Resurfacing of road in Triolet

The main road along the longest village of Mauritius is currently being resurfaced since today morning... From today's evening experience, I guess that traffic jams will be expected during the duration of the resurfacing, and I would advise drivers to use the loads of adjacent roads throughout the village 😛

Review speed limit in Mauritius?

Is it time to review the speed limit for certain roads of Mauritius? A growing number of new/reconditioned vehicles is using our roads daily, hence more stable, reliable and performing... 90Km/hr on our motorways, with 60Km/hr in certain areas around motorways and an average of 50 Km/Hr in villages..

Mentalité voisin Moricien

Mais ene mentalité dimoune ki pu mari difficile pu changé, sirtout si li ene moricien.... Most tourists talk only good about Mauritians, our way of living, kind hearted and above all, very friendly and easy going... However the inside story can indeed be very different, am sure many of us must have experienced the bad habit of some of our fellows who make abuse of their power and the fear of people. Take a look at the pics here

Motorola V3 Pink lost…

Today, my cousin Deepa lost her mobile while getting down of the school bus. It was at around 15pm, in the school bus heading towards Pointe Aux Piments from Cosmopolitan College, Plaines des Papayes... It was a unique mobile, that none of us had seen till only a few times, a pink Motorola V3... Motorola... Continue Reading →

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