Review speed limit in Mauritius?

Is it time to review the speed limit for certain roads of Mauritius? A growing number of new/reconditioned vehicles is using our roads daily, hence more stable, reliable and performing... 90Km/hr on our motorways, with 60Km/hr in certain areas around motorways and an average of 50 Km/Hr in villages..

Caught speeding at 175MPH!

This is an example of one of the days on which you regret for having took the decision to take the car out in the night. Nobody even thought that the following story would happen to me... Le destin est ce qui nous arrive au moment où on ne s'y attend pas. I was already... Continue Reading →

tim or tam, timtam? lire tout!

tim tam, the subject has nothing to do wiz wat am gonna write today... its here just to prove that ppl tend to deduce things from just the beginning of a sentence or pharse, without taking the care of going through it, getting a better view of wat is being talked about... "btw, thnks to... Continue Reading →

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