Ki Serti??? Meteo Morice!!! Grr!


Its so true, and now its really confirmed!!!

I do agree that weather is something natural, but if you cannot forecast something, why try to do it???


first false forecast, its ok,
second one, still ok,
third one, becoming to be annoying
but with the Mauritius Meteorogical Services, its so obvious that each and every forecast they do, all are them turn out to be true lies!

Be it a simple daily forecast or a cyclone forecast, they always go wrong in all their forecasts.

The most recent experience that all the mauritians and the world have undergone, leaves the Mauritius Meteorogical Services in a really bad situation!


This 31 Jan 2008, at 7am, the Mauritius Meteorogical Services maintains a cyclonic warning class 3 in mauritius and forecasts that the cyclone is approaching dangerously mauritius and even with their stats,they show that the cycone is following a steady direction and path, and it located 260km from mauritan coasts.


At around 845am, No Cyclone Warning!

How can a cyclone, that they are following since the last days, dissapear like that, 260km from the coasts, just like that?

Especially when the ‘EXPERIENCED forecast officers’ have been telling that the cyclone is coming directly and without doubt near mauritius!!!

So, once more



Shame Shame!!!

pas declarer konne tout, etant donner zotte croire ki zotte zis a kelkes uns kine faire zotte cours dan ‘predict/forecast meteo’!!!

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