Are You a computer addict?

Yes i am ! Personally, i think i WAS some 16 months ago.... am now fully cured.... I can now proudly say that i can live without my computer, at least for some time, my personal record being 2months, the time during which my laptop was sent for repairs abroad! Do you want to be... Continue Reading →


Tagged, 70 questions!

It was a pleasure to reply to those 70 questions, after been tagged by James and Hans my 2nd favorite TV Serial : 24 (24hr chrono), first one being Malcom Currently watching the 5th season, 4 more hrs to watch And Now, here are the 70 answers!!! 1) Are your parents married or divorced? Married... Continue Reading →

Tagged Again by Kyu!

Unexpected tagging by Kyu But its a rather short tag wiz only 10 simple questions, nothing to worry then! Pseudo? Pourquoi ce pseudo? Dernier coup de coeur littéraire? aucune idée! le dernier bouquin sur ma table etait ....., oops, il n'en a jamais eu! Anime, manga ou comic US préféré? pas branché télé, mais j'adore... Continue Reading →

Nothing to post? then?

lol, i feared this moment since i started to blog:"What happens when u got nothing interesting to post?"This situation is unpredictable and the solution is either to dig into your mind to get something out or give some holidays to your blogging hobby until you get something new to write.Coincidentally, seems that i got nothing... Continue Reading →

UOM End Of Year Party

all good times have an end, unfortunately.... One of those good times was the end of year party, held yesterday in University & no need to say that i was there too... The party was "incomparable" and overcrowded! My Apologies to those who I may have knocked, pushed or done any other inconveniences while i... Continue Reading →

Student Bus Pass : Payer bane zens!

hmm, 20 Dec 2006.... Malheureusment, la fete est finie pour les etudiants de l'universite... A partir de demain, on dois tous payer dan le bus 😦 Et cela jusqu'a la rentree, le 22 Jan 2007 Durants ces jours difficile, on doit essayer de minimisez nos voyages et en profiter une fois que la rentree rentre... Continue Reading →

Tagged for the first time!

Oops, I have been tagged by Anoop... Thnks dude! The tag name : A to Z meme The first tag some 2 months since am blogging my life... Good way if u want to know more about me! Continue reading if u r ready... A - Available/single? hmm, let me think....none of committed and... Continue Reading →

among friends in uni….

seems that a lot of people liked the "Pif Show!" a large amount of you are still watching it everyday! More will be online when pif learns how to do new things 😛 what else? today went to uni for "project work" and we landed doing stupid things before the camera, while testing our projects... Continue Reading →

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