humour 100% moricien

Wow, Mauritians are great! Simply too great !

Just Check out these 2 pictures below….

Just see how well centered the vehicle is parked 😀
For sure, “li passe so test conduire ene sel koup!”

ah wi, mone blier….

cette foto a etee prise devant la banque “State Bank” de Reduit….

ah! haha

15 thoughts on “humour 100% moricien

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  1. so arriere parking perfect!! 😆
    can i do same with my pink bike?(ki mo ti ena kan mo ti ena 10 ans?)
    no1 in the world cav batte ban moriciens pur zot toupet!! :devil: :ninja:


  2. hehe, sa guy la contre discrimination li…Pas cav zis bane ki ena loto gagne grand parking, ti dimoune ki ena bicyclette si bizin egal! Vive le moricianism :silly:


  3. Pa ti ena aucun notice laba “Bikes Not Allowed”

    Encor 1 mank de comunications (skills).. lol

    Sinon Kan parking pa payant la.. samem so drawback sa..


  4. hehe i was on the spot when he took the pic..
    :biggrin: :biggrin:

    tro bon sa

    @ avishna..
    to enkor ena to bicylette??
    to pe check arriere boug la.. fouff!!
    :blush: :blush:

    MY first blog post @ 22 ans


  5. :biggrin: happy birthday to Vickss :biggrin:

    hmm, mo invite zotte tous a ene dejeuner offert par vickss, ce mardi a l’uni… :whistle:
    n nu p celebrer so bd vers 11hrs, avec la farine, disef n we will c what comes into our mind…


  6. :cwy: pas fer vilant la ein :cwy:

    zotte ena class networks..:biggrin: else.. ti pou capve fer kitsoz pou dejeuner la .. mais malchance :biggrin: :silly:


  7. Yashvin to encore ena foto BM of Mr Azagen? :angel:

    Mr Rosun ti p ask si li fer livraison ladan
    ti bon to include sa si lol


  8. LOL,sa wai…tro bon sa!!!li gagn touper prend 1 parking pu so bicyclett EK EN+ li gagn pu met lachaine ek cadnas tou dan so larou!!!hahaha……wat a good driver yeah :biggrin:


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