Student Bus Pass : Payer bane zens!

hmm, 20 Dec 2006….
Malheureusment, la fete est finie pour les etudiants de l’universite…

A partir de demain, on dois tous payer dan le bus 😦
Et cela jusqu’a la rentree, le 22 Jan 2007

Durants ces jours difficile, on doit essayer de minimisez nos voyages et en profiter une fois que la rentree rentre 😛

a tous les zeleves de l’uni…. pas blier zotte porte feuille lakaaz!!!!

11 thoughts on “Student Bus Pass : Payer bane zens!

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  1. lol..
    wai monn profiter zordi moi
    mo pann payer monn rentre dans bis monn dessan jumbo
    monn kass ene poz
    monn re alle uni
    monn re retourne lakaz
    mo pann payer ditout
    a partir demain bizin payer :cwy:


  2. haha :whistle:

    we r just enjoying a facility that our government has put to the disposal of the next(?) generation, so that we study (?) in better conditions… :angel:

    et sous tapis :devil: , sa laisse nou promener kotte nu envie pourvi lo trajet home – uni as many times we want 😎

    hmm, seems jealousie dan les air…


  3. the name is not a problem but the pic…

    the pic is too odd, compared to me now…
    i dont look like that anymore koz i changed a lot according to lots of friends…especially since am in uni…


  4. u ought to pay guys.!! this is no more possible in such difficult times for the sensible students u shud kw that so much money is being wasted by the govt while they cud put that to more effective use..

    anyways am part time student at UOM..n i work n got to pay TAX!!! like mr meetoo said all this money cmg from our own pockets!

    stupid to continue with this!! :devil:


  5. to Ishtiba:
    lol, we are simply following the wish of the government…
    as for tax, lol hopefully i will finish my course in 6 months time n when i will start to work, i will have to pay that too n its then that am gonna realise the frustration that all of non-students feel :pinch:

    thnks for ur visit here :tongue:


  6. Some people mette lizier lor nou transport gratis.. bizin tire lizier lor mo passe mo croire la :whistle: :whistle:

    HEHE.. couma mo ine dire before, si government ena pou fer economiee.. ena lotte place li cpave fer.. kifer liziE sorti lor transport gratis..

    yasvin.. essay calcuLE combine to sipoZe payE when to vine uom from lakaz.. si transport pas gratis.. and then combien li fer par mois say to pe alle uni 6 fois par semaine!!


  7. hmm, for me its gonna be rs40 per day, si mo marchE in plouis dan sa gros soleil la. :blink:
    si mo faire paresse, gonna be about 50-55 :silly: gonna be, koz mo pas paresse n mo pas kone prix exact la!)

    nu prend li rs40x(5 days)x(4 weeks) = rs800
    :pinch: astonished by the total, seems a bit low
    perhaps akoz faire ene lepok pane payer dan bis 😛

    arrete met lizier do :angel:


  8. 800.. and say to fer paress.. maybe li pou vien pres 1000

    sa c neck transport.. ajoute other expenses.. say 2000 ziste pou toi to parent bizin trouV..

    aster to ena ene sis ousi..

    franchement mo pas senti la honte pou monTre mo passe ou voyage gratis.. coz sa quanT tax ki dad and bro payE la.. bein.. mo trouve sa juste ki at least pe fer something good avek li.

    aster transport gratis pou old people is another thing!!!

    There are lots of potential in some people and due to harsh family situations can’t make it to universitY


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