pages of my life…

Since some weeks, there have been some considerable changes including the change of name of my blog to :

yashvin, pages of my life…

special thnks all my friends & colleagues for their enormous support, even when i told them not to worry koz i was doing gr8… they didnt believe me, koz it was really hard to believe despite what had happenned and that i was still zen… getting frequent sms, miscalls, pokings, nudges lol, all the time to make me remember that they are always here…

Also, thnks to those who proposed altenative names for my blog, indeed a very difficult task…After some individual brainstorming sessions wiz Avishna, Amishi, Feerdosh, Deepa, Neha, Varsha, Vicks, Manta, Jaya, Vissen, Laksh, Zai, Yas & Fadil (hope pane blier personne) + a small modification gave my blog a new shine of light.

Some like it while to others, it seems a bit strange, but i finally adopted it, until i find something nicer…

however since the last weeks, i enjoyed a lot wiz friends every weekend

  • Le Pouce Climbing wiz colleagues
  • Enjoying wiz friends, last saturday, after nearly 3 months!
  • Coming this weekend, DCDMC Water day + Camping on same night @ flic en flac among colleagues,

so here it is, a new beginning, a new era to be discovered…

henceforth blogging the pages of my life…

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4 thoughts on “pages of my life…

Add yours

  1. Cuma mo fek dire toi lor msn,prend patience n take it to b xperiences of life ok dude afterall to 1 bn grson toi (hihi)

    aniwy dude keep posting!


  2. Well, I guess I know what happened… Erm… Chai pas…

    I like the new look πŸ˜› whiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. ou bien depi avant t ti fini sanzer? M pa tro sir, m pa tro guet layout, unless li p tarder pu load :/

    Blanc ek bleu pale, c sa?

    Keep posting…. jm lire moi πŸ™‚


  3. Weps bon courage pluto, i know to pou ok, jst a bt patience and courage.afterall dats life 😦

    keep posting πŸ™‚

    n enjoy



  4. to bbZush: ya, imper lo bleue blanc…
    truver kouma souvent u visit here πŸ˜›
    anyway, more than 1 weeks i didnt blog :S

    to Laksh:
    life…. unfair life en tout cas.

    to madi : thnks πŸ™‚ gd luck pu to papers!


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