Hit and Run at Abercombie

Yesterday evening, I was involved in a hit and run accident while driving back home. A car of the brand Mazda 3 was dangerously overtaking a long queue of vehicles trapped in a traffic jam when it tried to make its way into the lane while reaching my car. At the same time, another car was coming in the opposite direction. Both cars were hit and the traffic came to a halt.

The driver causing the accident looked similar to a thug, just like his front seat passenger. Wearing big heavy jewellery (neck chains and earings), they appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. At the back seat, a woman was seated and was even more excited than everyone else while I was trying to negociate the next step. They tried to handle a Rs1000 note to me, which I refused immediately and the public there got a free demonstration of their swearing presentation. I gave them the choice : Either “Constat à l’amiable” or we call the police. Meanwhile, I marked the position of the cars with my yellow chalk and I parked the vehicle on the sideroad.

Just at that moment, I waived for help to a police van on patrol. On noticing that action, the said accused car drove away at full speed. The police van immediately switched on its siren and chased the car down the streets. Together with the other driver, I went to the nearest police station (Abercombie) to report the accident.

The police vehicle returned back after some 15minutes. One of the police officers was bleeding from a large cut in his hand. While being held by a traffic jam, the two police officers surrendered the car and the driver drove into them. The younger police officer got hurt in the action and he was driven to the hospital where 10 points de souture (stitches) were needed.

Minutes after, first reports arrived. With the help of CCTV cameras, the car was located in a garage in Vallée Pitot. Police support was requested from Plaine Verte and 1 hour later, the car was seized. The driver was nowhere to be found while the owner denied any implications. The car was brought to the Abercombie Police Station later and a lawyer called to inform that the “driver” is coming to surrender himself.

Some time afterwards, a drugged guy presented himself as the driver. I denied him as being the driver as he was only in the passenger seat. The police gave him warnings and after consulting his lawyer, the guy went away. As per information gathered, the driver is a hawker, operating in mafia-like gangs. He was driving the car of his mother.

I left the police station shortly after 2030hrs. Nearly 4 hours were needed to get hold of the car, write the statements and identify the driver. Additionally, I did my first alcohol test, which of course, showed 0 in the indicator. (psst : Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take a picture while doing this, lol. I asked them) Reminder : I need to fetch my car later today, hopefully.

Congrats, I made myself new ennemies in this new episode of NFS Hot pursuit or Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas.

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