Certains zéleves colleges sovaze!

I was very angry this evening. Some students think that the roads is their fathers' playground and were throwing water from buses.
In brief, I made some policemen stop the bus and I shouted at them for some long minutes.

Nomad : Operation nettoyage!

Nomad is back on this blog... This time, 20 employees have lost their jobs at this wireless ISP. Do read the 10 reasons why most people hate this rabbit... Lots of nomad posts liked to this one, check them out!

1,272,040 Mauritians & less than 150 bloggers

1,272,040, thats the number of people living in Mauritius. This figure has been published today by the Central Statistics Office. 150 bloggers, this is my estimate of the number of Mauritian bloggers to my knowledge. Dear bloggers and readers, we are going to launch a bloggers club very soon, be part of it!!!

New prices of Petrol (March 2009)

As announced today, the price of Petrol (Essence) remains unchanged (Rs 36.65/L) while the price of Diesel has decreased to Rs32.30/L.

Also featuring in this post, 2 pics which was took in the southern part of the island.

Reducing spam applications on facebook

Everybody is addicted to facebook... However, there is a large number of spam applications which can be very annoying since they send requests automatically. Read this post for advices and also, how to free up your inbox from the hundreds of facebook mails/notifications.

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