1,272,040 Mauritians & less than 150 bloggers

1,272,040, thats the number of people living in Mauritius. This figure has been published today by the Central Statistics Office. 150 bloggers, this is my estimate of the number of Mauritian bloggers to my knowledge. Dear bloggers and readers, we are going to launch a bloggers club very soon, be part of it!!!

Mauritian Blog of the Year 2008

YAY! I have been awarded as the "Mauritian Blog of the Year 2008" organised by IslandCrisis, in which both bloggers and readers had to vote for the best blog.

Thanks for your votes and your support to this blog, as well as that of Dhaneesha and Dakshinee.

Please update your blogroll!

This post is specially for YOU, all my blogroll members!

After going through my blogroll, I found out that some (about 25) of my blogger friends haven't updated their blogroll yet and are still pointing towards my old domain.

You are all sending potential visitors to the wrong address.

3 Bloggers went to watch Dostana…

Today, the 3 bloggers (Varsha, Dhaneesha and myself) went to watch Dostana at Star Caudan, accompanied by the 2 readers (Deepa and Neha) lol.

100% laughter guaranteed, Great Music, New location (Miami), New Concept...
Dont miss it!

Introducing guest articles…

Since the last months, the mauritian blogosphere has been growing significantly, not only in the number of mauritian blogs on the web but also in the increasing interest of our people.
I invite you to write guest articles for my blog here.

Mauritian bloggers, you are wanted!

As a blogger, It is sometimes necessary that you take things from another angle, different from that of everybody else around you.

This encourages other people to voice out their opinions too, thus causing a (huge?) uproar about certain topics. Still, I haven't yet mentioned examples where bloggers may land (or landed) into problems while denoucing/criticizing different practices in our daily life.

Introducing blogging

Hi everyone! I just wrote a page on "Blogging"... Took me about 3hrs to cover different important points on blogging... My main objective was to introduce blogging to newbies, in a simple way, with lots of pictures... You can read it here, and perhaps mention any additional points I have missed out... Lets see if... Continue Reading →

The life of a blogger…

Normally, it starts at $TimeWakeUp, depending on the $Mood and $Health of the blogger, for me being at about 6am if my mood and health is ok. Like everybody else, bloggers do have their lunch, but, before starting to do anything, the first thing is to actually switch on their computer to check if there... Continue Reading →

Bloggers, what are our rights?

As a human, we all have the 4 freedoms above-mentioned, accoring to Human Rights but many times, which blogging our views, the question arises again and again "Do we have the right to blog about this?" Well, yes, as long as u dont violate the existing laws in your country. The internet is only a... Continue Reading →

Bloggers’ Meeting

I reached Astrolab, Port Louis waterfront the first (at about 1050) but met them at 1110 since i didnt knew anyone of them, how they looked like nor their phone numbers to call them so see where they reached. Then finally i decided to walk around and ask a group of 4 youngsters whether they... Continue Reading →

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