Reducing spam applications on facebook

Everybody is addicted to facebook... However, there is a large number of spam applications which can be very annoying since they send requests automatically. Read this post for advices and also, how to free up your inbox from the hundreds of facebook mails/notifications.

God on Facebook?

Someone has found that God is even on facebook!

Have a look at his profile, and how he planned the creation of humanity.

Anyone else found him?

hi5 copying over facebook?

I visited my hi5 profile after about 10 days, and I was surprised to see another new feature added!

This time, hi5 had introduced Instant Messaging (Chat) on its pages, nice...

Over the last months, many features have been introduced in Hi5, which were already on facebook.

10 interesting facts about facebook

Facebook, one of the most rapidly growing web site is a very interesting subject to study and follow up, daily.... In addition to its official blog, there are lots of other facebook blogs (example All Facebook) that keep you updated of daily news.Every morning, I connect to these sites to be updated about the sites,... Continue Reading →

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