Irregularities on Photographes Amateurs et Pros Mauriciens (PAPM)

This special day(29th Feb) happens only once every 4 years but fights on the facebook group “Photographes Amateurs et Pros Mauriciens” (PAPM) do not wait for leap years. Although I am not an active member anymore, I have my own reasons to remain in the dark, waiting for something big to happen. In fact, there are several reasons why I prefer to remain silent but today’s incident was “La goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase“.

Some past stories

Once, my name was even publicly mentioned on the wall of the group by an admin. Members (including admin) denigrated me because I posted a status message on my facebook profile regarding a situation in the group. A facebook status message which contained no names of people or of any group. Later on, one of the admins apologized to me through a personal message and said that he took the matter too personal. Après la mort, la tisane.

On another occasion, I was actively debating a issue with another admin when the latter started deleting her previous comments and then saying totally contradictory things. I instantly raised my voice to get things right and clear.

Another additional incident : Once, a photography theme challenge was created and a manipulated image violating several rules of the group was added by one of the admins. I said “WTF” to myself and started a post on the group. Once again, I was the bad boy, the picture was removed and no apologies to me.

Some of you might have been through this painful experience of being refused to gain access to the group when one of the admins asked you to provide proofs that you are a photographer and want to learn things. However, one of my friends’ request to join the group was INSTANTANEOUSLY accepted by an admin because the latter was one of his friends. And my friend neither uploaded any picture nor had any interest in doing so. All he did was just a test on my request.

I have so many stories to tell you but I will end this section with this last one :

The rules of the group somewhat stipulates that you NEED to be a photographer to join the group. But have you ever browsed the list of members? You probably need a calculator to count the number of the so-called “models” who are on the list but who have never held any camera in their life. Why no one cares about them?

Do I need to take names or raise the point with admins on their group to get an answer why they violated their rules?

What’s up today?

The story goes as follows  :

The group held a logo competition some months ago. Assume LogoX won the first place. Everyone is happy, the logo is used everywhere until the admins decide to make PAPM tshirts with the logo. For some unknown reasons, the original copyright owner of the logo refuses the right for the group to use the logo on tshirts.

Admins then make an announcement that the runner up logo will be used. Call it LogoY.

After a few hours, a member of the group raises a problem.

Wait, that’s not the runner up winner!

The LogoY was on the third position! LogoZ being the real runner up was totally ignored either because admins did not take care to verify or for watever reasons.

Frustrated and angry members need answers

And right now, some group members are angry. How did admins selected the LogoY as the runner up one? Why wasn’t the owner of the logo contacted? At one point, members even asked how were admins and officers elected chosen? Were any apologies presented for this error?

You might have noticed that this post exceptionally does not contain any images, as I usually do for the hundreds of posts. That’s because some people (they will recognise themselves) don’t deserve any recognition.

Note to admin/officers :

Not everyone is bad but some of you (especially one person) has no manners to talk to people or discuss things diplomatically. And you need to accept criticism. No one is perfect but you never accept that you commit errors. For once, just admit that you erred. It is not the end of the world. You might be admins or officers but that’s only in your little world.

I never raised any issues without having valid reasons to do so. Nor I am among those who quietly accept things imposed on me. So, don’t piss me off!

As I said, not all admins are bad. Some of them are actually very responsible, respectable and helpful but dudes, some members of your team do not assume their acts. They are still here despite several problems involving them. The main objectives of the group is still a noble one. Great achievements till now but you also need to accept criticism and be more responsible. I said it several times in the past. If anyone among you needs proof, discuss among the admin team first and clear things between yourselves.

Some might might ask me, why don’t I discuss this issue on the group itself? Simply because once you are there, you need to abide by their self-made rules which only admins can break at their will. They can delete my comments or even ban myself at anytime but that would their fatal error. Mind my words.

Remember you are being watched, even if you delete me. You will need to assume your acts because I am not violating any of your rules right now. Think twice before using your mouse right now.

To whoever wants to discuss the topic :

I will respond ONLY on this blog. Emails/Private messages etc will be ignored.

If you feel that this post stands good and I totally have grounds for having voiced out my views, please do comment but most importantly,


2. POST IT ON THE GROUP (if they don’t delete it).


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  1. “On another occasion, I was actively debating a issue with another admin
    when the latter started deleting her previous comments and then saying
    totally contradictory things. I instantly raised my voice to get things
    right and clear.”

    I know who you are talking about but, to be honest, i am admin of a group too. Pretty active, and users have reported that comments were being deleted without their knowledge. It wasn’t me, nor any other admins, but a Facebook glitch and many other members will confirm the case.


  2. “Please join this group ONLY if you are interested in actively participating whether it is in the discussion threads, photo commenting and so on.”

    I again disagree on your point “..that you NEED to be a photographer to join the group”. When i joined and it was still a long time ago, the group description was as above which clearly says that, you do not need to be a photographer to join the group


    1. Then you might perhaps explain to me why admins ask for proofs and need to have access to your photo albums? Dude, rules change as per the wish of some people out there. I joined the group most probably before you and I have seen lot of things.

      Anyway, WHEN the rule was applicable (cannot confirm if it is still the case), does that explain why models are there? Please confirm with others because I remember having seen messages where admins require to see your pics.


      1.  ..because models help in the development of the amateur photographers,that is us.

        Not all of us can afford to book professional models to experiment. I wouldn’t do it.

        Anyway, i honestly believe that this post was uncalled for but then again, any publicity is good publicity.

        and i think this – “That’s because some people (they will recognise themselves) don’t deserve any recognition.” is downright rude. Like Eddy said, “Live and let live”

        To end, PAPM is a great group that has helped me a lot in photography and i respect the group and their members a lot 🙂


      2.  ..because models help in the development of the amateur photographers,that is us.

        Not all of us can afford to book professional models to experiment. I wouldn’t do it.

        Anyway, i honestly believe that this post was uncalled for but then again, any publicity is good publicity.

        and i think this – “That’s because some people (they will recognise themselves) don’t deserve any recognition.” is downright rude. Like Eddy said, “Live and let live”

        To end, PAPM is a great group that has helped me a lot in photography and i respect the group and their members a lot 🙂


    2. Quote from a message from admin : 

      “Hello xxx,
      We have decided (admins) that we could not accept your application because of your work.

      There are not enough photos for us to judge the quality of your work. And if you could, please, try to upload more of your personal work and try to apply again.

      thank you
      Board of Admins.”


    3. Quote from a message from admin : 

      “Hello xxx,
      We have decided (admins) that we could not accept your application because of your work.

      There are not enough photos for us to judge the quality of your work. And if you could, please, try to upload more of your personal work and try to apply again.

      thank you
      Board of Admins.”


  3. lol this post is somewhat an opportunity to take your revenge on Papm… i remember that you wanted to become an admin yourself… 


    1. Oh sorry? I never had any wish. Just bring your proofs here and we shall discuss again.
      Hiding behind a fake profile is so easy to tell things. Hope that you are taught better things out there!


      1. The proof is right here..your post is full of envy and resentment.. i just want to stay anonymous, i dont need fame, attention or whatever blog to expose my life…   you forgot how you did behave on the group when you were a member… you were critic to any decision taken.. and never constructive… or was is just a way to put the spotlight on Yourself…? 


      2. So lame. Yes, I showed much concern when admins said or did things. That’s exactly what the post is about. Read it again.
        Constructive? I have screenshots of admins mentioning my name, saying rude things on my name, admins deleting comments on which people are already reacting and saying that “she is re-writing to be clearer”.

        Perhaps you can tell me what I did wrong when I raised issues when manipulated images were uploaded by admins or when admins approve join requests of friends without going through the usual enquiry. Or perhaps I should make you remember the time when I debated a case after which admins decided to review conditions of the group when I pointed out that admins supported members advertising sales of their items right on the wall (and admins liking the post just after).

        You need to be constructive in life. I did write about true things which some people already know. These are facts, so no use of trying to tell “PAS MOI SA, LI SA”.


  4. i stopped being active for some reason on papm.. the reason was that there was always preferential treatment given to other members and who were friends of the admins and stuff.. thing is.. you post a pic.. 2-3 members will like and that’s it.. another member (Friend of adminXYZ) will post a picture, no matter if it’s good or bad or shit, u see the comments and likes go up like crazy.. so fair treatment? i remember PAPM being all about sharing knowledge and stuff.. but is that a way to do things? 

    also, some admins think they are so pro photographers.. some of them are really good.. but then again some think that they know way more than some God of photos or something.. we can all interpret a picture or an idea in a different way.. that’s no reason to insult me by saying i’m wrong in a thousand ways et al. i’m no noob or amateur, i’m no PRO as well.. i am some common sense and a little bit of knowledge too.. so if u think you’re too good, then you may stuff your ideas you know where. 

    btw they did ask to show proof of pictures before being let in the group, i can confirm that.



  5. hahahahah, you speak the truth
    some of the admins have no common sense at all and there are even some who don’t really know how to take proper photos .. not sure how they became admin 😦


    1. I do not only say harsh things about them but I would like to say that you do not necessarily need to take good pictures to become an admin.

      For me, an admin has specific roles which he/she should maintain while abiding to rules. As long as you fulfil them, you are good. Just as a human, an admin errs but you need to admit and apologize accordingly. Being an admin does not mean that you can do anything.


  6. PHEW. zenfan gaT pa p gne lattention lerla li vine bla bla bla isi? come on grow up dude! 

    c toujour toi ki rod problem, tou ti zafer to bisin piker em toi. ena 590 membre actuel lor group la, depi tone aller pa fine ena ene membre ki fine gne okaine problem apart ene ti misunderstanding depi hier. si gran gran companies p fer erreur, ene ti group kuma papm pa pu ena ene deux ti errer?

    akoz to bane foto pa bon ek to pa gne likes ou comments to bisin vine fer kuma zenfan gaT? si to ena frustration al tir li ailleur.

    papm c ene famille de 590 persones ki partage ene passion ek ki entre aide zot kamarad. si ena pu ekout tou ti moustik kuma toi fer zouiii zouiii dan zorey b nu pu ress bat calotte em!


    1. Nombre pas veut dir narien. Al tire frustration ailleurs? Dude, let me remind you that I am on my blog. You are the one! lol.
      btw, faire 1 lepok mo pas post narien, justement akoz fason agir certains admin(s).

      Anyway, good luck. Wish you the best, and hopefully, what I said will be taken into consideration because YOU know that I am damn right on those points.


    2. dan to 590 membres famille la, combien vinne dan outing, tou les 590, combien active online ?

      count it on your fingers 😉

      blier compter, to meme pa conne plis ki 100 so nom ladan amoins to appran list of members by heart 😀


  7. PAPM enn groupuscule de boufons, Once I applied to join there and I was asked for a photo. Another friend applied to join there, he was not asked for any photos.. the reason is that he was friends of some admin there. They are a joke. Parey kuma sa mam ki so nick Guest la ho la.


  8. Dear Yashvin…..
    I have been a member of PAPM since nearly 2yrs now. I never encountered such frustrations or bad treatment etc from admins.
    Most of them (Ali, Raj, Sakura, Burt) have benevolently accepted to be admins and there is absolutely no signs of dictatorship.
    Yashvin, Pls note the following:
    1. I sent my request to PAPM without having any single friend or whatever on PAPM. However, I sent a motivation text…and I was admitted.Donc… pa croire ki banla get figir.
    2. I was a mere amateur when I started photography, and at first, it was harsh to accept criticism. Someone even said I was posting snapshots. Admins never criticised me. But other pro photographers…yes.
    3. Do you post on PAPM to have likes??? Do you count the number of likes??? Well…..among the 25 to 30 photos I posted, 5 or 6 received a lot of likes and positive comments without me liking pictures everyday…or being friends with everybody.
    “This special day(29th Feb) happens only once every 4 years but fights on
    the facebook group “Photographes et Amateurs Mauriciens” (PAPM) do not
    wait for leap years”…
    The starting text of your blog seems to be very “revenge-like”.
    Its not because one or two admins that we should stop promote photography.
    PAPM is the only platform where we can post and share pictures. we are all photography lovers….and the way you brought the debate on your blog is misleading.

    Concerning elections in the group, without favoring anyone of them, they are here since the beginning, they are posting regularly, they do comment regularly, they are very active members (this is my point of view!!!) and until the group is duly registered as an association…I dont think others can come “declar pichi ki pa pou zot”. They have the perfect right to remain admins.

    Well Yashvin, pena 1 menage oussi kot pena problem. Mais quand to lave linz sale en public…to p vinn pareyy couma ann politiciens!


    1. Hello Fast Click.
      I totally agree but not everyone gets the same treatment.
      As I said, I agree that we commit errors but truly, they never admit. This is one of the areas they need to work, just like for the “certain” admin who is much hated by some people (That’s what I noticed but I might be wrong, I am not perfect).

      To react to your last phrase, I would say that I do not rely on persons who have previously erased traces of what they said. That’s why I prefer doing it here on the blog.

      Cheers man!


  9. Request to join PAPM – group of photo
    Hello,I am one of the administrators of PAPM, the group of photographers to which you sent a request to join. But before proceeding, I would like to know why you want to join the group and what attracts you to photography overall?It would be nice to have an overview of your photo work, to see your skills, whether there is potential and motivation for learning.We seek above all photographers who will participate actively in the group’s posting of pictures, discussions and outings & if we determine that you do not meet our eligibility criteria, your application will be rejected.If you do meet our criteria, we would be most happy to count you among our dear members. You will be therefore able to see the work of other members of PAPM and to post your own work. But remember that there are certain rules and behavior to abide by.If you are accepted a message will be sent to you.I hope this suits you.Thank you in advance for answering in 15 days,Sakura


    1. Great man!

      And our dear friend did not receive any mail 2 days before you applied, I hope that you still remember. *And admins, talk about this particular friend’s case, I am sure that you can deduce his name. Many thanks for his help in this part*


      1. I applied to joined a groups concerning photography, ek ki kalite message mo gagne. “I would like to know why you want to join this group”. Extra sa. Ler monn lir sa message la, monn rye. Monn prefere pa reponn zot. Sa bann nivo intelizans la , na pa interes mwa. Cheers mate.


  10. TOU BAN DIMOUNE KI P FER LAGUEL P COZ BEL BEL COZER P DEFAN PAPM : lemme ask you guys something. Repone moi bien : 
    1. Who created PAPM?
    2. What was the ORIGINAL purpose of papm?
    3. Does it still stand by this ORIGINAL agenda? 

    For those saying that yashvin doesn’t have the right or is looking for attention , there is something called FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

    One has the right to denounce injustice when it occurs. There is nothing glamourous about that. Its one person defending his fundamental right. And besides one has the right to write whatever they wish on their blog. 

    I left PAPM a long time ago, for the same reasons yashvin mentioned above. Seems like this group is just getting worse. Btw are there any pros left on the group? or just amateurs pretending to be better than the other just because he/she gets better bokeh ? 


    1.  Excellent!

      Yashvin: Attention seeker, yes he is(…!), but at least it’s very positive.  Raises awareness of people, is informative, criticises injustice. Thats y our republic is a democracy!

      Regarding this PAPM issue, i really find it is justified to the very core. Digital photography school’s forum seems to be a better learning place than PAPM. 

      a few likes here, a lame comment there, zoli, bokeh, HDR, c tou.


  11. Yashvin…moi enkor!!
    Bon…pa fer colere……mo proposer ki to recoumence mett foto lor PAPM. Blier bann admin.
    Ki to dire???Anou regler sa zafer la 1 fois…..
    Eski to dacor ki tou re-rente korek ek to recoumence mett to bann foto???
    Mo p essaye fer agwa la….


  12. Well, it is sad to see that PAPM, from a platform to discuss tips, tricks and photographic ideas, has become a photo gallery for some to show their impressive use of photoshop and other image editing software. 


  13. What I found unfair as entry criteria is that you NEED to be a photographer – or at least when I tried to join. Some of us are just barely starting out and/or don’t even own a DSLR because 

    1. we’re still uber beginners, don’t know the basics and obviously won’t fork out the money for a DSLR (yet). ca va a l’encontre de la logique d’aller acheter de cher dont on sait meme pas si on pourra s’en servir!! 

    2. the reason for joining is that we want to learn from the more experienced ones but they were asking that wannabe members show proof of their level/quality of work when clearly newbies have very little experience to none.  

    Some people are naturals and have that artistic eye, others acquire talent through experience. I honestly don’t see the point of their being so elitist, they’re potentially shutting out people in the 2nd category. 


  14. Daccor avec Doorgesh. Ene tas nouveau membre soi dizan photograph in join group la. mais est ce ki zot coner kouma PAPM in trouve lizour? Ki so objectif?


  15. I am also a member of PAPM. When I joined, I expected to find a community of eager learners ,passionate pros, and knowledgeable critics. But you can post a picture and it gets 2 likes and zero comments, whilst someone else can post a picture and it gets 40 comments. I guess you need to know people over there for them to comment on your pics. Welcome to PAPM!  And yes, the place is full of models and pseudo pros. For those saying that Yashvin wasnt constructive when he was a member of PAPM, well, this blog itself is a testimony of how constructive the guy is. 
    PS Yashvin: I rarely comment here but felt I had to on this post. Keep up the good work on your blog, it’s very informative, and it’s the first place I come to when am looking for answers about ebay and stuff. At least it doesnt pretend to be something it’s not. Cheers! 


    1. Good morning @60741e1ccbd5334f3196198332ee9743:disqus.
      People know that they can count on me to provide valuable information but when I come to criticize them to pinpoint their failures, they blame me for being the one who create problems.As I said, “Pa moi sa, li sa!”


    2.  ” you can post a picture and it gets 2 likes and zero comments, whilst someone else can post a picture and it gets 40 comments”

      Wep, like in a ‘coterie’: the attention-seekers get their unfair share of … attention. Others with probably better things get nothing, and live on the hope of being recognised some elusive day. Yep, it’s the same thing everywhere, especially in Dodoland.  Probably if you had something valuable to their eyes (‘good’ looks, a famous parent, ostensibly rich preferably, well connected generally), you’d surely get much more ‘likes’. 

      Makes me think that all political parties are actually like this: welcome to real life, Saaya!

      Iin any case: To hell with Féssbouc!


  16. Funny thing is people calling Yashvin an attention seeker 🙂  Lol!!!  I once joined the group too coz I wanted to learn a lil bit about Photography AND i remember Yashvin praising the group.  i believe it was still ‘tout nouveau, tout beau’ 🙂 

     @94371d6cf6fb0fc62c8d86b5a696bcf5:disqus  I got the same question too…Anyway, I just want to say that Yashvin never feared to praise something worthy and if today he’s blogging about that particular group, pointing out its negative points, then, once again I will congratulate him for sticking to his principles and voicing out his opinion 🙂  Way to go Yashvin! 


  17. ‘Nothing is constant, everything changes’

    when i joined the group like 3 years ago, i joined it randomly and i didn’t have to clarify my motive for joining the group however my request was accepted somedays after i requested to join the group, not immediately.

    the thing is that, when you’re new, everything seems to be so good around but gradually it fades, how/why i’ll let the people guess. no wonder most outing people change like every six months except some admins and regulars who always attend the outings.

    concerning the admins, some are very good! no doubt about it but there’s one admin who joined the group as the same time as me [joining means going to the outings here not sitting behind the computer] and fews weeks after BAM, became admin without having the proper knowledge but about shutter/aperture/iso, cannot differentiate between macro and closeup, isn’t even aware of hdr and many technicalities [i myself didn’t know those technicalties and thats why i was there to learn/improve] – just saying the person became VERY good friends with admins and when they had to name a new admin, BAM!

    also i noticed that there’s always that hierarchy thing there, you’re a fellow beginner – nobody cares. you’re an established pro – people [including admins] hover around the pro – why, because he/she is a PRO.

    the group is very much biased compared to what it was long long time ago, YES i did take the pain to watch almost every first pictures posted there and the people aren’t in there anymore maybe due to personal reasons but this shows how it changs.. :/ 

    to end ze note 😀 don’t try start a debate with me people cause i won’t reply even if you swear at my mom ^^


  18. What happened to PAPM is ridiculous. When i joined in, PAPM was to display your work, give ideas to others and have your photos criticised for good points and bad ones.  However from time to time some members would ignore the rules and just be proud that they own a ‘F-word DSLR’. big thing.. yeah right.. 

    Whatever Yashvind has stated are full blown facts.  Favoritism is an issue over there.  I dont think people care to give their opinions on pictures anymore.  Rules are bended just to accommodate the needs of some.  Comments are deleted to make the page look good in front of others (yes yes fb is really buggy). New members know more than the professional (ironic). 

    However i must disagree on the “Need to be a photographer” issue.  The only thing you needed is any device capable of taking pictures. DSLR was never a requirement.  And beginners were the most welcomed aboard. Not all admins and members take advantage of a situation. we cannot generalise. we do have people cooperating over there, giving positive feedbacks. 

    Anyway if i start talking about all the points here.. id take an entire page.. Take care people.  Those who want to debate this comment, be my guest. I may be wrong but it wont affect my day a bit and im keeping my energy. Cheers


    1. Hello Eddy17.

      Thank you for voicing out. Don’t worry, you can write more, even if it takes the whole web. People need to know that these are facts, not my pure invention as some are making others believe.

      “The need to be a photographer” was the case some time back when admins asked to see your pictures/albums on ur profile to validate your membership. Perhaps the phrase is not clearly understood. By “photographer”, I meant any person with a camera, whether the person is an amateur, professional or just shooting with his camera. According to me, he is a “photographer” as long as he uses a camera. Amateur or pro, this is another debate which we won’t discuss here, perhaps some other time.

      Have a nice day and keep tuned.


  19. I quit using PAPM too! Have near similar reasons as others have already mentioned. 

    Made couple of friends for sure


  20. tout ban frusté in zoin lor sa paz la on dirai… papm c ene group privé..pas ene blog public.. si zot ena problem laiss zot get zot kouyonad… mo pa p comprend ki fer to bizin..rant la dan…. si to ena cont pu réglé ek certain dimoun, to fair li en privé avek dimoun concerne la.. … mo pas koné ki banla in fer toi mais..en tout cas to blog mari malprop.. to pren toi pu ene grand donner leson.. et to ziz to prosain… 


      1. o fait c a coz ene raison personel ki to p kass F*** sa group là…
        Bon to kav explik nu ki arrivé to ena preve c ki to p raconter  to kav montré nu kotsa ban la in dénigré toi.. 


      2. I will only post the screenshots when admins (including those involved) asked me too. Till now, I never got such a request from them because they know what happened exactly.
        So, if you want to see them, ask admins about the incident. If they don’t remember, that’s where I will intervene with the proofs.
        If they are transparent, they will tell you what happened and what/how they talked about me or what names they had given me on the papm wall.


      3. to p met ene accusation lor ene group en public et toi ki p souleve problem,  b toi ki bizin montré preve do… et pu tout ban dimoun ki  lire to blog to bizin fer li.. si to pas kav montre ve dire ki to ene drom vide..


      4. Si to truv moi ene drome vide, to mal conne moi.
        Comme mo pas cpv affiche noms dimounes sans zotte permission, surtout ki ene groupe privee sa, tantot mo guet ene koup ki mo cpv faire pu toi. Mo ava blur bane noms/fotos ziste pu toi 😉

        Keep tuned dude. The truth is… here.
        btw, thanks 😉


      5. si to fer ene akization to asim li net, to pas cassiet, derriere permission si pa pran to responsabilité,  et to bizin met sa o clair tout dimoun kav trouvé.. ek nu lé preve à 100%.. pas blur si pas ki.. mone dire SI to pas kav montré ce ki to ene drom vide..  enfin.. kifer bizin attan tanto pu ki to montre preve.. to p ale fabriké .? 


      6. Non, parseki contrairement a toi peut etre, mo p travaille la, et mo pas saryer mo computer r moi xD

        Gueter ki to pu faire, mo pu blur li. Al dire zotte formule moi 1 requete si to envie guet zotte nom akoz ene piti kouma toi, mo pas cpv met moi à risque.


      1. Yashvin has to respect the privacy of others first and foremost. He cannot publish the names of people without their permission, especially when they are not public celebrities! The way you come to your conclusion is somewhat very flawed!!!!


  21. Hello @Chapelier Sans Chapeau.

    I remained (practically) silent during months but on each additional incident I witness, I ask myself if it is the time to tell others about my own experiences. Experiences which others have gone through too but since you won’t see such threads on the wall, no one actually knows what is the situation, until this post.

    While replying, I might be wrong but admins have not totally disagree with what I said. Nor they said the opposite. They are trying to bring a stability to the group by saying other things to calm down everyone. But does that reply to some questions which members asked?

    btw, I joined PAPM quite early. Even went to 2 events until things deteriorate and I did not want to see some faces out there.

    Thank you for your time 😉
    Have a nice day.


  22. Conclusion toi et to blog c ene drom vide… fer ene tas tapaz.. mais endans to vide.. quand dire toi monté to ban zoué bouré.. 


  23. Bonjour Yashvin et tout le monde,

    Bon d’abord je dois m’excusé aupres de toi Yashvin, car c’est MOI “la goute d’eau qui a fais deborder la vase”…;-)

    Je m’excuse aupres de toi pour les vilaines choses que certain on dit sur toi.

    Ta “rage” est legitime. Et tu est libre de t’exprimer, meme si tu as raison ou pas.

    Mais tu dois etre d’accord avec moi que personne n’est parfait sur ce bas monde.

    Il y a des gens qui tien a coeur PAPM. pour certain PAPM c’est l’université de la photographie et de l’amitié et apres comme dans tout group/société il y a des brébis galeux.

    Il y a ceux qui on le talent et qui ce croit meilleur
    d’autres talentueux mais “ready-to-Help”
    certain “MAUVAIS DANS BEZ MEME” mais ils acceptent guerre les critics ( Constructive ou pas )

    MAIS apres on dois aussi savoir que ” the art of teaching ( commenting critically in a constructive manner without bieng BIAS) n’est pas donner a tout le monde.

    A la fin ce qu’il faut changer, c’est pas PAPM, mais la mentalité des Admins, officiers, et membres.


    et bonne continuation mon ami

    Bilaal Sadeer


    1. Merci Bill pour avoir soulevé une autre irrégularité au sein de PAPM. Ceci n’a fait que confirmer l’attitude parfois innacceptable que j’ai tant essayer d’éviter pendant les derniers mois.

      Personnellement, j’attends un changement d’attitude de leur part, pour un meilleur avenir.

      Bonne continuation avec le groupe,




    1. Reste attane meme.
      Time made me think once again. The concerned people do not show any interest, so who are you to ask the proofs?

      btw, bye. I can’t say the same thing about permission again and again.


      1. Viki seems to be a pathetic loser who has nothing else to say besides barking about useless stuff. Do us a favour. Get the F out.


      2. to pena nannier dans to vant.. kan to met ene akization to bizin koz vrai man pas invent ban zistoir pu ki dimoun prend toi kont.. to pas ti bizin permision pou train nom certains dimoun ek certain organisation dans la boue.. ki fer to p fer ene tas fifi…aster.. 


  24. WOW! i’ve been through all the comments, took me a while. i was entertained, by the stupidity of some people saying Yashvin is an attention seeker, drom vide, SO BLOG 1 DROM VIDE (ca mne mari riyer!) and felt sorry for viki and ishfaqq cauhnye. 1st of all, great blog man, it’s my 1st time commenting and i came to check the SBM prepaid card and ended up reading everything. 😀 i am a photography, amateur for sure, i dont even own a camera (my 6 six years younger sis own a digital compact, and i occasionally shoot with it), I love everything there is about photography. It’s a science and an art. Not just some rich bloke buying NOT THE ENTRY LEVEL DSLR but a semi pro, a kickass lens, and getting a monstrous bokeh can call himself a photography. I will not give names here. I wanted to join the so called group at first, 2 years ago. I am not on facebook so i started posting on flickr. Which is great, open minded people, commenting. And oh, the Explore function, some users give details of their settings and i can say that i have learned a LOT by going through many well documented photographs. 2 years ago, i had a chat with a couple of the mature members of the so called group. They were very friendly, non judging and ever helping. I wonder if they are still around in the so called group. Doorgesh is very right in saying “I left PAPM a long time ago, for the same reasons yashvin mentioned
    above. Seems like this group is just getting worse. Btw are there any
    pros left on the group? or just amateurs pretending to be better than
    the other just because he/she gets better bokeh ? “. I met the guy one evening at the university, he had his D3X with him if im not mistaken and he started clicking photos of everything. And with each click he’d talk about light intensity, iso, exposure compensation when doing Black and White. I learned so much in like 30mins. And when i do click my black and whites, i always recall him saying ” quand to fer BW, soi full positive exposure compensation soi full negatif!” 🙂 Ca ban photographers comme ca kot eT aster ca?? I know nothing about the new members in there, models and douche bags. But if this is true then ive no intention of joining such a group. fer 1 lot groupe apel MAPM! Modele Amateur et Professionel Mauricien!! comment dire marchant la viande vend dans meme section ki marchant legumes… I also loled at the  logo thing. Pathetic! XD Well, maybe there is a lack a mature photographers in that so called group. And if so, why? There must definitely be a real problem in there. Enfin, c’est la vie.

    2 dernier zafer,
    1. A DSLR is just a glorified version of a pin hole camera. tou ban pretendent pro ki tire 1 million photo pou gagne 1 sel ki bon, prend 1 SLR casse zot yen. va geT lerla si vraimem pro.
    2. flickr, people!! there are so many nice people there. and some even explain how they got this picture. most of them photos include exif data.

    Peace out. 🙂

    i won’t be signing this with my real name for fear of being bugged and attacked on my flickr and twitter.


  25. Yashvin, just asking. If you’re not happy with the way PAPM runs their group, why don’t you create your own? Just a suggestion, don’t take it badly!

    Then other members who feel they’re not welcome in other groups can join yours? That’s the way communities function IMHO. If you’re not happy, you do your own thing. You may end up better than the original.


    1. A bit of nonsense IMHO.
      We are here discussing about issues in a group, issues which are most often unknown to all and you are proposing to create another group instead. This post is aimed at informing others what is going on, it does not necessarily mean that we want to form another group which we will not be able to take full responsibility.


      1. In my opinion, if you don’t like something and you cannot change it, you do something better on your own and surpass them.

        If you cannot change how PAPM is run, just talking won’t change it. Even if lots of people talk and rant about it, it’s still a private group. Doesn’t mean they have to listen to you and change. You just don’t have to join if you’re not happy. Because it’s their group. They can do whatever they want.

        That’s why I said, if you wanted to, you could create your own amateur photographers group and see how that goes, get new members, start your own activities etc. It creates variety too.

        Just my opinion. It may not be directly related to the complaints you have above.


      2. “Because it’s their group. They can do whatever they want.”

        That certainly is not a valid reason, not for this case. I am sure that this post has attained the goals set and the message has properly been passed to the persons concerned.

        Anyway, Google will always help people lost on their way to find this post and share their experience 🙂


      3. Sure thing!

        If you do want to get genuine photo-critique or tips on how to improve your photos, I think Flickr is a better place than Facebook. At least there is no one who controls you there, except yourself.

        There is also DeviantArt where you get good feedback sometimes and /r/photocritique/ on Reddit where you can post pictures and comment on others’ pictures.


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