Nomad, bye bye 64kbps modem

1 yr
More than 1 year with that fucking “64” kbps nomad…
tomorrow gonna return that modem shit to one of those stands where am sure, they will be surprised & “bouche-bée” at its state!

I had been using it for less than 1 yr since my cousin next-door used it for some time since she was in hols.

Praying so that the modem work here wiz the “sindoor” and the chain

Well, some interesting facts about this modem

  • It fell from the top of a door (abt 2 m high)
  • It went to several weather conditions (sun & rain, dommage, pena la neige ici )
  • Its Black & White screen is broken since months!
  • It has a rs2000 deposit fee which i dont think that i will get back because of the broken screen and the condition it is…
  • Anyway, no one will be able to use that since its only good for the bin now!

The best of all, is that am gonna (again) be wiz my nomad tshirt when returning that shit!Will let u know what will happen on that stand tomorrow

17 thoughts on “Nomad, bye bye 64kbps modem

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  1. pa tro mal the modem…..i mean pu to sa maltraiter line gagner la
    wat i wanna no is modem (si to cav appelle sa 1 modem or wat remain of it) a coter 1 carotte??


  2. :wub: kifer mo pa ti kpv fer sa r mo modem si ^^

    sa nomad la mari kk sa ….connection dan diff net

    so customer service si dan diff

    en summary,NOMAD sucks 🙂

    c ki prnd sa asterla mo mari sagrin li mwa :w00t:

    15 days to go until NOMAD goes out :biggrin:


  3. just to tell u that am also using a rabbit. its still running.

    but mine is running free and was blessed by durga maa.

    just had to stuck a piece of hard cardboard not carrot! at the back near the usb output.


  4. Nomad sucks n am just waiting for the day that very company runs into big trouble and closes its door. And a hint to all those who wish to cancel there nomad just write letter to buro d consomateurs no need to wait for a year completion using shit !!! :angry:


  5. Tchoooooo !! :w00t: :w00t:

    This modem has gone through exteeeeeeeesive torture :blink: :biggrin: :biggrin: !!

    Am sure man .. u r not gonna be refunded for what u did to that ‘beautiful’ rabbit :angel: ..

    Yeah .. its true Nomad is not goood ..

    @ Night Prince :

    Could u please give more info on how to break the contract ?? please .. :cwy:

    My friends need to know to do that .. [ nah .. not me .. am a MyT user :biggrin: :biggrin: .. ]

    By the way Yashvin .. whats a carrot doing there ?? :blink: :blink:

    Ahhhh .. okie .. got ya ..

    Rabbit Modem = Carrot :w00t: :biggrin: :whistle: :whistle:

    Just toooooo coool 😆


  6. ti bzin met enkor sindoor lerla mo penser li ti pu travail :tongue:
    Mo penser ti bizin donne zorro(my doggie) pu jouer ar sa,lerla tou ti pu korek.
    Si dimoune pran nomad,bizin guetr si li ena patience sinon bizin fini gard un place mental pu li.
    Nomad=fucking shit :devil:


  7. what a damaged modem

    I returned mine on 10 Dec and I have to show the agents that my contract has ended as he did not bother to read the contract and told me a technician needs to come to my place.But when i showed him the ending date he quietly fills the End Of Contract form.

    These people are not professionals at all they just sit and surf the net all day.


  8. I went to Nomad today as I waited for two weeks for my cheque but on arrival at 7 fl the lady told me its a long procedure for refunding.

    When I signup I have to pay one month in advance but when it comes to refund
    Its a long procedure what is this


  9. i thnk thats normal that they will try to keep u waiting for ur money…
    i too, i will have to wait, how much time? no idea but i will wait till mid jan, n then will start anoying them!


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