DCDMC Disco Night Party

DCDM Consulting held its annual End Of Year Party at The Grand Mauritian Resorts and Spa, Balaclava, under the Disco Theme. About 120 of the staff were present for this event, and loads of us were dressed according to this theme, despite the difficulty in finding such clothes in the market. All of our costumes were original, shining through the lights. At first, it was quite funny since everyone was different, unique...

Talk of the town at DCDM Consulting

The Quarterly Briefing is organised once every 3 months, and usually comprises of presentations talking about a status of the company, projects etc, together with the presentation of some projects going on... Indeed, we have presented something so different from what other teams usually do.

Promoted as Software Engineer

Great Day, Great News! Today, at about 1030am, the Managing Partner of DCDM Consulting (Mr Sylvain Deslandes) announced to me that I was promoted to Software Engineer 😀 Few guess about the factors which increased my chance for promotion may be Time at which we are still working, for instance it's already midnight, and together with... Continue Reading →

Orange Sitara, the final…

The final of Orange Sitara is here! So, first of all, I didnt really know that the final was going to be today, despite the numerous adverts that have surely been broadcasted on the tv, which I didnt have the 'opportunity' to watch since I was back from home very late these last days.

Trou aux Biches BBQ Party + Rakhi

BBQ Party Yesterday, we had a Farewell BBQ Party @ Trou aux Biches, organised by Ingrid (Reunionaise) & Floria (Française), who were both working at DCDM Consulting as trainees for the last months. Since they will be flying away, they held this party, supported by the Underground Committee, comme dab koi 😛 About 30 DCDMCians... Continue Reading →

Around my life, in cartoons…

Being out of ideas to blog, i finally ended with a long post illustrating some parts of my life (and around me), through cartoons... For some people, working during a blackout does not really matter... Also, Faire palab (Gossiping) does not really depend if they have work or not.... btw, thats exactly the picture that... Continue Reading →

Sick @t home & Remixing back!

Today am sick! at home... No no no, i really mean it, am suffering from fever and lots of pain in the back, since yesterday. Since yesterday morning, i have been at "atchouming" a lot and got some fever. I left office a bit early, at 5pm, ya thats early! Then went to the doctor... Continue Reading →

DCDMC Orienteering Challenge!

Wow, that was fun but tiresome! As every 3 months, DCDM Consulting organises a different Company Event for the staff, and this time, it was called "DCDMC Orienteering Challenge", held at Domaine Anse Jonchee, near Ferney in the south-east. Preparations have been going since long, with me sending mails to all staff to make them... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday to me! Version 2.3

Wow...hehe, am a bit older, 23 yrs now 😀 Nice surprises since yesterday, so i will start from there itself... It all started by a lunch, prganised by my project team members Then, i distributed sweety sweets to the whole DCDM 5th floor, got a nice card and pen as gifts... I didnt expect that... Continue Reading →

Underground’s Camping 4.01

the Version 4.01 of the Underground Camping Series.... Even better than others, 18 participants..... This is the best pic i could upload, but this doesnt mean we had only this as drinks... Thats all, was blogging another page of my life lol....

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