[Guest post] World Cup 2010 : Things to remember…

Bhanu, freelance reporter on yashvinblogs is loving to write guest articles here. He is back with a new article, once more on the world cup! Thanks Bhanu…


So the World Cup finally ended with the Spain’s victory over Netherland.

We have to give credit to the excellent organization of the event which was the first one in Africa and which also had its loads of surprises making this a unique world cup!


Here are some of the main topics which someone would remember of the tournament:

  • Vuvuzela: it sounded like a bee hive during the matches, irritated a lot of the viewers, is as loud as an airplane, but finally everybody adopted it as the instrument got so popular being even used in strikes in France! [Read post]
  • French player strike: As Zidane said in an interview, everybody would remember the winner of the world cup and the French players strike! Never ever seen such thing before, deplorable is the word! But well it also reflect the countries constant strikes and French revolution attitude
  • Referee mistakes:This World cup saw 2 terrible referee mistakes during the Germany-England and Argentina-Mexico Matches. These are mistakes which could have been avoided if the video was used. This is a continuous debate for which Fifa really should do something!
  • Suarez of Uruguay hand: After a very intense action at the last minutes of prolongations, Suarez hand, or hand of gods, saved the team from a defeat from Ghana. This was a sad and unfair action which deceived all the African continent in gaining their first team to attend semi-finals. The penalty after could not be achieved, and maybe should fifa consider giving a free goal if a hand is used to save a goal
  • Shakira’s Waka Waka : Song which was constantly being played on radios, tvs… This time for Africa!
    Even translated in other languages! lol

  • Paul Octopus: Last but not the least, the spychic Octopus everybody was talking about: his predictions were correct for 8 consecutive matches!! That makes 1 out of 256 chances to make a correct guess. This Octopus created such a hype during the world cup that angry supporters wanted to kill and eat it, other considered it as a star, and even Spain government willing to send special forces to protect the gifted one


Don’t hesitate to share your views on this world cup!

Image from fifa

11 thoughts on “[Guest post] World Cup 2010 : Things to remember…

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  1. Great! Dakor nett ar tou!

    Sauf dé-trois ti-zafferr:

    no comment.

    French player strike:
    The “bling-bling” / “racaille de banlieue” / arrogant millionaire attitude is definitely to be rediculed!! But, it is thanks to the 1789 revolution that monarchy (priviledges to a select coterie of the king) was bannished and gave us the republican system, which consolidated democracy as we now know it and also did away with slavery. Be cautious on that one, please.

    Referee mistakes:
    only two?? Eh, come on! You are being too kind to them. What about the three red-cards which were not given to Holland (Van Bommel, De Jong and Sneijder) during the finals? What about the two red-cards that shouldhave been given to Uruguay (against Ghana, instead of only one to Suarez, while the No.4 Fucile who showed blatant intent to play handball was equally eligible to be red-carded), what about… ayo, pas pou fini, tellement la-liste longue ça koutt-la. Non, mo plito cwar ou ena enn l’arbitt dans ou famille. 🙂

    Suarez’s hand ball:
    see above

    Shakira’s waka waka:
    Pfft! Effet “pétard mouillé”! Her song was an absolute “daube”, a huge waste of oxygen. At best, it’s forgettable. Why not an African artist (Manu Dibango, Youssou N’Dour, Eric Triton, to name a VERY few) for the official hymn? In my humble opinion, the other song is way more memorable:
    Eeh oh-weh
    Eeh oh-weh
    Eeh oh-waaaa-ah
    Oh Africa!!
    We’ll check that during the “Disque de l’Année”.
    Maybe we can ask Paul the Octopus to predict that one… 🙂


  2. I wanted to kill and eat the octupus when he predicted Spain’s victory….arrrg…I wanted Germany to win 😦


  3. MO mem si mo ti dan place Suarez mo ti pu fer sa…Mais bref si Ghana pane qualifier c so propre faute, coze ene penalty kumsa foder pa rater a sa nivo la..Finally Spain merite gagne sa world cup la…:P


  4. @Reena

    Yeah German’s team was a superb and remarkable one…

    but enfin, li bon spain ine bate Netherlands , the DODO killers and the one which put Brazil out of comepetition.

    Brazil will win the World Cup 2014!!!!!
    No doubt on it


  5. For once England, including fans and commentators, did not blame the disallowed goal for their defeat. They rightfully blamed it on the poor performance of the players.


  6. @ ReenaDKL
    I recommend fried octopus, style “Chez Manuel”!

    I wet my pants with laughter reading your “dodo eaters” dialogue! 😀
    Dodo eaters ti pé faire kung-fu lors terrain ar bann toréadors (Van Bommel, De Jong et Sneijder) Mari vilain pour enn finale!


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