Watching Billu Barber on Valentine’s Day

On this Valentine's Day, Dhaneesha & Myself went to watch Billu Barber, nice and original film 🙂 Do read this brief overview of this film, as well as our valentine's day celebration!

3 Bloggers went to watch Dostana…

Today, the 3 bloggers (Varsha, Dhaneesha and myself) went to watch Dostana at Star Caudan, accompanied by the 2 readers (Deepa and Neha) lol. 100% laughter guaranteed, Great Music, New location (Miami), New Concept... Dont miss it!

Happy birthday to me! Version 2.3

Wow...hehe, am a bit older, 23 yrs now 😀 Nice surprises since yesterday, so i will start from there itself... It all started by a lunch, prganised by my project team members Then, i distributed sweety sweets to the whole DCDM 5th floor, got a nice card and pen as gifts... I didnt expect that... Continue Reading →

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