Do you ever switch off your mobile?

Do you ever switch off your mobile?

We have got such a nice sunny Sunday morning, so, lets spare the use of our brain cells for once…

Before going to bed, sometimes I do ask myself, should I switch off my mobile?

But very often, before being able to answer myself, I have already fallen deep asleep.

I switch off my mobile only on Saturday nights, and what about you?

Yashvin, pages of my life

Featuring in the above picture (from top, clockwise direction):
Sandra, Fadil, Zainab, Yasmina, Jaya, Mantasha and Yashvin as the photographer. lol
Location : Network Class, Engineering Tower, The University of Mauritius
Date : 25 Jan 2007

36 thoughts on “Do you ever switch off your mobile?

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  1. I never switch off my mob…but it is always on silence mode and i never answer of me local call credits goes in checking my voicemail…lol..^_^ πŸ˜‰


  2. i switch between profiles : SozZz – Lecture – SozZz

    sometimes im just too lazy to put the thing on charge.. so it just switched off.. its like it died of hunger..

    but i never actually SWITCH it OFF.. πŸ™‚


  3. Even i don’t switch off my mobile. It goes off by itself when the battery is low and i have not charged it πŸ˜›
    As it is it’s the most accessible way of communication u can say even better than fixed line… in the sense that ur friends can contact u anytime, anywhere without disturbing the whole house… (I suppose for most of the mobile users since my ringtones tend to disturb everyone around… πŸ˜› )


  4. Switch your Mobile Phone :|, No Way. My Phone Should Always Remain On In Case Of Emergency πŸ™‚ Because My Phone Takes 40 SECS TO Load Including Pin Code, Security Code !!! 😦


  5. Yashvin… Try something. Place a corn in the middle of the six phones (The same way you’ve arranged them on thr picture) Let all six phones ring. Let see what happen.

    πŸ™‚ Pop Corn πŸ™‚


  6. I only switch off my mobile if I am sitting for an exam. Otherwise there is no need to switch it off, I mean no-one disconnects their land phone when they go to sleep do they?


    1. @Yashi : Very nice one! πŸ˜‰

      @Bhooks: We will do that at work, when we are staying for the night… lol, we should have enough pop corn so as not to “gagne gaz lendemain” lol!

      @Others: I think that after this small post, we will conclude that mobile phone companies spend a lot for a button, which most of us don’t really use πŸ˜›
      Instead, they should have put a [control+alt+delete] button, which is very useful especially if you have a symbian phone!


  7. @Yashvin
    I disagree… I have to turn off my phone to save my battery. (Pena battery BL-5C dans moris pou l’instant!!!) 😦

    As for Ctrl+Alt+Del on Symbian, use TaskSpy to kill the process if the normal hold-menu-press-del app doesn’t work. As least, Symbian users don’t need to soft reset their phones every now & then. πŸ˜‰


  8. @Carrot : I charge my mob (N73 – BP-6M just checked) every 2 days under FUP (Normal use) lol!

    I can say that the battery lasts very long!

    @Loona : MCA? Whats that?


  9. Mo telephone heureusement pa servi battery. Li ON 24/24 selman… Pena camera sipa lcd couleur etc…

    Home Phone (Land Line) mari!!!


  10. phewww 1 quest ki fer mw reflechi lor mo mob!!! poor mob i dnt give a damn shit to her!!! wezer dead or alive :s..
    only yesterday wen needed her z most she let me down!!! z bloody bitch!!


  11. I usually do at night. But more often it goes off by itself when the battery is dead. Anyway, my mob is mostly for receiving calls and msgs, coz I got no credit on it since january last…lol!


  12. Sometimes it is better to switch it off, especially if you do not want Big-Brother to follow your every movement !! Maybe we should discuss other aspects like electro-magnetic radiation or the effects of the mobile on the proximity of the human body. I bet some of those points would make us switch it off…


  13. @Mike
    Have it been proven that those radiation affect human beings??
    coz moi asoir mo met mo portab das Toreiller nek poo kav ten alarm gramatin sans turn li off..



  14. I do switch if off. Specially on friday nights, before going to sleep. I like my saturdays to be peaceful, and not being awakened by a ringer/vibe sound early morning.

    I also switch it off during exams.


  15. Of course! My calls go to the voice mails (wav) which along with the MMS and SMS go to my e-mail inbox.

    I switch off my mobile phones off @ night.


  16. [@carrotmadman6 – I charge my battery at every opportunity I getÒ€¦ A 5-min call halves the battery bars. ]

    Frak! This effin’ sucks.
    *handing hydrogen T850 hydrogen fuel cell to you*


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