Hello, ki position Nomad, Emtel, MTML, DCL?

Hello,Ki dir? More than 1 week already, "orange p vender partout", but still, no response from the competitors, at least, nothing extraordinary in their business strategy from namely, NomadEmtelMTMLDCL Except a small thing from Emtel, you can now epin ur mobile with only rs20, instead of rs25. r for rabbit modem I tried to access... Continue Reading →

Lets play Snakes!

Level 19, thats where my cousin Neha and myself have reached till now, and seems that there is a long way to go before the end since it has 37 levels from what i read some mins ago. Hey Neha!, 18 nivos encore ena pu aller la! lol ! Wikipedia says: Snakes is an update... Continue Reading →

La police p viole la loi!

IT'S A SHAME for the Mauritius Police Force! During my lunch time today, i SPOTTED 2 police vehicles, both in PARKED ILLEGALLY, just in from of A POLICE STATION, that of Pop Henessy, situated some meters from KFC Cathedrale. hehe, as usual, i didnt fear taking out my mobile to take photographs of the scene!... Continue Reading →

Mauritian Law : No more than 2 dogs!

Hello everyone... I was astonished by wat i read this morning in the Le Defi Plus newspaper... Oh, no, not exactly by this title, but rather, one sentence from that particular article, as shown below... According to an inspector of the MSPCA, an owner can have only 2 dogs, else, he is considered as a... Continue Reading →

Difé lo morice © sok appadu!

After the happenings of today with 3 ppl dead, 2 ppl lost, loads of houses flooded, we may ask ourself, Is Mauritius ready to face a crisis with its existing government, its different essential institutions responsible for monitoring the climate and taking immediate decisions and actions, the existing infrastructure (roads, surrounding of rivers, ...) AND... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday to me! Version 2.3

Wow...hehe, am a bit older, 23 yrs now 😀 Nice surprises since yesterday, so i will start from there itself... It all started by a lunch, prganised by my project team members Then, i distributed sweety sweets to the whole DCDM 5th floor, got a nice card and pen as gifts... I didnt expect that... Continue Reading →

Version Pirate : On s’attache…

I have no idea of the source of this song, i got that as an email attachment. komik net ! moriciens bien originale... see the lyrics below and download the song from here(2.4Mb) ***************************************************************************** VERSION PIRATES - On S'attache When Navin is ill Il devient hostile Il veut pas que la presse nous en informe... Continue Reading →

My wishlist… J-4

4 more days & i will be no more...22years lol  This is to tell you that i dont wanna a gift like a laptop Core 2 Duo or a Nokia N95. But just a little fun, among ourselves like last year (Read Post + View Video)... You are invited! [btw, I dont expect much comments here... Continue Reading →

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