The thing

Till now, I have not been able to know what's the thing exactly and what was it doing some km from the harbour.

Dossier MBC on Road Safety

A live broadcast of the MBC Dossier program just ended some minutes ago. Overall, it was very nice and informative. Perhaps you were expecting a rant on police or something, but in fact, I am quite unsure about something, that's the reason why I decided to write this post to clear my doubts.

Orange Olympic Walk n Run for Fun in images

It was a totally unexpected visit to the "Orange Olympic Walk n Run for Fun" event held today at Mon Choisy. While returning back home after recharging my orange account, I noticed loads of people running and walking towards Mon Choisy. Its only then that I remembered about the event which was highly advertised since the last days. I drove back home and took the camera... So, here is my post about this first "Orange Olympic Walk n Run for Fun" in images...

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