Swami Ramdev live in Mauritius

Just woke up a few minutes ago… and Mum was sitting in front of the tv set to watch and practice the yogi Swami Ramdev exercises.


I must admit it, it is cool to listen to him but personally, I have never followed his exercises yet.

ramdev audience

From what mum told me, this live broadcast is being done from Goodlands and there is another session scheduled for tomorrow.

The controversy…

A few weeks ago, there was some confusion about the coming of the swami in Mauritius. Some cultural institutions wanted to make this a paying event and were claiming hundreds of rupees. The swami’s association then refused to come to Mauritius since people were making money out of this! I do not know what happened after this, but as you can see, he is finally in Mauritius and entrance is free.

Now, time for me to get ready for work during the weekend 😦

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  1. I am so happy that he finally came to Mauritius! You are right Yashvin, he never talks nonsense and fears not to say the truth even about Politics, society, religion etc…

    As for the paying sessions, my friend’s dad paid Rs.2000.00 to be in the front rows with the 1st organizers!!! I only hope that uncle got his money back. See, Mauritius the paradise where everything is good to make money out of it!

    Anyway, let’s pray that Swami’s feet on our island will prove to be a sign of relief with all the problems we are going through..(I sound so retro!!! lol!)


  2. excuz me for my ignorance! The swami is hear to do prayer or exercise??
    If it is for prayer i can understand that everybody will try to seek his blessing etc.. But exercise?? everybody can perform exercize not matter what sport or what form it is, it will benefit the performer.
    Can someone plz clarify me on what its about exactly.


  3. Yes Vaiizard, he does a mix of exercises and yoga! Therefore he helps people to become more stable! And in this way, the people who see superb results tend to respect him more. So, that’s why they seek his blessing and pray that everyone benefits from his practical teachings.

    A great privilege for Mauritius to having Swami Ramdev to teach us his extremely effective techniques.


  4. @vaiizard, Your comment clearly shows that u dont know about the swami. First, no, he’s not here for prayer stuff. ‘Exercise’ as u say, is actually Yoga(in this context). Maybe you are right to say that any sport might benefit the performer. but performing Yoga benefits the performer in very specific way. (hard to explain). He is a guru(Teacher/MasterOFYoga). Its not just exercise.

    I hope i shed some light upon you.. ^_^

    Rock ON!!

    @yashvin, first line, its ‘Yoga’ not ‘yogi’ πŸ˜›


  5. @Vaizzard

    Thats it!!

    Loads of people are confusing themselves. Simply by growing some long beards and putting on some orange cloths doesn’t means otherwise.

    HE came here for exercise!! πŸ˜› (haha the bitter truth!! :D), and some people wanna pray, adore, even seek’s his blessings, MEGA ROFL!!

    They paid someone to come here merely for exercise, for something that exists to us since ages. This action depicts how intelligent those guys who brought him are. And, whether his intention is really for our benefit or really to making money.

    “Exercise” (yoga) FTW πŸ˜›


  6. Swami Ramdev is a yogi, a guru, he preaches the practice of yoga-that is comprised of:
    1st:pranayama = exercises for the inner self; breathing exercises for the digestive system, reproductive system, …all the systems of the human body.

    2nd: assans = body postures
    exercises for the human body

    Yoga exists since the vedas, but 2day people don’t practice yoga n sufer frm diseases.
    Swami Ramdev is indeed a guru = He practice what he preach, and he preaches what he practice!

    when some1 is special he is either idolised (worshipped) or just taken for a fool!


  7. Heh…He’s a great person…i remember his words..”I dnt know which religion I am”. He’s definitely here not for money…..there should be more great people like him….


  8. I acknowledge that the swami is a very great person am no-one to judge him. But their is something that i cant understand about the mauritian attitude. Is the few session of yoga training that the swami is holding and everyone is practicing will benefit these people through out their life? As far as mauritian is concerned once the swami is gone everythings will take its normal routine. All those people who woke up early just to perform the yoga wont do it again. I doubt that the mauritian will join the various yoga training centers or whatever gym in mauritius.
    Anyway he did quite something to assemble all these people so early to perform these exercize. Lets hope that these people will put what they learn in practice because it is not necessary that you need a super coach to do a simple low level exercise. I mean if you wana learn hw to play football it is not necessary that alex ferguson come in mauritius so that all mauritian nw will start learning hw to play football.


    1. @Vaiizard : I think that you are underestimating the Mauritian population.
      I know quite a lot of people who follow his courses, and on a regular basis.

      It’s not a “One day show off”.


  9. @Vaiizard: He is someone great….I think you should read more abt him, I believe he came to make more people adapt to that culture of yoga, and there’s no one better than him to educate people abt it…..


  10. Lol guys, sorry If I may hurt some ‘ame sensibles’ but many of your comments are biased.We ought not judge people or their actions without actually having some prior knowledge about them.Followers of the yogi or others who were just curious did attend in large numbers the few sessions of Yoga by the Swami.Some may have done so for other reasons too.I may not know much about Yoga but by attending the sessions for 2 days I have started to have a respect for that discipline, yeap, Yoga is a discipline according to my limited knowledge.And all the postures, physical exercise and breathing techniques have been scientifically tested and each one have proven their worth if practiced correctly and in a disciplined way.Even the renowned heart surgeon Dr Gunness was present there and acknowledged Yoga’s benefits for our health.Like the Swami himself admitted, many people do practice it but they might not be doing it in the proper way.One of you guys did rightly point out the ‘mentalite mauricien’, some may think just by attending the 2-3 days workshops they can start practicing Yoga on their own…I bet even If Sir Alex Ferguson was here to prmote football(I may be exagerating) but there would be many curious people who would pay just to have a glimpse of the latter.Personally I do practice another discipline and what one of our respected teachers has pointed out is that we can adopt any exercise into our own one if it is beneficial for us and the discipline which we practice, so I was there first as a curious observer and was impressed by the specificity of some of the exercises both physical and breathing techniques…


  11. Well said Vaiizard! But many Mauritians follow his teachings and exercises on TV, namely Doordarshan. So, the effect of having him in Mauritius will have a long term impact, and all those Mauritians who were UNAWARE of him till now will at least try to watch his yoga sessions and imitate!

    Nou morisien kot nou gagner nou couper coller mem nou! Ziss seki bon nou prend! So, We will be benefiting in the longer term with Swami Ramdev.


  12. I’ve been practising yoga ever since i saw one of Swami Ramdev’s sessions last year, and believe me, what we call ‘exercise’ doesnt even begin to compare! Instant benefits, as the Swami himself says! No constant back pain, no stiff joints, nicely toned body, acne vamoosed, and feeling good about yourself due to a healthy secretion of endomorphine!

    Normal exercise only causes SOME of your muscles to work, but yoga causes you to use all your muscles when performed rightly. Kapaalbhaati, for example, stimulates the abdominal muscles, the muscles around the liver, the spleen, etc. THAT, you couldn’t have achieved with sit ups or stuff.

    Hence, the person who said:

    “They paid someone to come here merely for exercise, for something that exists to us since ages”

    is not entirely right. Swami Ramdev has not come here to ‘teach us exercise’, he has come to make us aware of the unlimited benefits of yoga. And ‘exercise’ is not known to us since ages, yoga is.

    As for the alleged monetary incentive claimed by the aforementioned person, that is laughable. Swami Ramdev only agreed to come to Mauritius when the organisers dropped the idea of paid yoga sessions. He clearly explained that he does not need money, and I for one believe him.

    He’s travelling the world to make it more healthy via yoga, and many, many people have benefitted from it. He cant be all that bad then, can he?


  13. TO Vaiizard
    ur comments about Swami Ramdev reflects ur ignorance about him, n u complaining about the mauriitian attitude! …it’s so easy to beat about the bush!
    well-swami ramdev is known in mauritius after the Astha Channel 1st came to Mauritius. In 1998/9 Astha channel sponsored Murali Babu (Maharaj Murali Babu),who was brought to Mauritius by Hindu House for Ramayana Chanting. (NO one complained-mauritian attitude @ that time!)

    After that MBC started live telecast of Durdharshan Channel,now known as DD world, whereby Swami Ramdev yoga preaching classes(sponsored by astha-Pathanjali yog peeth-yoga for wellness of Mankind) was broadcasted on the TV2 channel, later in digital channel 4. Many mauritians have been watching these programs+ been practising yoga accordingly +been benefiting…some even got their illnesses cured-that’s Y they idolise Swami Ramdev.

    N for the issues that crop up; Mauritius is a multi-cultural, multi-religious country-unity etc.

    but still due to some people one might think “Mauritius is a Paradise…lost?”
    Swami Ramdev works for whole mankind n loved by every1….

    some cultural associations wanted to claim they’re bringing him in Mauritius…Devide N rule…

    The followers of Swami ramdev Have faith n belief in their Guru…


  14. I watched him on Sunday morning and to tell you the truth there is so much truth in what he says.

    He is not here for religion, money, fame nor power. He is here to help. He does that around the world.

    If one really listen to him, their life will certainly change. There are so many people who follow his teachings everyday through Astha channel.

    He himself said loud and clear that there is only one centre here in Mauritius which represents his institute. So don’t let others fool you.

    Swamiji has set up institutions for health, he is trying to build more…

    I respect and try my best to follow what he teaches.


    1. @Dvil : Sa mo pas koner but mwa ene cam ine dir mwa ene zaffaire, mais pas koner ki extent sa vraie.

      Siposement boug la ine dir kouma dimoune cpv manze disef, car sa sorti depi f* poule!

      I say again, I dont know if it is true!


  15. oh sa mo pas ti tenD moi mone tenD ki line dire ki ban homosexuel ban fou sipaki et ki zot detruire la vie familiale..

    me neither pas kner si vrai!

    btw: mo fate manz dizef:D:D:D


  16. the swami says that men should be vegetarians,
    but some people consider egg as veg!; Swami’z view is that egg is a hen’s menstru…later turning to chicks, so it should not be consumed.


  17. A little knowledge is dangerous! πŸ™‚

    I watched the whole of the Sunday session, and i heard and understood what he said.

    About the eggs, he said that some vegetarians eat it coz they dont see it as non-veg food. But eggs dont grow on trees, do they? They come out of hens’ a-holes, they later become chicks, so they ARE non-veg.

    About the homosexuals, he does not quite agree with them. He says that if everyone were to become homosexuals, however are we going to procreate?? Thats why he’s against homosexuals and same-sex marriage.

    He’s entitled to his opinions, to be fair. And its not like he’s the first one to speak against gays. Off the top of my head, there’s Carrie Prejean, ex-Miss California (she was dethroned after saying she was against same sex marriage, in fact).

    He comes from a democratic country, he came TO a democratic country, he can voice out what he thinks, as can we all, cant he?


  18. Yeah I heard the whole thing too…

    Actually the egg thing (if am not mistaken) started with him talking about ‘latrines’… He said he won’t talk too much about it coz we might start eating that too as we do for eggs…lol! Actually he really made my day.. It was an awesome pleasure to listen to him.

    As for the Homo, I personally have nothing against them, but then Swamiji is not that totally wrong. What if everyone started to marry the same sex? This is a very controversial subject and everyone has the right to have their own opinion.

    I mean I am ok with homosexuals but then will I have the same feeling if my son is talking about getting married to another man…I guess time will tell.


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