Your views about MBC’s new web site?

Heard it on the news few mins ago, MBC has a new web site (yes, AGAIN!) Anyways, I find it nice, much better than the previous versions. This shows that wordpress really rocks!

Dossier MBC on Road Safety

A live broadcast of the MBC Dossier program just ended some minutes ago. Overall, it was very nice and informative. Perhaps you were expecting a rant on police or something, but in fact, I am quite unsure about something, that's the reason why I decided to write this post to clear my doubts.

SoirĂ©e spĂ©ciale : Les experts

Just a quick post, about 15 mins left before the tv serial (Les Experts) starts... MBC is broadcasting a few episodes of the different "Les Experts Las Vegas, Les experts Miami & Les experts Manhattan" Here is the programme for tonight 04/12/2008 , on MBC 2...

What u expect for future tv competitions?

As you have guessed. our national television is back into this blog for this topic... The idea of this post came when my mum called me to have a look at whats going on the tv. Since some years, the national television has broadcasted loads of local productions, including singing, dancing competitions, quizs and also, out-door competitions. However, (some of) their programs are beurkkkkk!

Mauritian bloggers, you are wanted!

As a blogger, It is sometimes necessary that you take things from another angle, different from that of everybody else around you. This encourages other people to voice out their opinions too, thus causing a (huge?) uproar about certain topics. Still, I haven't yet mentioned examples where bloggers may land (or landed) into problems while denoucing/criticizing different practices in our daily life.

Orange Sitara, the final…

The final of Orange Sitara is here! So, first of all, I didnt really know that the final was going to be today, despite the numerous adverts that have surely been broadcasted on the tv, which I didnt have the 'opportunity' to watch since I was back from home very late these last days.

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