blogging.... blogging... blogging... blogging dont worry, i was just checking the formating options available 🙂 well, i dont know what u think about blogging but here is the definition of blog according to Wikipedia: A Blog is a type of website where entries are made (such as in a journal or diary), and they are... Continue Reading →

Welcome here

Blogging.... I always wanted to have my own blog running alongside my personal web site. However, I am quite late in setting it up since I noticed some lack of participation on behalf of site visitors. Nevertheless, here we go, for a try in the blogosphere. Time will tell if it was worth to start... Continue Reading →

About me

There is no doubt, am the only Yashvin ( Awootar Dooshiant Singh) on whom u have been reading about, seeing in the site, blog or somewhere else.     Born on 22th March 1985 in SSRN Hospital (i forgot the exact time, think its 5am ,lol), i live in a 'village' called Triolet, found in... Continue Reading →

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