Who is winning the elections in no 8?


lol, after a heavy brainstorming session with Selven, Roushdat and Vicky, I finally got a topic to post!

The question today is simple…

Who will win the elections in the no 8?

Feel free to post any other comments related to this elections.

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33 thoughts on “Who is winning the elections in no 8?

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    1. @ Roushdat :
      Ah sorry, mone blier to pas morice 😛

      Since I am not sure myself, I prefer to get the list from a more reliable source before posting the names 😉
      Keep tuned Mr The President.


  1. Am sure a jugnauth will win.

    as for who…. i prefer not to answer :p since i pretty much like to keep my neutrality when it comes to politics…. politics is dirty. Unless i am the ultimate g0d and Roushdat the ultimate president :p.

    Personellement, i like the “dialogue” of parti globe and parti malin. :p


  2. It’s better to wait for a few days to know, the interesting thing this time is that the winner will be proclaimed on the day of the election itself. However, i believe that whoever the winner is, the country won’t be benefitting anything from it. It is clear that this election is a waste of time & money as both potential winners are fighting for a place in the opposition and we all know that there must be a general election next year.. so what’s really the use of having this election?


  3. most probably if pravin wins, there might be a coalition between msm-ptr.

    difficult for ashok to win after the badmouth in connection with corruption from the PM during a press conference.

    a third candidate, i guess anil gayan, might benefit as well..

    but this is politics and you never know.

    Can i bet here? Yashvin, will you be the bookmaker.. i wanna bet Rs100 lor pravin 😛


  4. @ Anirout Jugnoth : lol, merci chacha 😛
    Feels nice to know that you are reading my blog.
    [btw, vinay is one of my college friends]

    @ Bhooks: lol.

    @ CR7 : Bookmaker? Taler la police borde kot moi lol!

    @ TL : I think you commented on the wrong post, kanwars is the previous one, haha!
    But you got a nice reply!

    @ Yashi : euh…

    @ Carrot : Thanks for the link 😉

    @ Amit : Totally true since the general elections should be next year. But the constitution is the main reason why the election has to be held.
    Anyway, even if it is not logic, the opposing parties would have fought for this election to take place.
    They are already fighting in all cases.

    @ Selven : Parti globe, malin? haha, trop top sa!
    Mo rapel, gajadar ti dir

    “Kifer bisin laisse dilo la riviere al dans lamer? Faire ene bassin et nourri poisson”

    @ Nazira :
    Hmm, je vais essayer d’etre bref, puis je vais te donner les détails sur msn.
    Dans les dernieres elections generales a Maurice, un candidat (Ashock Jugnauth)a ete jugé coupable de bribe electoral car il avait donner des emplois aux gens d’un certain region.

    Son vote n’a pas ete validé apres preske 3 ans, et de ce fait, son poste est devenu vacant, donnant lieu a cet election partiel.

    No 8? C’est la region ou l’election aura lieu.
    Je pense que c’est la meme chose en france = “Arrondissement”?
    Peut etre je dis une betise, sais pas trop.

    dsl pour les erreurs de grammaire et de frappe, je dois faire vite pour partir au boulot, a +.


  5. Sad but true, the issue of electoral bribery hardly matters to the common man and woman who will vote this Sunday. If Mr Ashock J. wins, it’ll be because of his longstanding presence and service in that constituency and if he loses, it’ll be due to his association with the MMM. Coming to Pravin, he can only win this if his uncle makes any outstanding mistake in the coming days.

    My vote goes to neither, not even to Lalit, but to Mr Gayan who has taken the initiative to start a new party.


  6. zotou koner tht one of the jugnauths will win. btw,smthing i found very funny c: DONNE ZOT SOK,VOT ASHOCK! hahahahahahahahahahaha. partou ine kol sa dan numero 8. well its a very tight race. i think pravind jugnaut ena 2 % pli chance than ashock done sok. lol. thats bcz i’ve heard many rumors abt alliance social p suport li but of course nothing is sure about that. and huhhhhhhhh beta pravind ena boku money. so… en plus ashock jugnauth was found guilty of many things. i think corruption was one of them… correct me if im wrong. so mayb, he’ll lose some votes bcoz of that.
    1 pli bon idea,next week m dir zot kisanla ine gagner! 😀


  7. For non-Mauritians, there is something that is puzzling in the voting system and that is how come people who have been condemned of bribery at the first elections are allowed to get back on the list? In most countries candidates condemned for such actions are barred, some for years or forever. It gives suspicion on a system and a country that sanctions cheating.


  8. They are competing in the wrong election.
    Both aspire to be PM one day.
    Pravin is not even convinced that he is a politician. Just because his wife tells him that he would one day be PM. ROFL. He keeps on coming for the Polls. He is a joke. Ever heard him talking. (Irritating when he talks.) So much crap. On the contrary Ashock talks like one.
    But remem this only a partielle which gives a seat among the opposition.


  9. @ Yashvin :

    Ah d’accord! Ouai en France enfin à Paris il y a des arrondissement, maintenant pour les autres villes je sais pas trop. J’étais pas au courant qu’il y en avait à Maurice aussi! 🙂


  10. I saw a banner today!!!

    A Shock in No 8!!!! i sed… WTF????

    then i realised it was ashok… 😛

    Pravin kumadir p_t_n.. pena rol…
    Ashock 1 corrompu.. 1 hor laloi
    ek ban lezot pa kone zot…

    bizin fer 1 fim lor sa

    Slumdog Politicians!

    Show their reality… kav gagne oscar tou..


  11. @ Mike

    That’s Mauritius for you,mate. One of the most corrupted countries in the world where politics and common sense do not go hand in hand, instead we have a population easily swayed into voting for one candidate or the other depending on whether their forefathers voted for the party, if they have been given a pressure cooker as a gift or indeed if the roads in their villages and towns have been freshly asphalted. Is it any wonder that we never have any kind of intellectual political debates between the top politicians prior to an election? I think not…

    Btw I am from this constituency and I can definitely say that whoever wins will have no bearing on the welfare of the constituency. St Pierre is my home village and one of the biggest villages in the constituency, but in the last decade, we have barely known any kind of development. We have a very dirty river (which is so thanks to the thickos in our village and but also thanks to the lack of any kind of environmental policing and action), we have a very dangerous bridge which is yearning for an accident to occur -only then will any action be taken to make it safer, of course- and the state of the road network in part of the region is appalling. The only good thing to have happened in the last few years was the building of a new massive market place. Other than that, constituents benefit from fuck all. And I don’t see this changing.

    Rant over…


  12. Pena barrer sa..Pravind..p ale vers 1 victoire ecrasante sa..

    chagrin Ashok, so sok li pu gagne sa li m, kan pu proclame resultat la..Ashok gagne Sok, tir Sok depi so Ashok..



  13. @Yashi
    Tks for the comments. That is a point, I have never seen a real political debate on TV here. However there is always the various individual party political press conferences where you get a slanging match, i.e. insults thrown, negative comments and nothing concrete in the way of a political agenda. As for the public, I see them adulating the various candidates who do not really offer the electorate a progressive future.


  14. am neutral on this, but i have been watching a conference by our prime minister…

    he was saying a lot of stuffs how it is bad for someone to give bribe for elections etc… but hell…. does he think mauritians have forgotten the “Tempo” story????


  15. It looks like pravin gonna win but i deeply wish that a third party like Lalit could win. At least ppl from Mau could giv a lesson to the govt and the other hypocrites politicians

    Nice post Yashvin; i would really appreciate if you could cast your vote on Moricien


  16. For those still wondering who won the partial elections, here are the results for the 2 main candidates:

    Pravin Jugnauth – 15918
    Ashok Juganuth – 12297


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