Nomad….ene lot encore!

lol, this time, the nomad is for another classmate, Yogesh! this nomad is in a 5 star hotel, lol (hey yogesh, paint sa boite la kant meme! imper respect to the High Speed internet without wires!!!) check it out!!! All these, to show u how reliable nomad is... thanks nomad !!! ps: if u have... Continue Reading →

Nomad… nouveau cazotte..

well, my nomad gallery series continue... This time, an exclusivity! well, its the modem of my x-classmate, Kunal, a real pro in inventing things, doing great animations with his maya software and much more... without forgetting his special speaking style with a lots of "f***" words.. well, here is his funny modem! Funnier than mine... Continue Reading →

Village, la ville…pourkoi cette attitude?

Note/Attention :This article may bring prejudice to us, thats is u and me, the 'villageois'!Also, i apologize to anyone feeling bad about this article since i know, it does has an effect on 'villageois'!The behavior described below is not generalized but it unfortunately does exist among us, mauritians! Sa piti la sorti Triolet sa ou... Continue Reading →

my first java app

lol, no its not my first one but rather my first after several months! in 2 weeks time, i have got to submit an assignment in Distributed Systems Module ( to be written in java.) so, i have got to remember all the things in java and the syntax etc that i learnt in the... Continue Reading →

1 month already

lol, already more than 1 month since i started blogging and a total of more than 700 unique daily hits!!! [note : my hits do not count] thats more than i expected at the start but seems that i was wrong. This is an enormous encouragement and i hope that in the future i will... Continue Reading →

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