Meeting wiz Nomad Executive Director

Another positive post about nomad 🙂 As some of you already know, the Executive Director of Nomad, Mr Shankar Peerthy wanted to meet me to discuss certain things about nomad.So today, i went to meet him at 0930 in the Cyber Tower, Ebene. We talked for about lol, one and a half hr in the... Continue Reading →

Nomad Technician Behavior

Small Recap; This Nomad Technician was sent to my house after making request some 2 weeks before Since i changed my modem one week before, i stopped having problems The technician found there was no problems n seemed angry since he had to come to my place uselessly. He told me this in a rude... Continue Reading →

Nomad, a perfect gift?

Nomad was mad again for 2 whole days & the technicians themselves took a long time to locate the source of the problem. But i wish to thank some of the customer care agents who have become very friendly wiz me, something normal since i call them at least 5 times daily!i have become the... Continue Reading →

Download the internet!

Has any of you tried to download the internet? {check out picture below} I let you imagine the headache if you are using or even for the ADSL users who are bearing the consequences of the earthquake… Many of you are still complaining about the slow internet…but this doesn't seem to be a problem with... Continue Reading →

Nomad, bye bye 64kbps modem

1 yr More than 1 year with that fucking "64" kbps nomad... tomorrow gonna return that modem shit to one of those stands where am sure, they will be surprised & "bouche-bée" at its state! I had been using it for less than 1 yr since my cousin next-door used it for some time since... Continue Reading →

Nomad….ene lot encore!

lol, this time, the nomad is for another classmate, Yogesh! this nomad is in a 5 star hotel, lol (hey yogesh, paint sa boite la kant meme! imper respect to the High Speed internet without wires!!!) check it out!!! All these, to show u how reliable nomad is... thanks nomad !!! ps: if u have... Continue Reading →

Nomad… nouveau cazotte..

well, my nomad gallery series continue... This time, an exclusivity! well, its the modem of my x-classmate, Kunal, a real pro in inventing things, doing great animations with his maya software and much more... without forgetting his special speaking style with a lots of "f***" words.. well, here is his funny modem! Funnier than mine... Continue Reading →

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