Whom should you listen to?


Wait ! Let me be clear first, I am keeping this post neutral and I won’t side with any political parties.


So, today, I will be talking briefly on Politics. While some would say that it is really dirty, others might say its amazing and confusing…

You are those who find Politics dirty? Click here to jump to the comments section right now…

Yes, amazing to listen to the different political parties, to their different versions with the aim to bring the blame solely on the other party… Confusing because after listening to one political party, your thoughts get sometimes ‘biased’ in some way and feel ‘lost’.

Lost… That is the right word I should be using to describe the state of my mind at this moment. While the government boasts with their figures and achievements since the past 4.5 years, other parties are showing other figures and facts showing how the Mauritian people are being ‘fooled’.

Fooled… Yes, that’s the word used to describe part of the population.

From time to time, do turn on your radio set during peak time and above all, don’t forget to switch among the different radio stations. Also applies to newspapers. In this way, you can be sure to hear what people have got to say, people with different political beliefs or none.

Listen to them, read what they got to say and make up your mind… The general elections are for soon…

What about you? Do you believe in the thing called Politics?


12 thoughts on “Whom should you listen to?

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  1. probleme .. maybe they are all liars blabla.. want it or not .. they wil be the one to decide for us . and better be on winning side. anwyay ene ti commentaire apart.. ban ki dire politik pas interssant et pas voT .. i dnt thk ki ene dimoun ki pane voT gagne droit plaigner.. enfin my opinion


  2. Swa lir pliziers lagazet ou bien pa lir oken. Ene lot problem mazer c ki ena tro bouku zurnalis ki pa a c fer zot homework. Pa etonan ki de pli en pli dimun p aret lir lagazet. Ek avek internet fasil gagne ene second et souvent d fois meyer lopinion. Ban blogs oussi p fer ene zoli travay.


  3. Well, this is classic, in 2005 MSM-MMM showed figures saying their economic achievement is ok and blamed the international context for any difficulty, then Dr Sithanen replied that MSM-MMM mis-managed and that he and Dr Ramgoolam will sanz la vie dans 100 zours … people voted for them.

    Same now. Dr Sithanen boasts about his economic achievement (without gross exaggeration it should be said), showing only good figures (FDI, inflation …) but not the bad ones (absolute value for debt/capita, misery index, value of the rupee … ) and downplays the significance of other figures (unemployment rate … ). The MMM puts the bad figures forward (again, without gross exaggeration) and shows they are the result of mismanagement and wastage from the current government. They also provide some alternatives (like buying gold, or a reform for tourism … ) and words of caution (e.g. when Dr Sithanen wants to bypass the tender board …) Enfin, stuffs ki l’opposition supposer faire.

    What is new now is that there is also an opposition of the opposition (or opposition loyale) whose stance is very confusing indeed? O_o

    It’s up to you to listen to both sides, judge both arguments, and then make your mind. But this process is very difficult and confusing for the lambda voter who is not familiar with the financial jargon.


    1. @Bruno : I would like to add something : It is essential(“primordiale“) that there is always a strong opposition party so that the country is properly governed and all abuses/lies are reported.


  4. my pal always described politics and politicians in this crude way ‘meme caca mais zis mouches ki chanzé’ and thats true in a way as its always the same parties who are always winning and losing having the same leaders repeating the same thing so for me I don’t listen to anyone…


  5. I must say that bruno gives a good summary of the political situation in this country…bravo….
    As for me just wish that the elections are free and fair…


  6. Which party is good and which one bad? Both are good and both are bad because like one of the comments rightly put it and I quote..” meme caca mais zis mouches ki chanzé”…
    Sometimes one person comes along at the right moment in the history of a country and makes a sea change, and in the case of Mauritius, the one person that comes to mind is Gaetan Duval, with his strategy to give passports to Hong Kong businessmen and help launch the textile revolution and with Berenger’s hands tied up so he could cause no mischief, the rest was history.
    In the case of country like Singapore, Lee Kwan Yu comes to mind and in the case of Cote d’Ivoire in Africa, Felix Houphouet Boigny
    The boost from the textile boom helped launch Mauritius and the economy has been moving on its merry way, and ….zis mouches ki chanzé….only majakaros with the same cliques of vultures that take turn to manage the country and with a strong opposition by the other ethnic minorities…things have not been so bad compared to other African countries.
    And I do not see any major changes in the near future unless somebody comes along to energize the population again. Like my sister rightly put it…….”…sak fois li meme zaffaire..si li pas calebasse..li patole…bizin ena ene changement dans sa pays la!….”…
    If its not Ramgoolam, it is Jagnauth, with Berenger in there somewhere… as if Mauritius was the birthright to these two families….
    What is the vision of Ramgoolam…?…the space between the legs of a woman and whisky. At least he is consistent and has always been true to his character..he is a a nice guy as a person…but vision…? None except the one mentioned above.
    Jaganuth? Does he have a vision for Mauritius? You tell me!
    So there you go…..si li pas calebasse …li patole..!
    And the ethnic make-up of Mauritius makes it difficult for a non-hindu to break in…and it’s a pity!
    The coming election will be repeat of business as usual…just as well stay home and …guette tamasa and mange pistache….It will be either a calebase or a patole…no change!


  7. The General Election of 2010 is a remake of 1976 Election ! Vaish Power -BUT! with a new decor.
    I shalladd a bit to it – this election has a bit of calculation of 1983 -sure a new decor added to it.
    Bleu- Blanc -Rouge– ( Rouge as Head NAVIN – a VAISH – Blanc Pravin a Vaish and poorly Xavier -Bleu)
    In realtity the TWO GIANT Vaish Navin -Ramgoolam and Pravin Jugnauth have consolidated a coalition to rule Mauritius.
    Since the announcement of these Giant Vaish Coalition the monorities are scared in all areas of the country.Why? Because Juganuth’ rule from 1983 to 2005 have trampled the minorities.
    The first reclame is – Rama Sithanen has ousted out in favour of Pravin! why .because Rama is a Tamil!
    VAISH EMPERORS little know that they are the real minorities.In all constitiuencies of Hindu Concentration -having 40,000 electors the VAISH are only 12,500 to 14,000- therefore there are 28,000 minorities . Vaish are divided in subcaste – Ramdoolam is a Koyri and Pravin is a Ahir and Baichoo is a Teli low caste and Dulloo dhobi.
    How will the minorities react on 5 May 2010 on the day of General Election


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