Un tombola de la STC

While reporting on the communiqué by the Ministry of Finance, the radio journalist said something very funny about the STC, which is responsible for various hedging issues in Mauritius since the last months.

This post is about some of the different errors made by the STC in the past...

New prices of Petrol (March 2009)

As announced today, the price of Petrol (Essence) remains unchanged (Rs 36.65/L) while the price of Diesel has decreased to Rs32.30/L.

Also featuring in this post, 2 pics which was took in the southern part of the island.

Price of fuel drops down again…

A new decrease in the price of fuel has been decided in the Automatic Pricing Mechanism meeting yesterday night.

So here are the new prices :
Essence : Rs 39.80/L to Rs 36.85/L (-Rs 2.95)

Diesel : Rs 41.00/L to Rs 37.95/L (-Rs 3.05 )

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