300th post : Illegal to drink and smoke in public areas of Mauritius

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No Drinking/Smoking in public places

As announced, it would be prohibited to consume alcohol and even smoke in public areas as from the 1st March 2009.
Any persons not abiding by this rule will be considered as breaching the law, thus punishable.

Additionally, cigarettes will be sold only in packets and advertising of alcohol will be prohibited as from the above mentioned date.

A much healthier environment.

Personally, I welcome this new law with great enthusiasm.

Sometimes, (some?) people don’t even realise that the smoke they are exhaling out in circles is suffocating the person sitting next to them!


By limiting the number of places where people will be allowed to smoke, we can hope to live in a much pleasant atmosphere, without the need to watch out for cigarette smoke around you!

As well as a decrease in the number of crashed alcohol bottles or even fighting in public places, due to some guys who have an excess of alcohol in their blood.

We can also hope for fewer deaths caused by smoking, alcohol (drinking and driving) as well as a longer life expectancy! This new regulation aims to decrease the number of smokers and alcohol drinkers. By strictly controlling the sales of cigarettes, the government hopes that the younger ones will find it more difficult to get cigarettes since they will only be sold in packets.

Smoking/no smoking zones

It is also important to note that legally, smoking will not be allowed in restaurants and even nightclubs!

However, I read on newspapers that some companies (tobacco/alcohol industry) are trying to negotiate with the government for

  • Creation of “Smoking zones” in some public places (as it is the case in some restaurants and abroad).
  • A revision of the law, which they find too harsh for the customer and really bad for this sector.
  • Contributing to the awareness of the population.

I find this a bit controversial though!

And what if I am caught?

lol, being a non-smoker, I don’t think that I will be fined for smoking.

As for alcohol, I am only a social drinker 😛 *cough* *cough*

The fines range from Rs5000 up to Rs10,000 and a maximum of 12months of imprisonment!

Now your turn!

Smoking is bad for health, prend compte!

Drinking is bad too, but however, I will gladly welcome a few beers, some glasses of vodca-redbull, accompanied by some shots of tequila and finally a kamikaze or a long island ice tea!

Feel free to express yourselves!

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  1. I completely agree with this law. Did you know that the passive smoker( the one who doesn’t take the cigarette but indirectly inhales it) gets even much more(2 times more) than the smoker.


  2. i fink the law about not smoking is just bullshit. i’m nt a smoker but even though i fink that selling cigarette in packets will just encourage smokers to smoke more, and to buy 1 cig or a packet is not a prob among youngsters. u can ask any smoker, the more cig he has, he is more tempted to smoke. and whts the f**k about no smoking in night clubs. people go to night clubs to enjoy. to have a drink n smoke a cig is something nrmal there. yash if they prohibited the sales of alcohol in night clubs or pubs how would u feel. u would nt b interested to go there right.

    well that was just my opinion, i could cont writing on that but it will b too long to read. anyway politics n new laws s**k


  3. As a non-smoker I welcome this law which is already in effect in the EU countries. This is most welcome for the office and public environment because the dangers of passive smoking are well documented, see wikipedia on the subject.

    As for alcohol it is a fact that the country has major problems related to its abuse, such as, domestic violence. Any measures that bring awareness to the public can only be beneficial to the population.
    Having said that, I enjoy a beer, wine or a fine/old rum in moderation.


  4. That’s the best news ever! Mich especially was thrilled with the law. He is a strict no smoker and hates it when people pollute his space. It used to be such a pain when I wanted to go dancing because the smoke inside pubs and nighclubs were awful! Your hair, skin, clothes used to stink for days even after washing 😦

    Mich hated going out due to that. NOW! HOURRA! He is all keen to go dancing (which I love to do!)

    I will certainly inform the authorities if a any night club or restaurant allows a person to smoke..Count on me for that!

    Way to go Yashvin! 300! Keep it up!


  5. Hi everyone,…….

    This law is too good,both for the non-smoker and especially the SMOKERS themselves.

    Ya,mauricien trop content pleigner pou oui pou ene non.

    One global fact, countries like France and USA have adopted this law and SURPRISE….its working….
    The number of smokers in the USA has dropped by 50%. Check OMS website on tobacco.
    So,where is the problem if for once the government has dared to adopt such a law…Chapeau a vous….

    How many time,me as a non-smoker has been ,i’ll say,forced to inhale cigarette smoke….Am sure all of you have ever smell that special parfum…

    Now,on alcohol, everyone knows how many young people,….guys and more specially girls now are on too drinking…How many you see…Mauritius is number one island for all famous diseases be it diabetes,cardio vascular,amputation,……..

    SO lets say STOP and start to act as responsible persons…

    And YAshvin…once again best of luck and you doing a nice bye…

    A+ les zamis


  6. Stop crying about smoking making you ill or whatever bullshit. Smoking is the less offender compared to those smokes coming from the different vehicles{mostly NTC buses and those police vans} on the road.

    Before flaming me, I don’t smoke.

    And Yash, not all public places will be smoke free. Public beaches are the exception to the law.

    I think that the restaurants will have a special place dedicated to smokers. And without forgetting the most important part, the cigarette industry enriches the country’s money account.

    And I still think that the upcoming non smoking act must has some loopholes or omitted certain aspects.

    What would had been a win-win situation for both smokers and non smokers would had been if:

    1) Bus stations made a No smoking zone.
    2) Public buildings made a No smoking and No drinking zone.
    3) Public transport made a No smoking and No drinking.

    Making public beaches a non smoking and No drinking zone would had been pure bullshit.


  7. Something completely offtopic. I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me on those questions:

    1)Can minors be allowed in pubs?

    2)Is alcohol selling to minors acceptable in pubs?

    I have found some pictures over facebook where young girls of 16 and 17 are consuming vodka and beer inside a famous pub in Quatre Bornes.


  8. Being a non-smoker & a non-drinker, I think it’s a good initiative towards reducing substance abuse, which is harmful to both the user & people around him in case of smokers & to people around him in case of alcohol.

    Although I find that the public beach exception is a step backwards? Does that mean people (more likely families) can no longer visit beaches coz it would be littered with smokers & drinkers???

    I hope this a small step towards the long-term objective of banning these two products from Mauritius. 😉

    If I go along your line of thought, then factories, pesticides, high-fat (transfat) foods, etc. should be equally monitored coz they are detrimental to human health. 🙂


  9. “and whts the f**k about no smoking in night clubs. people go to night clubs to enjoy. to have a drink n smoke a cig is something nrmal there. yash if they prohibited the sales of alcohol in night clubs or pubs how would u feel. u would nt b interested to go there right.”

    You didn’t get the point of this law, did you? Do you know something called passive smoking? Do you know when you enjoy a cig in public places, you might be forcing people around you to inhale the smoke (unfiltered)? Enjoying doesn’t mean forcing people around you to increase their chances of getting lung cancer. Drinking is very different from smoking because if you are drinking in public, the person next to you is not passively drinking too!!!

    I like this law, it’s been very effective in the UK, but I don’t know how it will decrease number of smokers, all it does is decreasing number of passive smokers. Drinking in public is just wrong, and should have been banned a long time ago. As for the law concerning sale of cigs, I thought this law was already in place!!! I thought shops were not allowed to sell cigs individually! Anyway, it is good thinking but don’t be surprised to see most shops flouting the law. They don’t want to lose their young clientele.

    There is nothing controversial about creating special smoking zones within restaurants or pubs, smokers should not be totally marginalised. I don’t know how the law in Mauritius is, but here the smoking zones have to be outdoors, so it’s not allowed to smoke in buildings or closed spaces, under any circumtances.


  10. @Yashi:
    Thnks for ur point of view but please do follow the piece of advice below.

    @All :
    A small advice to be used in blogs
    When you are quoting something that someone said earlier, please mention the name of the person you are referring too.

    The easiest way is to write
    “To XXX”


  11. Bonjour Yash ainsi que tous les lecteurs qui passent par là 😉

    Bref tu sais que je suis complètement d’accord avec cette lois.

    En France on a arrêté de fumer dans les lieux publics, c’est génial car on a pas à subir les cigarettes des gens qui veulent fumer ça ne se fait pas pour les non fumeurs, il faut respecter les gens quoi. Ben ici ils ont le droit de fumer dans les bar jcrois mais seulement à l’extérieur du bar sur la terasse, enfin jsuis pas sûre car moi je ne fais pas partie des fumeurs!

    Ah ben je trouve que maurice a eu une très bonne initiative de faire interdire l’alcool dans les lieux publics, comme ça on subira moins les comportements des alcoliques où ce qui se sont pris une bonne cuite juste pour s’amuser (sauf que je vois pas ce qu’il y a d’amusant la dedans, ptète le mal de tête qu’on récolte le lendemain matin?)

    Ensuite, le gourvernement se fait de l’argent sur l’alcool et les cigarettes, un paquet d’argent même. Ils bousillent la santé des gens juste pour gagner de l’argent c’est horrible. Vraiment je sais pas ils sont corrompus par de l’argent, la santé des gens est bien plus importante, la vie est bien plus importante qu’un paquet d’argent qu’on se fait sur le dos des gens en portant atteinte à leur santé!

    Suite a ce que a dit Tushal je cite: “the cigarette industry enriches the country’s money account.”
    franchement si c’est question d’argent ils devraient au contraire aider leur population en créant des emplois dans d’autres branches qui seraient vraiment nécessaire, par exemple pour que Maurice ait son propre lait et ne soit pas dépendant de l’Australie ou je ne sais plus quel pays,bon je ne suis pas à Maurice je ne connais pas trop les choses que Maurice ne produit pas. Mais je veux dire les biens de premières nécessités ne passe pas avant la cigarette et l’alcool quoi! Attendez c’est bien plus important de produire des choses que le peuple de Maurice auraient besoin, ou de créer des emplois dans ses services ou dans de la production dont la population Mauricienne aurait besoin quoi, ça ferait avancé Maurice nettement plus vite dans sa croissance économique que produire des cigarettes et de l’alcool.
    Mieu vaut gagner de l’argent sur des bonnes choses en aidant la population des deux côtés plutot que d’un côté fournir de l’argent à l’Etat et de détruire la santé de sa population sciemment, en en ayant conscience (c’est bien ça le pire, le gens ont tellement soif de monnais qu’ils seraient prêt à détruire les autres)

    De plus je connais des personnes qui ne gagnent pas beaucoup d’argent, mais étant dépendant des ces poisons appellés sous le nom d’alcool et cigarette, ils dépensent la majorité de leur argent dedans alors qu’ils devraient les dépenser en nourriture et autre chose importante et résultats ils n’ont pas assez pour boucler les fins de mois! La cause de ça c’est la cigarette et l’alcool, si à la base les gens n’étaient pas incité autant à boire et à fumer, ça aurait arrangé pas mal de problème qui d’un côté y sont lié et auxquels ont ne pense pas.
    Les gens de maintenant ne savent pas où sont les vrai valeurs, fumer pour être cool et boire pour être dans le vent et faire comme les autres? (tout en sachant que cela porte des conséquences sur notre santé) ou alors préserver notre santé? dépenser l’argent dans des choses utiles?

    C’est très bien d’interdire de fumer dans les lieux publics car beaucoups de personnes meurent du tabagisme passif (c’est-à-dire que la personne ne fumes pas mais souffre des fumées de tabac de ses proches par exemples) … et bien les gens quand ils meurent du cancer des poumons c’est à cause des fumées de cigarettes et non des fumées de pots d’échappement! Donc pour les poumons le plus harmful c’est la cigarette.

    Ensuite l’alcool, l’alcool il n’y a rien de bénéfique dedans, que de mauvais côté, ça altère ton esprit (ce qui ne sers strictement à rien), ça sent pas bon, puis c’est pas bon pour la santé, la preuve quand on en boit une grande quantité on eu meurt (ça c’est si on en bois d’un coup) mais aussi … ça ne veut pas dire que avec une petite quantité rien ne se passe et que ce n’est pas dangereux, bien au contraire ça a encore des effets sur le corps mais on ne le remarque pas. Un peu ou beaucoup de poison c’est la même chose, il y a que le délai sur lequel ça va agir qui change c’est tout!Le poison reste du poison.

    Enfin bref yashvin jsais pas si c’est cohérent mes paragraphes car le bout de la fin jlai mi au milieu finalement haha mais bon jpense que chacun des paragraphes a son idée directrices et que ça se comprends quand même!

    En tout cas c’est bien que tu nous fasses partager ton point de vue via tes articles!

    Bonne continuation


  12. ohhh mdr yash javais pas remarqué que mon commentaire était aussi long haha … c’est encore plus long que ton article … bon ben tanpis et bonne lecture surtout!


  13. Some years back, many people were fined for public littering (market place, bus station,etc). But today, I hardly see the local environmental police (health inspector??) taking actions. Now they want to ban smoking and drinking in public places (which is a very good thing). Are we going to see the same thing happening?


  14. I am a heavy smoker and a social drinker. And I welcome the upcoming laws. Smoking should not be allowed anywhere zero tolerance in places like resto, pubs and clubs. The streets though should also be included in the places know as “public”. As they are open air, no roof nor walls


  15. mo pa pu dir nanien lor to post but i will comment on ur 300th post.

    felicitations!! wish u achieve 500th post soon lerla nu fer 1 grand fete without alcohol :):)


  16. Congrats for the 300th post.

    To smokers – go for the nicotine gums. If this doesn’t work. I suggest you buy a small glass bong which can easily be concealed. Replace the water regularly and be very discrete! (use a plastic pipe or straw. You may consider masking your bong as a bottle.

    To drunkards – as usual, buy a cheap opaque plastic bottle whereby you conceal your alcoholic beverage.

    Note: Always keep mints on you. Don’t drink and drive. And do not kiss your non-smoking partner after smoking.

    @Yasvin – enjoy your upcoming week.


  17. i went through the draft of the act from :

    Click to access tobacco1.pdf

    1. Outdoor premises of a health institution.
    2. Outdoor premises of a pre-primary, primary, secondary or tertiary
    institution, including any other educational institution.
    3. Outdoor premises used for the practice of sports and to which the public
    has access.
    4. Recreational places other than public beaches, including gardens to which the public has access.
    5. Cafés, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
    6. Bus stands and bus stations.

    from this list..we could still smoke o milieu chemin right? tank ki li pas pres ek ene institution medical,educatif ek sportive. The road is not a recreational place right?
    i think we might be having a loophole here..


  18. Something interesting to add to this article here:

    last week, a woman successfully won her case in a USA court where she sued an American tobacco company; stating that her husband died of smoking.
    The Court held tht the tobacco company was at 60% liable for the death of the husband, hence allowing the lady a ‘small’ damage of just $ 3 million !!!!

    this is the first case of tht type which hs been tried in court, N guess wat???
    there is abt 6000 more such cases waiting their turn in the American judicial system!!!

    hahaha, cuma dir ban compangnie la pu al fer faillite aster!!!


  19. @Zuzu :

    Interesting fact indeed, which makes me remember the nice film “Thank you for no smoking”.

    A one-line overview:
    The actor is a promoter for cigarettes, indifferent to the bad effects of smoking, until one day, where he is kidnapped.


  20. hi,

    i must congratulate you on your blog, i think its the first one that i regularly visit. about the smoking issue, as a smoker, i must disagree with the packets of cigarettes law, i mean i smoke more when i have a pack, thats why usually buy “detail”, just one or two a day then. also alcohol at the beach is a shame, i would have preferred it to be prohibited there too.

    also problems of alcoholism as being responsible for domestic violence is bullshit, the alcohol drinking is only a symptom of a much deeper mental health issue, just prohibiting it wont change anything. but i guess speaking about mental health in this country is useless… but that is another issue.

    as a smoker i find that my life will become very hard soon, no packet 10 no cig au detail, only packet 20. but i am willing to go for alternatives. Nicotine patches: must i must protest, patch la coute Rs 500 parla ek gagne zis 5, for that price i prefer to smoke. (a smoker checked the price last week-end at a pharmacy at Shoprite). i dont know the price of nocitine gums though but i guess they are as expensive.

    the gov should have proposed quitting programs for non-smokers or if they exist, make them known to the public.

    about the law itself, i hear from Sundeep that the loop hole of the law is that we can smoke on the road, can someone confirm or not confirm that.

    i think the initiative of the gov is good but as usually they have problems with implementation. there should be smoking zones, as much as people around me dont have to suffer my smoking, i also have the right to poison myself if i want to or we are not in a free country anymore.


  21. Elo there,

    The packaging and advertising seems good but hope the laws are gonna be effective.I have recently seen a friend smoking in the same van, the friend alongside him vomitted due to the smoke.He just couldnot take it.It was on the way to Grand Bassin.The smoker then threw his lighten cigarette and even his packet(it contained only 3).Hahahaha

    @Yashvin: Congrats for ur 300th post. Keep it up.


  22. @people proponent of smoking in nightclubs and pubs:
    Why should others unwillingly inhale your exhausts and risk lung cancer? Do smokers have more rights than other people?

    Tushal said:

    Stop crying about smoking making you ill or whatever bullshit. Smoking is the less offender compared to those smokes coming from the different vehicles{mostly NTC buses and those police vans} on the road.

    Is the lesser of two evils good ? Osama Bin Laden killed less people than Hitler.. Shouldn’t he be arrested anyway?

    And without forgetting the most important part, the cigarette industry enriches the country’s money account.

    The main income of Bolivia and Columbia (poor countries) comes from Drug exporting… Huuuuhhh… Is that OK too?!?!?! Is that a reason to stop the drug war

    There’s NO compromise to be made with tobacco companies… They are ONLY fighting for their survival and to keep their profits up. They killed enough people like that.. There should be no “Smoking zones”, waste of space… Putting “Smoking zones” in places will also segregate people…

    Did you know that it costs the state much more money to keep someone alive and in good health (through the medical system) than letting him die of cancer (or other illness) in his/her 40s.. (watch Sicko and read this article about The cost of living longer) So it’s a brave decision that the government has taken to fight smoking.

    For Domestic Violence, Drinking may not be the prime culprit but Alcoholism is responsible for many other ills (Impaired judgment and Drunken driving, which we’re sure is closely correlated to fatal accident occurrence)

    Human mind is set, by default, to resist any attempt to change and elimination of social problems they’re afflicted/affected with…

    My 2 cents…


  23. @Sundeep–> Yes. Because a road is not a public place. When some people read the word public, they think about everything be public excluding private properties.Did you notice how the act did not cater for the outside premises of private buildings?And did you notice that it is mentioned health premises but no police and fire stations premises! !The act has quite some loopholes. Any good lawyer will know how to use it in their favors.

    @Zuzu–>The American legal system is the worst system to follow. ALS is pure bullshit. I give you another example.
    Example: I am driving a car and there is a big macdonal publicity sign on the road. I looked at the sign and I loses my attention from the road and I hit into another car. Do you know what I can do under the American legal system?
    I can sue Macdonald claming that they are to be blamed for my accident and they should compensate me. And yes, I would win the case. The best system to follow is either France or UK legal system.

    @Sebo064–> If they prohibit alcohol on beaches. Where will they do their yearly parties of Fete international creole, ect. Sorry. At this time only that “fete” is coming in my mind. Nothing personal.

    As a whole, there should be a smoking zone in restaurants and pub.


  24. @ Tushal :
    I may be wrong, but some “known” cigarette smokers (who commented above) seem to agree for no smoking zones in restaurants and pub.

    I have found some pictures over facebook where young girls of 16 and 17 are consuming vodka and beer inside a famous pub in Quatre Bornes.
    If you post these, you can see your face blacklisted into such places.

    To reply to your question, No alcoholic drinks to minor.

    @ TL:
    Some years back, many people were fined for public littering (market place, bus station,etc

    The government is always strong in putting new laws, but for respecting them, that’s another thing.
    Do you know how many shops (tavernes) are opened outside legal hours?

    @ Sebo064:
    the gov should have proposed quitting programs for non-smokers or if they exist, make them known to the public.

    I share the same point of view too, the government has only put a law to STOP smoking, not about “how to stop it”.
    Banning smoking is not the whole solution, you got to help them to stop this addiction.
    I heard that the gov. will be training some health specialists in the following weeks for giving advice to smokers/drinkers.

    Same thing for Diabetes.
    Did the government do anything concrete regarding treatment, cost of healthy food, cost of equipment etc?
    They only apply the law.

    @ Bernardo:
    There’s NO compromise to be made with tobacco companies
    Well said.
    But as I mentioned above, some promoters are trying to make agreements with the government!

    @ All :

    I just read the official law: very interesting indeed, thnks for the link Sundeep

    link : http://www.gov.mu/portal/goc/moh/file/tobacco1.pdf

    Here are some interesting points:</b.

    – “waterpipe” means a device from which smoke of a tobacco product is drawn through water and a long tube;

    lol, is this referring to a Sheesha? 😛

    – Every owner or other person responsible of a public place shall
    take all reasonable steps to prevent any person from smoking in that public place.

    – Every owner or other person responsible for a public place shall
    cause a notice to be conspicuously displayed in the public place in such manner […].

    – Every seller of a tobacco product shall conspicuously post at the
    point of sale inside his shop a notice in such manner as specified in the Sixth Schedule, informing the public that the sale of tobacco products to children is prohibited.

    – No seller of a tobacco product shall display a tobacco product for
    sale except in duty free shops at the airports of Mauritius and Rodrigues.

    – No person shall smoke a tobacco product –
    (a) in a public place;
    (b) while preparing, serving or selling food on any premises
    where the public has access; or
    (c) while driving or travelling in a private vehicle carrying

    Thanks dear readers 😉


  25. I for one know that am gonna sue the clubs, bars, especially nightclubs which do not respect the law :)  hourra!!!

    I remember Michel fell ill when we went to a nighclub in Riviere Noire because he was suffocating with all the smoke around…

    However, I wonder how far the rules will be respected…

    AND am really sad they don’t apply the same rule for public beaches, since Mauritians have very few public beaches now and they are getting smaller and smaller….


  26. Bernardo said:

    @people proponent of smoking in nightclubs and pubs:
    Why should others unwillingly inhale your exhausts and risk lung cancer? Do smokers have more rights than other people?

    no but if i cant smoke in a night club i wont go there anymore, and i’m pretty sure i am not alone in this case.
    Tushal said:
    @Sebo064–> If they prohibit alcohol on beaches. Where will they do their yearly parties of Fete international creole, ect. Sorry. At this time only that “fete” is coming in my mind. Nothing personal.
    well when i go to the beach i would prefer not to bring alcohol and have a good time rather than having drunk people who will “fane KK” excuse l’expression. in this line of thinking consuming alcohol in public is fine, what is not, is being drunk and “fane KK” rather than doing a witch hunt to see who is drinking or not the law should have something to cater to these drunk people who cant control themselves. i feel very annoyed by people who when they are drunk cant control themselves anymore.


  27. “Sebo064 said:
    no but if i cant smoke in a night club i wont go there anymore, and i’m pretty sure i am not alone in this case.”

    Why??? Can you(all the smokers out there) have fun only by polluting other’s air??? Anyway it’s your opinion, but I think it’s kind of childish. I did not go to nightclubs because I used to suffocate in the dense smoke air. My husband had a major health problem due to that (and he never smoked in his whole life!). Now why won’t you go? Because you can’t stand pure air???

    Am sorry if I sound harsh but it’s hard for non smoking people to bear with smoker’s selfish little self.

    Thank you!


  28. @all who are for this law..

    I am strongly against.. for a simple question of liberty for which i wont compromise.

    The liberty of some are not more important than the liberties of others.
    Of what right can you tell someone not to smoke and ban smoking ?
    Who gave those persons such stupid rights ?
    I am FOR a law that stops persons from smoking next to others who dont smoke and who are not okay with it.
    But i cannot understand, why ther is a law, that forbids, that a car owner into HIS Car, along wiz 3 friends, WHO ARE ALL CONSENTANT !, cannot smoke !! . Can mauritians be soooo stupid ??

    They are damn marginalising smokers. They will soon pass on laws whereby HIV positive persons will be put into concentration camps so that they do not contaminate anyone if they get drunk and lose their minds!!!

    I am very angry with that law. Liberty of non smokers is not more important than liberty of smokers. Do they have more rights ?
    You want to put a law, go on ! but what’s that big stuff about marginalising people AND banning smoking !! . you cannot force people to stop smoking ..
    Put the law, fine ! but give a smokers area !

    @ yashvin, cheerz for your 300th post 😉 keep it up


  29. … for once i agree with ashfaq.

    What the f*ck is this, its my life, i was born a human, same as some idiot of ministers who were also born as human. They don’t have the right to control my life like that!

    Yes your freedom should be a toruble to another persons freedom, but where does smoking in MY OWN car become a problem??

    Anywayz, ashfaq has already talked on that freedom issue. No need for me to say the same thing.

    Smoking is bad for health, prend compte!

    You mean smoking cigarettes is bad for health.

    As for you yashvin, congrats for the 300th post…

    Nearly 1200 fans and around 100 fans per month!

    Hmm :p i like blogging and commenting and hanging around on your blog… mais kant meme… am not a FAN of you :p to p al prend toi 1 pornstar la! hihihihihi


    1. @ selven : lol, not a porn star nor fan of me lol, its rather “fan of my blog” 😛
      A big thanks go to you as well for your numerous comments and hanging around on my blog!


  30. We are all free!!! Non smokers have been adapting themselves to smokers in public place since cigarette was invented…NOW IT’S OUR TURN :p C’mon no one has died for not smoking yet…so PLEASE!!! Stop crying like kids! 😛



  31. There’s an image in Defi Plus which pictures the smoking ban at bus stations.

    Concerning the not smoking in your life. well well. It’s as if some idiot ministers are asking you to use your pc only from 17.00 to 17.05.Else you will be fined or imprisoned for 10 years. What the fu*k. Are the authorities so morons now?Wow.


  32. @sundeep

    i think we might be having a loophole here..

    There’s always loopholes in the mauritian law.


    What the fu*k. Are the authorities so morons now?Wow.

    Nothing surprising :p they were always morons.


    C’mon no one has died for not smoking yet…so PLEASE!!! Stop crying like kids! 😛

    It is a matter of freedom.
    Someone smoking next to you. No one has died for smoking marijuana, yet, we still ban that?
    The thing is… if someone wants to die, that’s his right, no one has the right to tell you what to do with you life [unless you owe em money]. That thing called society was made to help people live together nowadays it seems to me that the aim of society is to control the life of humans in all ways possible and restrict their freedom.



  33. @ Selven

    Yes you are right, we are free. It’s because we live in a free country that:

    1. People going to QBornes fairs have to bear smokers’ freedom and suffocate patiently…

    2. Some idiot smoking on the dance floor of a nightclub burned my hand while dancing…and mind you I smiled back at him respecting his freedom…

    3. Sitting beside someone on the bus who has just smoke before getting on it…

    4. Waiting at the bus stop under rain with a couple of guys smoking to warm up the air…

    5. Going to the beach party last year nearly set my ass on fire!!! (Sorry for the expression) It just happened that I was sitting on the sand, watching the concert when a STUPID A HOLE was smoking behind me and his cigarette’s butt fell near my buttocks…I felt like a pinch a few minutes after and jumped on my feet. It had burned my jeans… I had to stop Michel from breaking the A hole’s jaw.

    Yeah unfortunately beaches will remain smokers’ paradise anyway.

    STOP COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!!! If smokers don’t like the law it’s their problem 😛

    Am fed up with smokers puffing their smoke in my lungs!!!


  34. his cigarette’s butt fell near my butt

    hahahahaha you really have a hell of a luck! lmao, this truely happenned??? lmao

    Yes you are right in a certain way, since one’s freedom ends at the beginning of the freedom others.
    I suppose having smoking “zones” doesn’t put in danger any non-smokers.

    Take the case of say, the uom campus, i don’t believe that someone would die if that zone near the woods would be declared as a smoking zone? [though it would spoil the beauty of the place]. But you know, any well aired space can be used and i don’t believe it will be the source of any problems.

    As for the no smoking in a pub or nightclub, i don’t understand what’s the government’s problem with that. I own my nightclub, my pub, its mine, hell if i want to allow my customers to have a smoke there’s nothing wrong in that, if you are a customer who don’t like smoke, just don’t get in!

    Same for a workplace, hell if i were to be the ceo of a company, i will offer a place for smoke or even beds for sexual encounters between employees or anything recreational they think they need as long as my work gets accomplished i don’t give a damned, and its the happyness of my employees that’ll get em in the mood to work, so what’s the gov’s problem with that?

    ahh those dudes are just fans of hitler!



  35. @ Selven

    YES it really happened and it’s the guy who is lucky coz Michel wanted to have his fists’ imprints on his face..PLUS the AHOLE did not even seem to be bothered that i nearly burnt my butt….

    Anyway as for the smoking in nightclubs…am all against it bcoz it’s a closed space..the smoke remains in..NO MATTER WHAT…I have beent o many nighclubs and the problem remains the same..it’s got no good extractor.

    Why am happy about nightclubs being non-smoking is bcoz someone did burn my hand once AND tomorrow even if am pregnant I can go!!!

    It’s not fair for non smokers to bear with the smoke…it’s not easy to breathe in a smoky space…I suffocate…really I do..my sinus is so blocked I can hardly breathe normal air…now imagine!!!

    Guess smoking (CLOSED SMOKING) corners could do…am not that stone hearted…lol!


  36. It’s not fair for non smokers to bear with the smoke…it’s not easy to breathe in a smoky space…I suffocate…really I do..my sinus is so blocked I can hardly breathe normal air…now imagine!!!

    I can understand :p had troubles with that in the past. :p


  37. “advertising of alcohol will be prohibited as from the above mentioned date”
    …I was wondering how that will be possible considering the fact that Guniness and Heineken are the official sponsor to broadcast Premier league and Champions league matches respectively…
    ..So normally MBC would stop broadcasting European football or would just (illegally)  dont show these images??
    But guess what, while watching Premier League Highlights yesterday,  MBC  broadcasted the advert of guinness!!! What do you think of that???


  38. So many years after, result is:
    1. People Still smoke in public places. The only thing now is that in certain places if the management does not like you they will use that law to tell you not to smoke while others will be blatantly smoking. People tend to smoke a lot more now, because it is considerred posh, illegal and cool to do in public places as it seems it makes them believe they are above everything.

    Yes: There have been a few people that have been fined, but it served just to make it even trendier.

    I believe that creating smoke zones will help fixing that.

    2. People still drink in public. There has been no known drop so far, exemple: tou coin laboutik partout.

    I believe some form of enforcement is needed for this, Or we create picnic spots where people do can that.

    3. Cigarettes are to be sold in pack only? 😀 Seriously that’s a joke, this just served to increase the price of unit cigarette, because they say “there’s a risk”.
    You can get cigarettes anywhere around the island by unit, since it is illegal, it is not monitored and control hence there’s an abuse.

    Why not enforce it by carefully auditing shops revenues?


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