9000 visits !

already about 9000 visits on my site http://www.yashvin.tk .... i don't really rely on this counter since it records all hits... nevertheless the daily counter does work great and i got another counter which confirms the daily hits ! 10 ViSitS! daily ! nice... i try my best to regularly update the site but with... Continue Reading →

Nomad…Become mad!

Nomad Some people dont even want to talk about nomad... the name itself says it all... no, it mad Y? think that am the best person that can write a bit about nomad since i have been using nomad since its creation as a tester... at the begining, nomad was phewwww....a real nightmare... i dont... Continue Reading →

Nomad No Limit Challenge?

Is it really a challenge??? i dont think so ! y ? well, i did went to the casting, everything was ok... i know some people who got the opportunity to go to the "seance photos" and one even got a "rendez vous" with a psy in order to proceed further... the problem with the... Continue Reading →

Life in Uni…

2004 - and still going on la vie uni ? top net... 🙂 u r free to do what u want at ur own cost... u can extend ur 3 yr course up to 5 yrs and casse poz entretemps no stress, only near the exams or assignment dead lines pena cours from gramatin a... Continue Reading →


blogging.... blogging... blogging... blogging dont worry, i was just checking the formating options available 🙂 well, i dont know what u think about blogging but here is the definition of blog according to Wikipedia: A Blog is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), and they are... Continue Reading →

Welcome here

Blogging.... I always wanted to have my own blog running alongside my personal web site. However, I am quite late in setting it up since I noticed some lack of participation on behalf of site visitors. Nevertheless, here we go, for a try in the blogosphere. Time will tell if it was worth to start... Continue Reading →

About me

There is no doubt, am the only Yashvin ( Awootar Dooshiant Singh) on whom u have been reading about, seeing in the site, blog or somewhere else.     Born on 22th March 1985 in SSRN Hospital (i forgot the exact time, think its 5am ,lol), i live in a 'village' called Triolet, found in... Continue Reading →

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