Are You a computer addict?


Yes i am !
Personally, i think i WAS some 16 months ago….
am now fully cured….
I can now proudly say that i can live without my computer, at least for some time, my personal record being 2months, the time during which my laptop was sent for repairs abroad!


Do you want to be cured???
There are is only one solution !
get yourself another source of interest that

  • you will actually love more than your computer,
  • will be able to support you even during power cuts
  • you wont be able to live without thinking about it

but actually, am always seated before my laptop in order to get my final year project done, assigments (?) and email/chat a lot (thats addiction!)

What About U???

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12 thoughts on “Are You a computer addict?

Add yours

  1. :silly: :silly: I definitely am πŸ™‚
    ever since i got more involved into IT (that has to be last year) I became a compulsive PC user πŸ™‚ Blogging, downloading, tweaking things, Hacking, but i do have another hobby (complying with the power outage scenario etc… πŸ™‚ ) i play guitar. But, the thing is, i sometimes even use my pc with my guitar (to play rock :devil: :biggrin: ) so it doesnt completely liberate me, just partly πŸ™‚

    Hey you stayed 2 months Only cause it was for repairs i guess πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: πŸ˜†


  2. :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: I think it’s more….blogging addiction :sideways: :sideways:

    for the cure I would also suggest you something:
    Teach your dad how to use a computer and when he starts knowing that he would need that to work, you won’t have access to it since he’s on the compo most of the time….. :getlost: :biggrin:

    It’s how I got cured.


  3. well interesting topic here

    personally im not too computer addicted anymore…
    but but but im addicted to the net [OGame mostly]!!!

    during december holidays; i spent most of my time at my cousin place…with some days i realised i cud live without pc…

    since form4 to now – was addicted to pc mostly coz of compter projects > games > net > ogame

    i cud spend 10 days without internet but as soon as i came back home… i was back in my virtual world online!!!

    i can live without checking my mails… but i need to check ogame account online! πŸ˜€


  4. Another way to get cured from the traditional pc and laptops is maybe to get yourself one of those latest mobile phones (why not a iphone :tongue: ). That way, you can still surf the net and do lots of things without the need for a pc.


  5. I can live without my pc, of course! πŸ˜› What’s so difficult?

    ….as long as I get another pc to use! lol, and more importantly, I S.H.O.U.L.D have an internet connection, a proper one πŸ˜› nothing like nomad! LOL


  6. Am addicted to my pc and personally i don’t see it as a bad thing! :sleeping:

    people for ages have been trying to make this dumb box useful in many ways.. Now that the pc is finally able to provide a variety of interesting uses.. some people want to decrease their use??? :silly: :silly: :silly:


  7. hmmm

    am addicted to my pc… i used it from 8h30-16h30 at work and as soon as i get home and refreshed, i need to go online again… enfin, 1 de ban raison c parski mo perna pou cuit et nettoye lacaz… o fait mo perna narien mem pou fer dans lasemaine… mo pc c mo camarade condidentiel dans lacaz…. Muaahhh

    And because of internet and computer, i’ve stopped designing and sewing my own clothes and i have stopped cooking during week-ends….

    well, there were a time when i was addicted to the chatting online… especially when during uni holidays coz then i dont have any assignments to prepare after work!!! but eventually, i resume to talking to my sisters an dedicating some of my times to my mum n dad!

    The old-age post-modern problem of communicating and strengthening of family ties….

    May be i can live without my computer for 1 or 2 days.. but not more… :wub:


  8. enfin ..

    somewhat late in this post .. :blink: :blink:

    wow !

    enfin .. am 200% addicted to computers ..

    when I say computers .. I mean a proper working computer with ADSL [ nah .. not Nomad or Dial Up ] !!

    Hans cure solution is true .. enfin .. faced that problem only temporarily .. coz bought myself a computer for me alone .. made a LAN .. and ever since.. am enjoying .. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    I just can’t live without my dear PC .. sniff sniff ..

    Enfin .. my friends father always says him one thing :
    ‘ quand to vin grand, pas necessaire rode tifi pou marrier .. to ava marrier are to computer et to guetter si capave gagne zenfant .. ! ‘

    enfin .. :P:P:P:P:P


  9. :alien: Yeah, I remember in the 80s when I was playing on my C64 days without end. One day the computer broke and I suddenly didn’t know what to do.
    That was an eye-opener.
    I made myself wait several months before sending it off to a repair shop. Ever since I (think that I) have been more responsible. I hardly ever play games, use the Computer for work and a bit of blogging.


  10. Si motiena ene IPhone moti pou aret servi PC souvent. Ou ene bon Android mem assez… Franc tou, mone plein ar PC, le dos tro fermal parfois… Mais bon vue ki mo ene passione dan web programming, parfois mo fer ban templates kuma pena rien a faire…


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