to my valentine…

Something special,

for someone special




Above picture has been taken and modified by myself…

We had wonderful moments last saturday,
x xxx x xx xx xx x xxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxx
xx x xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx x xx
x xx xx xxxxx xxxxxx x xx xxxx
Add a comment to see the hidden words…

Special thanks to everyone for their support,
especially my friends, both uni, x-uni and at work…
Zotte ti ena raison, la vie ne s’arrete pas la!!!
LA Preuve!

ps:to the 1 whose not worth: bousse to liziers et pu chevrette lol
haha, these are coded words 😛

16 thoughts on “to my valentine…

Add yours

  1. so sweeeeeeeeeeeet dou…

    For you are the one
    God sent from above
    The angel I needed
    For whom I do love so much…

    I love u yashvin



  2. hmm HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to u all!n specially 2 u yashvin. its true.. la vie ne s’arrete pas la! :p have a wonderful day:)


  3. hehe,
    tro top!!!!
    happy 4 both of u.btw mo cone tt les 2 bien :):)
    mo p envi flate en ti peu la.hihihi
    weps wish u all the best , n am sure zot in bien feter 🙂

    tk cr

    pS:ki zafer hidden???


  4. This is for u Dikesh

    How can you love someone
    you have never seen
    with a feeling
    so passionate that it makes
    your heart skip a beat at
    the sound of his voice?

    How can you feel his hands on you,
    when he has never touched you?
    How can you feel his lips kiss yours
    when he has never whispered your
    name in the night?

    A love with such passion
    that life could have never
    known it in your wildest dreams.
    Or if it could ever be possible
    would you turn it away in fear that it could not be real for you had never known such a love.

    For this love I would take the chance of heartbreak.
    For I have known a lifetime of heartbreak
    and heartbreak in itself is of a temporary nature if we allow it to be.

    But to know just one moment in
    my life with
    such passion
    such feeling
    such want
    such need.
    I would give myself entirely
    without regret
    without sorrow
    without remorse
    to you
    your wants
    your needs
    your love
    your life.

    To deny such a love would be the most fatal of mistakes.
    To deny myself your love would be an injustice within itself to the name of love.

    To have a love based on a spiritual not physical beginning could only result in the most special of loves.

    The love you wait a lifetime for.
    A love so strong that heaven nor earth could stop it from being.

    A love for you and I,
    A love for eternity.


  5. Dou, thnks for the dinner, for the roses and for the soooooo nice…

    I am really lucky to have you in my life yashu

    Just be z same always…love u so much..n already missing




  6. Hmm mo p chek to blog apres 1 epok ( la vie d’une prof dure sa;)) mon rate 1 tas zafers cmen dire la;)) Hmm but im very happy for u Yashvin koz u deserve it. Big kisses to u n to ur dou;)


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