iiiiiiiiii :-) project (kozekk) now launched!

Formerly known as Koze KK Forum, this new blog, which i named iiiiiiiiii :-), will now be my second blog, dedicated to original jokes, mostly in creole.


I already have a collection of over 100 such mauritian jokes and through this blog, i intend to share them wiz u and please note that u wont find them elsewhere.

A sample joke goes as follows;

Sofer taxi et Reunionais
1 sofer taxi in ramasse 1 reunionais airport plaisance. Zot p pass kot lopital rose belle, reuionais deman sofer ki ete sa.
Mauricien dire li, lopital sa,fek fini ranzer.
Reuionais rode fer so grand noir,li dire
”A la reunion, nou construisons un tel batiment en une semaine”

Sofer pas cass so latet ar boug la. Arrive n ti p plis loin, pass kot cyber city, reuionais deman meme zafer. Sofer p explik li ici meme ki ena 1 ta computer pou fer tou kaliter travail.
Reunionais re rode torr mauricien n coute, li dire:
”A la reunion, nous construisons un tel batiment en 4 jours.”
Sofer p commence plein ar boug la. Arrive port-louis aster, pass kot caudan. Reuionais so lizier in bat lor la meme. Li deman sofer ki ete sa.
Mauricien la repon li:
“Mo pas coner, gramatin kan mo ti passer li pas ti la sa !!

The blog contains a lot of widgets like ajax voting, views, mail to a friend and more to come.

well, i invite you to have a look there regularly and for now, u can read some 15 jokes (mostly creole) which have already been posted by myself.

You can even register and contribute your own jokes or even add ur comments, like any normal blog, together with comments & posts RSS Feeds.

You are still here???

Check out http://www.yashvinblogs.com/jokes/ and dont hesitate to add your comments or rate the jokes!

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