to my dear laptop…

To my dear laptop,

please do not hibernate now, i have to tell you something that may be hard for you to store onto ur drive.

Its already been more than 3 years now that u have been wiz me, sharing my good and bad times through my virtual life, more specially, u know what and also all those assignments n projects that we have done together…

U have been of a huge help to me, but now, i think that its becoming a bit difficult for us to communicate properly.

Some 2 years ago, i had sent you for repairs to Singapore since u were still under warranty. i hope u still remember those 10 lines that appeared on ur 15″ LCD screen. I have been separated from u for 2 whole months and now, 3 years after, the 10 lines are nothing to the 60 lines (and still counting) that have enhanced ur screen, making my life quite a hell for watching films or using the net…


I know u r not at fault, but i will be here wiz you even in ur bad times.
I will also provide u the moral support to make u forget those “signes de beautés”.

Today i have the immense pleasure to announce to you that i will very soon buy another monitor to connect to ur VGA port and that would be of immense benefit to you.

I sincerely hope that u will try ur best to stay by my side for some time more, sharing some more time together…

Your faithful user,


9 thoughts on “to my dear laptop…

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  1. hihi, mo ti gagne 1 screen story ek mo laptop sa laner la! mari sad sa! 😦

    mo ti p connect li ek 1 vier monitor.

    to 5 la ligne ine bien ogmenter! li p vine a rai tou! :S

    eh mo p trouve jevin lor to msn 😀


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