Bobcat SMF (Cyclone Giovanna)

Arrivée des renforts :Bobcat arrive kot Station Triolet, avec ene Van SMF devant li comme escorte. Mo signale soffer bobcat la "OU LA ROUE DEVANT PLATE!!!"Bobcat mette arriere, et bisin rente dans station l'essence zis a coter pu gonfler la roue. Et zotte siposer p vine aide nu si cyclone faire degats :/

Another Oil rig?

I so wanted to have a closer shot without having to crop the picture. Let's see if it gonna be here for a few days or "sail away" within the next hours.

Country collection – Shot glasses

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the "China" version but don't worry, I will bring it next time 😉 Amsterdam and Australia glasses gifted by Zainab. Now you know what you can gift me when you are back from your next holidays!

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