One last question about the President’s arrival…


Hi everybody.

Before going into the topic, here is a small video, shot in Quatre Bornes by the “Envoyé Speciale”, Miss Warrda S.

Earlier today, I thought about something and I would invite all of you, dear readers to comment on this.

What would have happened if the president of the people’s republic of china came to Mauritius during the� Mahashivratree festival, in which thousands of pilgrims and thousands of cars converge towards Grand Bassin.

Additionally, I would like to congratulate the government for having taken the right decision to close offices earlier. Same for educational institutions which were closed earlier on Monday and closed on Tuesday.

Consequently, there were NO traffic jams on the streets.

But however, this has put the whole country to a halt since there was practically no activity for the (economic) development of the country.

Reculer pour mieux sauter?

Perhaps some points which might be interesting to talk about in this post:


  • Would the government refused the billions of rupees?
  • Would the government still plan his visit, but would have devised another set of security measures?
  • Would the population be banned on the (closed) roads?
  • Would the majority of the population be banned to cross the roads with their kawars because his excellency will be passing?
  • Would roads be closed during the whole day?
  • Would the actual government risk losing their chance of being elected in the next elections by receiving the president in the island, and ignoring the voice of a majority of the population?

btw, I am neutral in this post…

I only want to know what you think might have happened in this situation.

14 thoughts on “One last question about the President’s arrival…

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  1. Mahashivratree ou pas..
    same measures would have been taken..pena a sortir de la..

    by “Would the government refused the billions of rupees?” which one do u mean? i dnt think the govt of mtius would be able to refuse this..and as for china..hmm i dnt think they wouldve refused either..

    Population was not BANNED from the roads..only traffic was closed on some roads and redirected.

    Kawars would also be part of the traffic and would have to be redirected.

    risk losing the elections? dude, u’re kidding me la..they got smtg like 9 billion mru..just wait and watch this is gonna be a very big point in their Bilan Electoral..and am pretty sure they gonna be relected.

    Am politically neutral..mais i c those red guys coming back for another mandate..

    One question am asking myself..and if anyone’s got the answer pls tell me..
    those 9 billion MRU..we’ll have to return was not a charity but they lent it to us..what happens if we are not able to pay back?

    Concerning the economic ‘pause’ on Monday and Tuesday..most private companies were economic loss was mostly for the public sector..which may reach a few millions..but hey..we lost a few millions to get a few billions..i find it worthwhile..


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  3. Wat I fink in it is that most probably the actual governing party would definitely lose the next election if this was to happen. Mahashivratree is one of the biggest festival in Mauritius where Hindus are the majority in our population. I’m not being ‘racial’ but its a fact!
    The pedestrians would face lots lots of difficulties together with traffic jams. A good way to sort it out would have been the President travelling in helicopter but 52 helicopter:S:S

    Btw anyone have ever thought what would be if the President have any kind of difficulties or problems then what would be the consequences for Mauritius????


  4. to Sundeep :
    most of the 8 billion something have to be returned back. some with 2% interest and some without any interst. i think around 350million rupees was given as gift to mauritius tough.


  5. I think they would have postponed the visit of the President. Yes. No matter what the level of the person’s profile, in mauritius, you dont touch religion. I think all the politicians know that pretty well. Those who do that, well.. they get a big kick in the ass.

    And China itself has a lot of cultures and beliefs.., i think that PoudineTao himself would have understood this, and not take it personally(against NCR). 😛

    thats what i think..


  6. Li ti pou charrier cavadee li aussi…

    franc franc tout moricien kakafes meme. Li ti vine ici aussi lannee derniere, mais ici tout dimoune inne pisse r li. Pena road blocks etc tout normal. Nek dans moris pou ena sa banne grimaces la…


  7. i think that our beloved government would hve come wiz an excellent proposition:
    given Quatre Bornes Would have been closed so that Hu Jintao can move on it for a few minutes (yea, road closed for a WHOLE DAY so tht he can move on it for a FEW MINUTES)

    then, every pilgrims who usually walk through Quatre Bornes to go to Grand Bassin, would have to make a SMALL deviation(just like vehicles)

    Guess wats going to be the deviation?
    Rond Point Reduit – St Pierre – Flacq – Mahebourg – Souillac – Chemin Grenier – monte Gorge – Grand Bassin

    merci our intelligent government, they just forgot that they just extend the walking distance by some 100km only



  8. Ti pou ena la fayaaaaaaaaaaaa… diversion from grand bassin to i dont know.. diversion from i dont know to i again dont know.. Here’s an object oriented way of solving this prob

    //19 Feb 2009 15h31
    //Object oriented way of dealing with hu jin tao road problem
    //Copyright(s): Distributed under GNU GPL License
    while( presidentNotArrived )

    //president is leaving
    //destructor to above methods
    mbc.showFootage(); //MBC shows footage of president’s journey
    people.Impress(); //people were impressed

    return EXIT_SUCCESS; //president returned back successfully
    system(“PAUSE”); //stay still until new orders given 😉

    You may proceed to further improve of my above code, Code is distributed under GPL license and is open source. All amendments are improvments are welcome but this piece of code does not guarantee fully functional behaviour You may use this piece of code in your website/games/assignments/homeworks/sms/girlfriend’s diary/posters everywhere you wan’t but I don’t hold any responsibility if this causes any social/physical damage to you/your family/your computer China,UK,USA,etc..



  9. I won’t comment on the actual topic since Yashvin knows that I don’t comment on anything which has any connection to religion. I keep myself away from religion.

    ” Muzzammil said:

    to Sundeep :
    most of the 8 billion something have to be returned back. some with 2% interest and some without any interst. i think around 350million rupees was given as gift to mauritius tough.

    The 350 millions is not a gift. It will be part of the interest money. In short, he gave Mauritius its own money.

    Imagine a 2% interest on 8.9 billion rupees! !

    Still wondering how much money will be used to cover the dumb asses hedging contracts loses and how much money will be going into pockets.


  10. Best comment award must go to Nayar surely 🙂

    You would not invite guests to your house if you knew works were being done on that day, would you? President Hu was invited (begged?) to visit Mauritius at an appropriate date. That’s all there is to it.



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