Orange expo, Rs25 entry fee?

Orange Expo

Hi everybody, just a quick post!

While checking the orange expo page, I was surprised to see that there is an entry fee of Rs25 for adults.

Entry fee

I fail to understand is this expo is paying?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that THIS IS THE SMALL DETAIL which they forgot to mention in their tv and radio adverts!!!

Nevertheless, perhaps I will be paying them a visit after all.

Did you know that there was an entry fee ???

Oops, its already 9am, and I am still in my small shorts lol! I am LATE! πŸ™‚

Yashvin, pages of my life

Latest Update:

It seems that they have a strange marketing strategy.
1. You can download their FREE invitation card from their web site

2. You can check out the FREE invitation card on your telephone bill (According to ReenaDKL)

3. If you dont have an internet connection nor a telephone bill, its only then that you will have to pay an entry fee if you have 25yrs and +.

23 thoughts on “Orange expo, Rs25 entry fee?

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  1. Actually I got the entry ticket in my telecom bill like many others. Also there is a website where you can download and print the ticket….

    Download your free invitation card from our web site

    so check it out…and yeah never knew you had to pay…sounds stupid nah???


  2. @ Yashvin

    Anyway, its their expo and their strategy haha!

    Lol! Yeah like it’s their expo and their stupidity πŸ™‚


  3. May be it is a marketing strategy.
    They put an entree fee and then give away free invitations.
    When people got a free invitation, they tend to be more motivated to attend the expo.


  4. Not fair at all, their marketing code of practice has not been updated!!
    A big mistake in event planning by Orange. Rs 25, i will not pay to go there. Prefere ale lekours Champ de Mars!! Entree gratuit!


  5. Nops, I did not know that there was an entrance fee (until I read your blog post :D) since this was not informatively displayed in the ads.

    Do give us a compte-rendu of your visit!


  6. @yashvin knew about it on the orange site, but what’s the use(download invation cards freely or find some in brochures) viva orange expo πŸ™‚


  7. mo pose moem la kestion ki ena kumsa pou zot exposer??

    they are already the worst ISP and telephony provider and they are exposing that too wiz an entry fee…

    they can just keep waiting ….

    been using MT services since 15 years, no improve service, no promo for long dated customers, we just helpless.

    if you want to complain for the services, its useless they just turn the deaf ear


  8. Wait, there is smthing i ddnt get about this expo thing


    wat the hell is that? Pay to watch their nice gadgets?

    wat do WE get? NOTHING
    wat do THEY get? Our MONEY and absolutely FREE ADVERTISING of all their range of products, which by the way, we will have to pay them again to obtain their services!!!!!

    hello, did that ring a bell? they are taking Mauritians for fools or wat?


  9. its a kind of marketing sa….strategy kuma zot p dir !! hehe

    but 1 thing i didn’t really like…i went to z expo today wiz a frnd…i show my card to z so call “pass oficer” bla bla bla…then we went directly inside z expo…. after some times, i saw that many people carrying an “ORANGE plastic bag”….so i wanted to hav 1 for myself…but to my great suprise…wen i went to ask 1 to z lady there,, she asked me “show ur card- ‘orange card which i got with my bill”…i explained to her, i already gave it to z oficer…bla bla bla,, i got iritated, then i told z lady “gard li pu ouemm, gard li pu ou ban ti-zanfan pu letan dure !! ahahaahha then i walk away frm her arousing angered face :D”



  10. I was at the Expo today. I must say that I found that mention of Rs25 very strange indeed since most people got in for free with the card. I did not see anyone paying or money being taken at the door.


  11. Carrotmadman said it all the Rs25 that you pay will be worth seeing these booth girls ;P…..But for an overall review of the expo i had the feeling that i was at a fancy fair.Really they made an exposition of many mobile phones and there were only two attendants for the people as for the other ‘orange workers’ they were all roaming about talking among themselves or simply standing and watching the kind of game that was organised.

    Concerning the computer games that were oragined..OMG :/ no comments on that…the players were just glued to these pc letting many others leave with great disappointment..i think that a time limit should have been applied… if i continue to write you will be bored reading so i stop here for now and let you have your own review on this..

    really orange disappointed me… 4/10

    please note that i made this review only for orange not for the other stands like rawat or samsung.


  12. lol….like always…was really disappointed….waste of time…and too many ppl (saturday…around 16:40) to be able to see anything….looked at some of the “booth girl”…still wasted petrol…ooh god…


  13. Man, paid ATM tickets, paid entrance fees to “free” expo, paid salary to “cass poz” policemen… we bloggers will soon be taking on the mauritian concept of asking payment for anything. E.g. paid blog comment πŸ˜€ WLOL!


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