What’s ur max speed limit?

What's ur max speed u drove in our roads?


pages of my life…

Since some weeks, there have been some considerable changes including the change of name of my blog to : yashvin, pages of my life... special thnks all my friends & colleagues for their enormous support, even when i told them not to worry koz i was doing gr8... they didnt believe me, koz it was... Continue Reading →

Anou monte Le Pouce!

1st Mission Complete... Yesterday, Veronique, Nisha, Bernard & Myself, all colleagues from DCDMC, successfully completed our first plan together. Its only after i think nearly 2 months that i have gone out wiz friends, and i think its high time At 945, We had set off from St Pierre's Bus Station, walked for some 45... Continue Reading →

Mobile phone nowadays…

Who doesnt use mobile phones nowadays? Just imagine your day without your mobile, the loneliness of your pocket and the emptiness of your hand, lol. Well, in my short lifetime, i used (in order) "Dancall" : solid, heavy duty and can be used as a matraque to stop trouble makers!Ericsson A2628, euh, considerably big -... Continue Reading →

1st blogging anniversary! youpiii !

On the 1st October 2006, a new blog appeared among the few blogs which existed in the mauritian blogosphere. Already 1yr has elapsed now since the first post in this blog, which proved to be a wise idea, after being online through my personal web site since 2002. This year, am 'celebrating ' my 5th... Continue Reading →

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