among friends in uni….

seems that a lot of people liked the "Pif Show!" a large amount of you are still watching it everyday! More will be online when pif learns how to do new things 😛 what else? today went to uni for "project work" and we landed doing stupid things before the camera, while testing our projects... Continue Reading →

My Dog Piff Smiles!

Have you ever seen a dog smiling? And what about a dog smiling whenever you ask too? haha! I invite you to watch the video below, no tricking, nothing. My dog actually smiles when you request her! Really too doogie goodie good! You liked it? Please join the fan group and do share the blog... Continue Reading →

a small barbecue party….

Yesterday, i made a small barbecue at home.Nothing grandiose since there was only my parents, sister, cousins (next door) and their parents. Its my second attempt and it was successful just like that one organised some months before.however the last time, the barbecue was ready by nearly 9 pm since i was a bit unexperienced.... Continue Reading →

Great Plugin For Bloggers

I found this plugin on firefox and it can be downloaded from Performancing Web SiteIts cool since the first time am trying this type of plugin.It allows you toBlog Directly from ur firefox without any need to sign into ur wordpress dashboardGet StatsAdding images, formatting your, ur post,[..] are now much easier & simple!Get live... Continue Reading →

hmm, quelle journee!

c'etait trop top! Une journee entre amis, au bord de la plage publique de "le morne" Zainab, Kevin, frederick, sandra, mantasha, jaya, yasmina, dhotah,fadil et moi meme etions comblĂ©s de joie apres cette journee inoubliable! en plus, c'etait l'anniversaire de Zainab, une raison de plus pour avoir organisĂ© cette petite sortie. On s'etait donnĂ© rendez... Continue Reading →

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