Attention lisien!

Vous l'avez sûrement entendu sur les médias. Le Rottweiler qui a sauvagement attaqué des enfants à Calodyne avant-hier (mercredi) après midi. La parole est à vous!

lol. This one has been shot by one of my uni friends, Kunal, now living in Toronto. He asked me to upload this one here so as he can check the compression quality of wordpress. Enjoy!

A tree into the roof

The great people there did not want to sacrifice their tree. So, they made a hole into the roof to allow the tree to grow LOL! Unfortunately, I did not think to take the picture in landscape mode 😦 Shot in a small 'snack' somewhere in the south around/or in Baie du cap... If you... Continue Reading →

Bothering about megapixels?

For most people, the first thing which comes to their mind when thinking about a camera is "How much megapixels does it have"? I was among those people too until I discovered that the number of megapixels does not really matter...

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