Can you concentrate on reading while listening to music?

While some prefer to study/read in a quiet environment, others get more motivated with some music playing in the background.


The power of HD

Everyone was quietly busy working at their work desks when suddenly, the sound of a helicopter could clearly be heard. I was the first one to exclaim "Hey, helicopter p passer!"

Gato Merveille

Occasionally, I walk to this corner of Port Louis where a woman sells "Gato Merveille" with some chilli sauce sprinkled over it.

The minute my car’s dashboard gone mad!

I was on the fast lane near Bagatelle, driving towards Port Louis when suddenly, all the readings on the dashboard dropped to 0 (the speedometer, the fuel tank reading, the temperature and the motor revolution)! I immediately took the left-most lane and parked. After giving a few calls, I drove again and upon ignition of... Continue Reading →

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