier tennis, ki zot expect! Au moins ena Air Con…


  16. hey yashvin, mosi mo 1 habitant triolet ek to post fer moi rapel kuma ti p al collez dan tbs! to ena raison mo frer!fer bientot 3 ans pan voyaz par tbs(triolet boite sardine), mo singapour since 2002. hope in ameliorer 1 p… sinon triolet ki de bon? rien de nuvo? dec mo pu vin pass vacs… hope ena 1 p changement…mo res derningham moi.btw, happy bday!


  17. To meganaden:
    hi triolien πŸ˜›

    triolet ine bien developper depi 2002, pas manke narien apart ene bon service bis.
    Comme mone ekrire laO, ena tout tout tou, tous simer korec korec, lampadaire devant mo lacase reste allimer, 24/24 lol! πŸ˜‰

    thnks for ur wishes n ur visit here…
    keep coming, u r welcomed!


  18. Hmm dats so true..Icnt 4get how much we have 2wait 4 z express plouis bus..n kan il pleut, i prefer going back hme..:s enfin bizin fer ene tapaz kot nundlaa pour ki li pa garde largent transport gratuit dN SO POCHE!lol..


  19. Interesting topic!!!
    Well 7ans mo ti lady sushil n travelled in TBS, no complaint to TBS, instead wana thanks them coz for Triolet-Port Louis, we were 3 buses in the morning n afternon (2foi ene 4eme for Express!) I think acoz saem u guys face problems, coz maybe in all sushil get around 13 buses everyD, in z morning n afternoon, aster imaginer ena 10 colleges as u saying, problem meme sa!!!


  20. It’s true tho but this is nothing compared to UBS bus where you can find loads of cockroaches walking all around you in the bus..truly’s been said that UBS is the largest bus service in Mauritius..but i will surely say it’s one of the crappiest bus services In MU.


  21. Hi,

    TBS bus drivers are dangerous bus drivers and the conductors are without manners.

    Bisin dire TBS donne cours aux employes de la compagnie pour agir convenablement avec le public voyageurs.


  22. Am a usual passenger of TBS. Every morning i use to take bus20A along Shrimati Indira Gandhi rd to POrt Louis @ 0715hrs but the horrible thing that i face everyday is that all the buses are full of school children no arrangement is made by the company to provide extra bus for other passengers they dont even take these people on standing this is the main reason to taxi maron The TBS company knows that he is the sole public service vehicle on this line that is why he does not care of his passenger whether they are getting late or not he needs only money


  23. what the use of puting comments here when No actions are being taken??? how can you explain that we don’t get express bus from 7.00 till 8.00 if we do get, all are full!!!! what’s the problems in putting additional bus???…can you imagine, i have seen 3 riviere du rempart bus at 7.20??? whats the point of these 3 buses when most of the people head to the capital??.. if you can’t provide best services to people, just allow other taxi drivers to have a life!!!!.. coz i don’t think you providing good services!!!!


  24. “Kot lizier bane f**** la ti eter kant zotte ti place sa sonnettes la sa hauteur la?”

    I’m tempted to reply: “de toute évidence, dans zott f**** mem!!!”

    But I won’t.



  25. i am a regular passenger of tbs since i went to college from today i am married in triolet. some thing has never change is some rudeness manner of employees of tbs,the driver always in a hurry don’t let people sit then drive we can fall on other passenger.they are behaving like we need them so they talk rudely. they didn’t concentrate on road but on beautiful ladies. ena trop beaucoup coureur jupon dans sa compani la,

    just want to add the new driver are to careless on road they jst don’t risk only thier life but those of innocent people
    know nothing will be done


  26. Hey TBS pa sa mauvais la quand meme!!!!

    N.B TBS is according to me the sole pvt company that renews its bus fleet each year.
    Peut etre zot pa remarke mais li pna aucun bus plus vieux ki 2004/2005(up to AP11). a l’exception de 6 bus(JU99)qui eux aussi sont en parfaite etat de marche.Quoique si nu guette ban compagnie tels que CNT, RHT meme UBS zot encore possede ban bus ki dan 1 l’etat pitoyable.

    Mo l’experience personnel dan sa ban lezot bus la permet moi dir sa ki la plus part des fois quand to voyage dan 1 bus CNT par example li fortement recommande fer 1 remorker suive li vu ki probabilite pu sa bus la tombe en panne li bien fort.

    Mo ban camarads in meme dir moi pu to voyage dan UBS li conseille to pren 1 extincteur, 1 air freshner et pren maximum passagers ki capav car n’importe kan li kpv arrive ki pu bizin pousse bus la parceki li pa p cpv accelerer lor la monter.

    Si jamais kiken in dja ale 1 excursion dan 1 bus TBS line bizin definitivement remarke ki sur l’autoroute pailles kot chemin la fer la montee bus TBS fer sa parcours la bcoup plus facilement ki tou lezot bus ki p ress retrograder mem avec zot loder fort dpi dans moter la ek gro lafume noir la.

    Parlant encore de UBS ceux qui p penser ki C meilleur service transport avec comfort!!!! Ben detrompe zot dudes. kan to voyage ladann, mem dan so pli nouvo bus to eardrums cpv endomager avec so ban second hand drum brakes la. kan li pez frein sa tapaz ki ena la sa!!! indescriptible…. Avek so ban amortisseurs kumen dir ressort lili!! To res en oscillation constant tou long la route la. En plus kan li fini fer trajet P-Louis a Cpe nek deboute devan bus la to observer…to pu trouve sa kantite lafumer p sorti dpi dan so moter la!!!!! mo res bet kumen li reussi fer trajet Plouis-Mahebourg and BACK!!!!!!

    en ce qui concerne problem sonette! mo penser line dja fini regler aster. et c pa la faute compagnie la mais celle du manufacturier body bus la.!!!!

    toutefois mo d’accord ki ena 1 magouille dan horaires bus mais mo esperer sa situation la remedier!

    De meme ban usager ki trouve sa service la dan bez ti pu trouve TBS meilleur si li aret offert so service et ban transport individuel ou meme ban lezot compagnie desservi sa la ligne la avek zot ban bus ki sorte dan simetiere la et kan bis ti pu bez enpanne au millieu laroute. Kan to pass ladan ki to realiser.

    Mo penser ceux ki p coz vandalisme dan sa ban bus pa p realiser ki c’est le meme kas dans tou lezot bus ailleurs. Le hic C ke zot pa voyage souvent dan sa ban lezot bus la donc li dificile pu koner kisanla so chauffeur et receveur plis dan bez. Si ou ti lire la gazette 1P camarade, ou ti pou trouver ki ban kas similaires fine rapporter majoritairement dan ban lezot bus non pa dan Tbs!!! De meme jamais ou trouve TBS a la une des actualites comme lezot dan ban cas accidents graves. Mem incident li pa arriver souvent avk TBS comparativement ek ban lezot bus. N’empeche de ces jours sa ban problemes la p regler avk installation cameras de surveillances dans tou nouvo bus TBS!!

    Et ceux ki p trouve triolet et triolesiens comme ban n’importe mo dir zot ale get zot mem dan mirroir zot pu gne message la! Kifr 1 dimoune ki res dan laville li aussi fier sa res toujour 1 mystere pu moi!!! mo pa trouve zot superiorite kan zot res dan laville. Cpv zot penC ki kan to dan laville to pa dan Maurice!!! Ouver lizie ban camarads attention tap ar colonne!!!

    Mo tenir a felicite yashvin pu sa blog la ki ine permet nu montrer ki habitants villaz pa extraterrestre!!!!

    C’etait Avnish. D
    Ingenieur Mechanique et Automatisme Industrielle!
    A un de ces jours


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